Release for September 27, 2004

He’s No Dale Carnegie, Is He!

Written by JB Williams



Has anyone noticed that the tall skinny guy running around the country promising to win friends and influence people can’t seem to control his affinity for belittling and antagonizing our best friends? For such an allegedly bright guy, he sure has a funny way of “uniting” folks. He ain’t no Dale Carnegie, that’s for sure!

History was made yesterday, not that any of the major networks noticed. The first Prime Minister of a FREE Iraq traveled to America to thank all Americans, especially those brave souls on the battlefield, for our steadfast resolve in removing one of the worlds most brutal dictators from power, liberating 27 million Iraqi’s who have never before known liberty or freedom, let alone peace.

How did Presidential candidate John Kerry welcome Prime Minister Allawi? By calling him a “liar” and a “Bush puppet”? (Welcome to America in campaign season!) And Kerry thinks he can bring people together? The old New England “uniter” is off to a rough start I’d say. Dale wouldn’t have done it that way, nor would anyone else with half a brain…or an ounce of human decency.

I’m starting to get the impression that John Kerry doesn’t think much of a free Iraq. Matter of fact, he doesn’t seem to think much of our troops either, since he keeps trying to convince American voters that they are just a bunch of incompetent war criminals, occupiers, failing to win the war or the peace.

No sir, his track record of making friends ain’t too hot at all. Come to think of it, I don’t remember any “war Hero” in history who has made as many enemies of his fellow “war Heros” as Kerry has. Most “war Heros” fight their enemies in war. Not John, he seems to make enemies, among his own ranks.

I bet the leaders of the 30 countries with troops on the ground in Iraq don’t take kindly to being called a “coalition of the bribed” either. Can’t imagine that’s been a big hit at diplomatic cocktail parties, and I doubt Tony Blair will be having the Kerrys over for tea and crumpets any time soon.

To be fair, it’s not like Big John doesn’t have any friends at all. Jacque Chirac seems to like him pretty good, Kim Jong Il too, even Bin Laden hopes to see him in the White House soon. But it isn’t like they all windsurf together or anything.

I’ve noticed another disturbing trend developing too. Have you noticed that everyone besides John Kerry is a “liar”? I’d run Meade out of paper trying to list all the people he has called a “liar” just in the last 6 months. 250 fellow decorated Vets, countless former POW’s, nearly every leader in the free world, and now, Iraqi Prime Minister Allawi. Seems unlikely, but that’s probably just me…

He once begged Sen. John McCain to be his running mate. Now he calls him a “liar” and a “Bush puppet”. (You know what they say, there’s nothing like the wrath of a girlie-man scorned) He once thought Colin Powell was one of the brightest and most trustworthy men in America. He too is just a “puppet” and a “liar” in Kerrys mind now. The list is endless…

The more Kerry drops in the polls, the more convinced he is that the American people are all fools, puppets and liars too. On what basis is this guy fit to lead anyone? Who would follow? He needs a Carnegie course worse than any man I have ever seen. Somebody get this man a mirror, quick!

He got new teeth and some botox, but even George Soros ain’t got enough money to buy this guy an acceptable personality. Please……lead who?  

 Release....September 23, 2004

How Bias is CBS and the Mainstream Press?

Written by JB Williams




CBS has committed five years of effort and resources by senior producer (Mary Mapes) and her staff, to digging through 30 year old service records of George W. Bush in search of any evidence that would help them remove him from the oval office.

When CBS failed to unearth any damning evidence concerning Bush’s Guard service after five years of in depth research, they became party to disseminating forged evidence needed to pursue their agenda. 

CBS claims that it was a BIG story worthy of pursuit, having nothing to do with the political ideology of the CBS staff. If that’s the case, how much time have they spent researching an even BIGGER story, why it took presidential candidate John Kerry almost 30 years to negotiate an honorable discharge from the Navy? Why is Kerry the only candidate who has NOT signed form 180 releasing his complete military record?

How much time did CBS spend interviewing more than 250 decorated Vietnam Vets who have once again put their own lives on the line for their country by exposing one of the most powerful men in America at the worst possible time?

If you guessed that CBS has spent no time at all on these two stories, (other than the obligatory effort to discredit the stories without first researching them), you would be correct.

Star producer, Mary Mapes has a long standing reputation for being a flaming liberal unable to contain her hatred for the Right on most days. Her own father describes her as a left-wing-nut come loose. We have all watched Dan Rather fire shells at the Bush’s for years, so we know there is no love lost there.

