Tsunami-Mania Strikes America
Written by JB Williams

The Tsunami in South Asia is a truly catastrophic event. The human carnage is overwhelming and my Christian heart can’t help but respond to the human tragedy. However…

As the events were unfolding on our TV screens, I found myself feeling uneasy about something, internally conflicted, a feeling I just couldn’t shake.

As someone who follows politics and world views, (views towards America and Americans that is), I was keenly aware of the views in that part of the world, even before the Tsunami struck.

It has become a popular international pastime to bash America at every opportunity, and news of the Tsunami quickly developed into just such an opportunity for many around the globe, (and many here at home as well).

It’s well known that America has always been the first responder (and by far the most generous responder) to every tragedy around the globe. But some folks (namely those loving liberals known for their great personal generosity and tolerance), just couldn’t resist the opportunity to politicize one more catastrophe.

I must admit, I am one Christian who is growing tired of turning the other cheek. Even during the Christian Holy Day, I was finding it difficult to generate a sense of obligation towards those who consistently bite off the hand that feeds them, those who can’t think of anything good to say about the country they now demand aid from.

Upon returning home from the holidays, this image was waiting in my inbox, and all things came into focus…

Despite all America has done for millions around the globe, Colin Powell found himself needing to defend our collective honor once again.

This is the world we now live in, the question is why? How did a country that does so much for millions around the world, become the whipping post for a clearly increasingly ungrateful world?

Even more offensive, are those in our own country who take great joy in piling on, in lockstep with their anti-America brethren across the big pond. America bashing has become an international sport, but if it were an Olympic event, I think the American Team could take that Gold too…

Now, at the bottom of the food chain in Asia are innocent victims of this tragedy, who are once again in great need of America’s generosity and most of them deserve to get it. The question is, who will actually get the money, and what will that money eventually aid?

Some will think that the above image is an unfair assessment of sentiments in that region, but those of you who know that part of the world, know that Indonesia’s primary export is terror, and their leading industry is crime, often violent crime, very violent.

Those who have recently discovered the reality of the UN oil for food scam will be asking what we might be funding in our efforts to aid the victims who are the most unlikely beneficiaries of generosity in such a place.

In short, much of our aid will most likely be harvested off by corrupt government officials and warlords, used to fund terrorist and criminal activities, including against the U.S., a nation they are at odds with in the war on terror. Make no mistake, we are bad, Bin Laden is good in their world.

Meanwhile, liberals who advance on every opportunity to criticize and undermine the current administration hope to make political hay before the water recedes, causing the Bush administration to react to potential publicity problems by upping the ante, before anyone even knows how much is needed or where any of the money is going.

If you think the administrations reaction is not political in nature, just look how fast the numbers are growing, and who they have drafted to head up the relief effort, Father Bush and DNC darling Bill Clinton, who will follow up on brother Jeb’s initial damage assessment.

Back at the ranch, once again, nobody is asking where all of this money is coming from, in a nation over its head in national debt and running red ink as far as the eye can see. Maybe that’s because we all know the answer to that question already…

This is no anti-aid drive intended to stop people from sending support to Tsunami victims. It’s just the sad brutal reality of the circumstances surrounding these events, and the condition of a world where everything, even a Tsunami, is part of the political equation.

It would be healthy for people abroad and even more so here at home, to imagine what life would be like without the support we are sending to Asia as we speak. Imagine what this cleanup effort would be like without the U.S.

America always leads such efforts, (because we can, and because we should in most cases) and if you think we do it to buy loyalty or good will in the world, you better look at how little good will our generosity has bought thus far…start with France, you shouldn’t need to look any further.

It’s time people, both here and abroad recognize Americas real roll in the world community, and instead of questioning the motives behind our generosity, begin questioning those who have contributed little to this world…

Instead of worrying about why America is in Iraq, they should be worrying why the UN circumvented their own sanctions with their oil for food scam, insuring that someone, always the U.S., would eventually have to deal with Hussein without their help or support.

If you think America is the evil-doer in the world with all its prosperity and power, now seems like a good time to teach you what life without America might be like…Imagine if we offered only our heartfelt sorrow, and not our resources….

Seriously, how can these people even accept evil money from the evil empire?

And by the way, now would be a really good time for all those generous folks in Hollywood to get their checkbooks out in a big way. Surely, based on their comments in the last year or so, we will see many stars begin to downsize their bloated lifestyles in order to send more aid to Asia, won’t we?

Come on Susan, Sean, Michael, Alec, dig deep….really deep, and give till it hurts!