Communism… Alive and Well?

Written by JB Williams


Despite the fall of the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall, Communism is alive and well in the most unlikely places. It’s thriving in the hearts and minds of blind Party loyalists today. Most of them are unaware that blind Party loyalty is the core design of Communism. It’s the means by which people are driven to look past truth, common sense and personal thought, and walk the line of collective thought.

While the media and consequently most Americans, focus their attention on the war against terrorists, (better described as a war on jihad), the doctrine of Marx springs forth from the deeply rooted and fertile ground of anti-Americanism.

I have written on this topic many times, but in this case, I want to bring to your attention some very disturbing trends in America, even more disturbing evidence, and the linkage between true communists and their unsuspecting bedfellows in the Democratic Party.

You first need to understand the basic history and ideology behind communism. In short, it is the union philosophy, collective bargaining practices applied to everyday life, instead of just at the workplace. The idea that all men have the same economic worth, regardless of individual ambition, work habits, contribution, or choices, a Right to the same results, regardless of the differences in their efforts.

These ideas incorporate all inclusive social engineering, whereby all ideas, lifestyles, moral or immoral behaviors have equal merit, equal status, and all doctrines of individualism are set aside in favor of a supposed collective interest.

Like in the workplace, this concept requires a central power for collection and distribution of resources. A power to determine what is fair for all, collect the resources necessary to provide that equality, and distribute it accordingly. In the case of Communism, that central power is the government.

Anyone who has ever worked in a union job can tell you, the result of this form of equality is the unlimited reduction in productivity and resources. People with low ambition and poor work habits are elevated to equal status with those who carry the lion’s share of the load. More productive and ambitious individuals are lowered to equal status of those less productive. Inevitably, the desire for good work habits and personal ambition are eliminated, since unequal efforts will only achieve equal results.

This is the real cause for the fall of communism around the globe. No communist country has ever been able to feed itself long term, ultimately collapsing under the weight of its own lack of productivity which always results in a lack of resources.

This is the reason America was designed to be a society which protects the Rights of the individual over the collective group or groups. (Voting blocks)

But there is a strong movement in America today to replace our forefathers design with a collective bargaining system in which the central federal government collects an increasing amount of private resources, grabs responsibility of deciding everyone’s worth, and provides the government sanctioned benefits demanded by the people, (like heath care).

This my friends is collective bargaining, union mentality, socialism at first, and communism in the end. As you have already seen, the public demand for government services never ends, once it begins. Already, the government controls approximately 43.8% of America’s wealth, and it isn’t enough, they continue to outspend that.

True socialists/communists understand this, so do many politicians who promote these ideas under the guise of Democracy and equality. However, many unsuspecting bedfellows are unaware of what they are supporting. They focus on immediate needs (often with good intentions), and shortcut fix’s of allowing government to solve individual challenges, without considering the long term implications.

Some of the politicians who promote these ideas know exactly what they are promoting, and some are simply unsuspecting bedfellows themselves, pandering to the electorate for votes by the best means available. Either way, they are selling America out for personal power.

It’s important that the American people understand what they are supporting. This link Marxism Headlines & Archives provides an eye opening look into the communist movement in America today, and their connection to the DNC.

This link to Peoples Weekly World , and this one to Communist Party USA , and this one to International Socialist Review , and this one to Liberals-Vs-US.Us will provide the supporting evidence that this movement is in America, it’s well organized, and it is working in concert with the DNC,, the Kerry campaign and others to unseat a President that threatens everything they believe in. This is the “Anyone but Bush” movement”.

The tactics used to promote communism and socialism have changed dramatically since the days of Stalin. America’s military superpower provided a formidable resistance to the spread of communism around the globe, so new tactics were required.

Today their tactics are more subtle, and in many ways more devious, as they fly (for the most part) below anyone’s radar. Their methods have been adjusted to win the hearts and minds of the people, who would then demand an ever increasing socialist government responsible for caring for its people’s daily needs.

You can clearly align the platform of today’s Democratic Party with that of either the communist or socialist agenda, but most people have never looked and compared. Many of the grassroots workers in the DNC are from the socialist and communist party’s. They realize that you would never knowingly vote for their candidate, so they adopt the next best thing, the DNC candidate, and they push the DNC further and further to the left.

Communists predicted long ago that they would achieve success in America without ever firing a shot. This is what they meant, and they are well on their way to that success.

The upcoming election is about more than the economy, the war on terror, Halliburton, Health Care, or jobs. America is divided right down the middle, 50/50. Half fights to preserve Americanism, free enterprise, individual liberty, and a Right to make what we choose of our own lives and our country. The other half has fallen victim to the drumbeat of Anyone but Bush.

This phrase, though used by many democrats across the country, was coined by the communist movement, as in, (though we can’t get a candidate of the communist party elected, “anyone but Bush” would be a step in the right direction).

The American people need to understand that our nations division is no accident. It was systematically designed, diligently deployed, as a means of eliminating individuals and creating voting blocks instead. Voting blocks that could be manipulated into casting certain votes for narrow reasoning, groups pitted against one another, in order to cause single issue voting, an electorate that could be swayed by policy promises geared towards the ideals of the voting blocks.

The system has been brilliantly employed. So much so, that today, we are more divided and fragmented than ever before in history. No amount of evidence seems to sway people’s opinions either. It’s almost a Jim Jones style grip that this ideology has on people. Most search only for facts that support what they choose to believe.

It’s easy enough to document the agenda of a George Soros, (who is attempting to buy the Whitehouse for John Kerry), and his hatred for America’s world power. It’s easy enough to debunk the rantings and misleading statements of a Michael Moore or a liberal media. But blind Party loyalists won’t hear the message, despite a mountain of evidence. Even conservatives now find themselves cornered into pandering in order to just slow the tide.

This presents the largest threat to America, more so than all the world terrorists combined. Party loyalists need to realize that loyalty to country, honor, truth and American principles are of greater value. Partisans need to understand that it does not matter who gets the credit, as long as the right thing gets accomplished. Who gets the blame won’t matter either, if we don’t turn this trend around. We need to face the fact that our forefathers had it right and that we are about to relive the mistakes of centuries past.

As the saying goes, you have to watch what you wish for, because it might come true!