What’s clear about the CBS Guard story today is that CBS employs the only people in America unable to recognize the forgeries. Mary Mapes was so eager to bring down the President that she even crossed a line never to be crossed, coordinating attack efforts with the DNC and Kerry campaign against Bush by feeding Kerry advisors information, sources and timing.

It doesn’t get any more biased than this, short of joining an assassination plot. This much is clear to everyone at this point. What about the rest of the mainstream press?

Competitive news networks have piled on Dan Rather to some degree because no modern journalist worth their salt could pass up an opportunity to attack a competitor of Dan Rather’s stature. But what’s going on behind the scenes?

Bill Burkett has not been charged with forging government documents which is a felony, the DNC and the Kerry campaign are not being investigated for campaign fraud which would end Kerry’s bid for the White House immediately, and Dan and Mary still have a coffee cup with their name on it at CBS.

Everyone close to the Bush Guard story has discredited not only the documents, but the sentiments in the those documents, from the alleged authors family to Bush’s fellow officers and the man accused of “pressuring for a whitewash” of Bush’s record.

Yet queen of the White House Press Corp., Helen Thomas sees the story this way, “To me, the real issue is why doesn't the president tell us the truth? Why doesn't he [Bush] put out all the documents? Because he can't, because there are too many gaps.” Clearly not the least concerned with the fact that the only evidence presented was false evidence.

Asbury Park Press writes, Thomas called Rather "a magnificent reporter" who experienced every reporter's nightmare in connection with his airing of unauthenticated material in a Sept. 8 broadcast of "60 Minutes II."

"Truth is our Holy Grail" she said. "I'm sure everybody is feeling bad about it." But what Rather and Thomas are “feeling bad” about, is getting caught, nothing more.

In her own column for Hearst Newspapers, Thomas said, "Kerry has blown it big time," she wrote, "rising to Bush's bait and throwing away his ace in the hole – Bush's shaky credibility on the profound question of war and peace." Does this sound like a person without a "dog in the fight"?

ABC, NBC, CNN and MSNBC were quick to report the gaffe by CBS and Rather once the forgeries became obvious. But they were all equally quick to promote the idea that even though the documents were clear forgeries, the sentiments in the forged documents are still relevant. Rule number one of good journalism, if the source or evidence isn’t credible, neither is the story.

Yet the entire mainstream press is working around the clock to promote two ideas, that Bush is still somehow tainted by the story, and that the Kerry campaign, (which is in this thing up to their eyeballs), had nothing to do with it.

The facts support quite a different story though, maybe the BIGGEST story since Watergate, and thanks to the bloggers out there, this story isn’t going to be whitewashed.

We have watched the mainstream press push their liberal agenda down our throats for years now, but this is the first time I remember seeing a news crew willing to forge or promote forged evidence to promote their agenda, the first time we have seen direct smear campaign coordination between a primary news network and a presidential candidates staff.

It isn’t enough that anyone apologize. It isn’t enough that Kerry not be elected president, or that CBS get a slap on the wrist.

When all the evidence is on the table, we are going to see that this was a coordinated effort involving CBS staff, Democratic Party operatives in Texas, and Kerry campaign advisors, using falsified government documents, to bring down a sitting president. It doesn’t get any worse than that!

How the mainstream press responds to this evidence will define the future of network news. So far, the mainstream press is failing the test miserably, opting to continue on the path of making a story against Bush that doesn’t exist, while ignoring the BIGGER questions concerning Kerry’s discharge that came 30 years late.

This isn’t a partisan issue; this is an issue concerning the credibility of the mainstream press and the quality of information being passed through them to the American people.

This morning Iraqi Interim Prime Minister Allawi stood before the US Congress to report the truth about conditions in Iraq, stating repeatedly, that contrary to US media reports, his country is in far better condition today, with a brighter future than ever in Iraq’s history. He said 15 of 18 Iraqi provinces could hold free election safely tomorrow, and that media reports of terrorists attacks greatly overstate the problems in 3 of 18 provinces.

All cable news outlets aired the speech live, but CBS, ABC and NBC chose to air Regis, Montel and Katie Couric’s talk show instead, because everything Prime Minister Allawi said was at odds with what all three networks have been telling us about Iraq, and at odds with those networks presidential candidate of choice, John Kerry.

Those who don’t subscribe to cable news will ever know the truth about conditions in Iraq or the success of Bush policies, because the networks won’t tell them, and they will cast their vote come November on this basis.

No matter ones politics, if this is the best information we can get from the press, America will have to find their own information elsewhere, a trend that has been growing for some time already.

If we can’t get unfiltered unbiased information from our nations news rooms, we don’t need any news rooms. The press is writing its own future as we speak and I hope they are paying attention to the gravity of the situation they find themselves in.

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