Subject: "Empowered For Freedom" clarifies further...

       About eleven years ago, long before the Evil
Thief invaded Mary's lungs, we were walking our
small female dog Flotsam in a huge, wide park. 
This park had prominent signs reminding everyone
of the leash law, and we were obeying that law;
but a woman some two hundred yards away from
us, with an unruly Dalmatian (I've never known
a non-cartoon Dalmatian that was well-behaved),
had decided that laws were for other people. Her
uncontrolled Dalmatian, catching scent of our dog,
came charging straight at us full tilt, barking and
growling furiously (not playfully).
       Mary performed her usual dubious defensive
maneuver for such situations, lifting Flotsam in
her arms and holding her up at chest level. It never
seemed to occur to Mary that this move did nothing
to protect herself  from being bitten. But then, that's
what I, her husband, was there for.
       The Dalmatian closed in, still at full speed, and
sprang right up against Mary, trying to reach and
attack Flotsam. But before it could sink a tooth in
either of its intended victims, I seized its collar,
forced it down to the ground, and held it pinned.
      Now, let's review the situation. Mary and I were
conscientiously obeying the law; the other woman
was consciously disobeying it. The encounter
began at a great distance; we made no aggressive
move at all, but the illegally-loose Dalmatian
unilaterally crossed all the distance between us
with the intention of attacking Flotsam and maybe
Mary as well. I intervened to protect my wife and
our dog when the stranger's dog was in the very
act of attacking them without any provocation,
and I used no more violence than was absolutely
necessary to ensure that the Dalmatian could not
harm them or me. Have you got that straight?
      I ask this, because the Dalmatian's owner did
NOT have it straight. Having seen everything
that had happened, she came running up in the
wake of her animal's attack vector, not with the
apologies she manifestly owed us, but with angry
screams and curses at me for manhandling her
poor darling pet! Apparently, her Dalmatian would
have had to come to our house at night, soak us in
gasoline and set us on fire, for her even to consider
a possibility that her dog was wrong. I think she
would have assaulted me herself if she had dared.
      I don't know if that Dalmatian-worshipper
was a registered Democrat; but I can tell you that
the dominant dogs in today's Democrat pack are
like that woman. They are so full of the spoiled
brat's delusion of entitlement, so determined to
have everything their own way, that the slightest
check to their desires appears to them as a great
injustice against them. I can't help thinking of
Joycelyn Elders, the Clintonian surgeon-general,
and the "wise analysis" she once gave of American
society's problems. In a time awash with teenage
pregnancy, abortion, sexually-transmitted disease,
adultery, pornography, divorce, prostitution and
homosexuality, Elders proclaimed that America's
real problem consisted in being "a repressed and
puritanical country"!!! In other words, with the
poisonous fruit of human selfishness all around
her, she insisted that the solution was to indulge
human selfishness even more. That is what C.S.
Lewis called "crowding to that side of the boat
which is already nearly gunwale under;" and that
is the very spirit of today's Democratic Party.
      It's all right with them for George Soros to
spend millions of dollars on attack ads against
President Bush; but if the Swift Boat veterans
raise half a million for ads opposing Flipflop
John, suddenly that's unethical. It's all right with
them for Dan Rather and See-B.S. to use phony
documents to slander President Bush; but if the
much smaller Sinclair broadcasting group runs
a truthful and factual documentary exposing
Kerry's treason, suddenly that's partisan.
       For the spoiled children walking a political
attack Dalmatian, the rule is "Heads we win,
tails you lose." The rest of us had better use our
heads, and our power as voters, to grab John
Kerry's collar and pull him off of Lady Liberty,
or we will be the ones who lose.
        Yours for Jesus and America,
            Joseph Richard Ravitts
              Columbia, Maryland