The 2004 Election was Dirty

But You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet!

Written by JB Williams



The pending Texas Grand Jury indictment of House Leader Tom Delay on state campaign finance related charges will cover the headlines of every major newspaper and network in this country this morning, marking the official beginning of the 2006 mid-term campaign season. There has been no trial yet, no evidence has been presented, nothing specific has even been alleged. But his guilt will be assumed by the press and by his political opponents. It must be. Its campaign season and democrats are desperate!


Yet not a single paper in America gave front page (or most any other page) coverage to the conviction of Kerry campaign “national security advisor” Sandy Berger, who was caught stupidly stuffing top secret documents down his pants at the national archives in a failed attempt to help Kerry win the White House. Are you sure there’s no media bias?


Tom Delay of Texas is charged with conspiring to funnel illegal corporate campaign contributions through a national PAC for benefit of state races. But Johnny Chung went to prison for illegally placing $300,000. in President Bill Clintons campaign coffers. In return, Bill Clinton placed secret sensitive nuclear technology in China’s hands, who now threatens America with that technology. But Bill Clinton wasn’t indicted for anything. Most American’s don’t even know it happened because the press didn’t tell them…


The DNC propaganda machine was poised to tar and feather all republicans with the Delay indictment immediately following the announcement. A letter from DNC Executive Director Tom McMahon dated the same day the indictment was handed down, states, “The indictment is another stark reminder that Republicans have a lucrative money-for-influence machine that will do anything -- including breaking the law -- to funnel corporate and special interest money into their party in huge amounts.”


But wasn’t it the democrats who busted the hell out of McCain-Feingold with their 527 circumvention invention, raking in millions from the socialist billionaire boys club of George Soros, Peter Lewis and Steven Bing? I guess dirty money from anti-American socialists and foreign enemies, in support of the DNC are okay? Just no American corporate money?


McMahon goes on in the letter to say, “Republicans are committed to pushing the legal limits to collect checks from special interests who want to use government for their own narrow purposes.” But who made McCain-Feingold obsolete before the ink was dry, via bogus 527’s campaign shells and unbridled surrogate campaign committees like


And it was democrat New “Arkansas” York senator Hillary Clinton who quickly refunded illegal campaign funds she had accepted from foreign nationalists of enemy nations, (after the election was won of course). You might have missed this story… It didn’t make any headlines at all.


Where I live, six state legislators were busted in a two year long FBI sting earlier this year, caught on tape taking bribes and kick-backs from so-called lobbyists. Five of them senior legislators, (those who had made a profession of it involving huge sums over long periods,) were democrats. One was a freshmen republican who stupidly agreed to accept $2000. in a single transaction at the suggestion of his senior legislators. Guess which one had the personal integrity to immediately resign his post and turn himself in to authorities? Guess which five refused to step down and immediately claimed victim status?


National DNC Director McMahon said, “Democrats are committed to funding our party with contributions from ordinary Americans so that when we take power, the government will represent the people.” Ordinary Americans like George Soros? Peter Lewis? Steven Bing? Their single largest donors, trial lawyers? These ordinary Americans?


McMahon says “The Republican Party raises $10 million a month in huge checks from special interests who know they will get a return on their investment in the form of government giveaways and special privileges.”


Yet if you study FEC campaign filings by both Parties, you will find that the republicans have near a 100% full disclosure. You will also find that democrats have some difficulty with full disclosure. You will find that the majority of DNC funding comes from PAC’s, trial lawyers and socialist billionaires like Soros, who by the way, recently wrote and released a book on how America must be brought down to size… And you will find that Republicans’ biggest donors are senior citizens and ordinary Americans in amounts of $200. and below.


Democrats wouldn’t have had a party at all in the 2004 election, had it not been for the personal funds of one socialist Hungarian billionaire who openly seeks to destroy America.


Yet McMahon says, “The fact is that the Republican National Committee raises twice as much as the Democratic National Committee.” Adding, “We will never compete with the money Republicans like DeLay can collect through conspiracy and corruption.” An outright lie based on their own FEC filings…


As for press reporting, the conviction of a national security advisor turned treasonous thief isn’t news. But the single page non-specific indictment of a republican accused of conspiring to stretch state campaign finance laws is?


October 2005 marks the official beginning of the 2006 mid-term campaign season. ABC is doing their part with the launch of their new series “Commander-in-Chief”, an obvious attempt to pre-empt the Hillary campaign. One Texas district attorney, who just happens to be a democrat known for his open disdain for Tom Delay, is doing his part too. Frist will be next…stay tuned.


Now to be fair, (while nobody else is in the mood), Delay might be guilty. Most politicians are guilty of bending campaign finance laws to suit their agenda these days. When the trail is over and the evidence is all on the table, he might go from being accused to being convicted. He also might not… So why all the hoopla?


Politics…. Plain old down and dirty anything goes - everything’s game, politics.


This morning, Tom Delay will make every headline because the old media, the so-called mainstream press, has been in bed with liberal democrats for so long that they no longer know how to report news objectively. The list of bogus political headlines later debunked, is at epidemic proportions. 


People like me write because someone has to, the press isn’t. The press can no longer be relied upon to tell us what we need to know, only what they want us to know, and truth, fairness and balance have nothing to do with it. We have an audience because the people need to know the truth and the press isn’t telling it. Not about the war, not about domestic issues and not about the politicians.


How this story plays in the media over the next few days and months will be an indictment of the mainstream press that is losing readers faster than they can count. Cornerstone press agencies are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy not because of newer technology, but due to plummeting readership as a direct result of their obsession with personal political agendas.


The internet is the booming new media where people can find what the press won’t tell them. Delay’s guilt or innocence should be left for the courts to decide. The politics should be left to the politicians and if the press won’t be our unbiased a-political eyes and ears on the lot of them, we have no use for the once mainstream press at all…

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