What the Left Never Will Understand

About the War on Terror

Written by JB Williams



The first thing liberals fail to understand is that war is a serious business. If you are not prepared to take a side, you had better not stand in the middle of the battle field. Sit it out and remain silent, because the minute you speak, you have taken a side, whether you meant to or not, and if you speak against your own, you have chosen the wrong side. This error in judgment among liberals has earned them the current title of un-American or even Al Qaeda sympathizer.


Wrong from the start, the left actually thinks that the war on international terrorism is all about one man, one terror network, one event, one country and one day. How many liberals have you heard ask the question, “What about Bin Laden?” or, “What did Iraq do to us?” or, refer to Iraq as the “wrong war” in the “wrong place”, a “departure from the war on terror” - a war which in their feeble minds, exists only in Afghanistan.


This notion is akin to suggesting that WWII was only about Pearl Harbor. Like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 was just a calling card, an invitation to engage in a much bigger (world) problem. Like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 was not our first invitation to engage in what was fast becoming a world-wide threat. Like Pearl Harbor, it was an invitation we couldn’t afford to leave unanswered.


We received an invitation to the war on terror as far back as 1979 in Tehran. We received several more invitations throughout the 80’s and 90’s. We were invited in no uncertain terms in 1993, when Bin Laden first attempted to level the World Trade Towers. We were invited again in 1995 by Hezbollah in Saudi Arabia and yet again by Bin Laden in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. We received yet another open invitation to join the war against international terrorism in October of 2000 with the bombing of the USS Cole, again, courtesy of Al Qaeda. Meanwhile, much of the free world was already engaged. We declined to answer any of these invitations…


We were not just patient in ignoring these invitations - we were cowardly and short sighted. Only when the invitation reached the massive intensity of 9/11, with nearly 3000 innocent American men, women and children dead, our financial center, defense center and government center under attack all at once, were we ready to accept these invitations.


A year before 9/11, the FBI had identified the New York Al Qaeda cell that would one year later, fly planes into the WTC, the Pentagon and even the White House, if not for the brave souls on Flight 93. But the Clinton administration looked at the threat as a “criminal” matter. That meant that the FBI and CIA could not share information concerning the New York cell and without proper warrants based on indisputable evidence, they did nothing…


One year later, that cell killed almost 3000 American citizens with apparent ease and liberals still contend today, that the war on terror is a “criminal” matter. They insist that the terrorists have civil rights and that our courts, filled with frivolous law suits, is the place to deal with this threat.


Despite numerous attacks and arrests all over the world, liberals still think that the war on international terrorism is limited to one man, Bin Laden, one network, Al Qaeda and one event, 9/11. Had we thought the same after Pearl Harbor, we would have leveled Japan and come home. Most of Europe would be speaking German and every Jew on earth would be baked to extinction. Most of the world would be living under communist rule and America would not be America today.


Yet the leftists in control of the once great Democratic Party fail to see reality. When they search for the enemy, they only see Bush. When they plot their military strategy, they only see defeat. When you ask them about terrorists, they think you are talking about American soldiers and when you ask for their victory plans, retreat is their answer. The retreat plan was tried in Vietnam and we are still trying to justify that decision today.


Prior to the Clinton administration, dangerous regimes like that in North Korea, Syria, China and Iran, had the desire but not the means to strike terror world-wide. By the time the Clinton’s left office, both China and North Korea had long range nuclear warheads, Iran and Syria were working on it. But liberals will tell you that Bush made America less safe, answering the invitation and taking the fight to the enemy on their soil. Has there been another successful attack in the US that I am unaware of? Not that it can’t still happen. That’s really the point. It can still happen and if we don’t get more serious about winning this war, it will.


The Hussein regime in Iraq had terrorized its citizens and neighbors throughout the 90’s, broken every UN resolution ever written and played cat and mouse with UN inspectors until Hussein finally got bold enough to just toss them from Iraq, telling both Clinton and the UN to shove it. But according to leftists, they had Hussein “contained”. Doing UN paper work I guess?


Today, as we head into the 2006 mid-term elections, liberals remind us that they have changed their collective minds about none of this. They still think the world wide war against international terrorism is about one man, one terror network, one country, one event and one day.  They still believe it is a criminal matter for our police and our courts and they still insist that America, more specifically Bush and our military, are the real terrorists. They still believe that Bush lied, that Iranian, Syrian and Arabian terrorists killing innocent Iraqi citizens are just “civil insurgents” and that the central front in the war on terror, is a departure from the war on terror.


Now if you can sleep well at night with your families’ lives in the hands of people like this, God Bless! Knock yourself out at election time. Vote yourself more money from the federal trough of socialist handouts and let the chips fall where they may on national security.


But if on the other hand, like me, you have something to lose, something worth fighting for, someone to pass this country on to in one piece, then pay attention…


Clearly, liberals don’t get it. They don’t like Bush’s war because they can’t begin to comprehend the very real world wide threat that Bush decided to confront on September 12, 2001. They don’t get it because unlike the rest of us, they see more wrong than right with America and therefore, nothing worthy of defense. They won’t fight because they don’t know how and that limits their thinking to faux diplomacy via the most corrupt institution on earth, the United Nations.


They fear Bush more than Bin Laden. They trust those European nations that profited by keeping the most brutal regime on earth in business while holding the UN and US hostage as the international terror threat gathered global strength and reach. They trust the UN more than the US and firmly believe that we can negotiate peace with Muslim extremists willing to strap bombs on the chests of their grade school children and send them into a pizza parlor.


In short, liberals don’t know anything at all about real American values or principles today and they know even less about what it takes to protect and preserve those principles and values for future generations. Therefore, the idea that they can be entrusted with upholding, protecting, defending and preserving the very principles that they spend every day attacking, is insane. But if insanity is your thing…go for it!


NO! They just don’t get it… any of it - and apparently, no matter the mountain of evidence before them, they never will.


Those they have trained to be federal dependents will vote for them no matter what. Those who can’t tell the difference between an American soldier and a real terrorist will vote for them too. Those who can’t read a butterfly ballot will vote for them. So will those just released from prison and even those without a pulse.


People who believe that Americas “bubble of supremacy” needs to be “burst”, like billionaire socialist and currency wrecker George Soros will fund them, as will Hollywood limousine liberals, New England ketchup queens and tree dwelling former draft-dodgers in the North West.


And that’s why the rest of us better show up on Election Day…