America’s Identity Crisis

Written by JB Williams



On September 14, 2005, San Francisco based U.S. District Judge Lawrence Karlton, declared the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag and all it stands for, to be “unconstitutional”. He did so at the demand of a single atheist, Michael Newdow, who has made his personal anti-religion agenda a life-consuming crusade. Judge Karlton ruled on the basis that the words “Under God” constitute a clear violation of a supposed separation of church and state clause, that exists nowhere in our founding documents. In fact, the First Amendment of the US Constitution quite clearly says the exact opposite.


At the same time, local Louisiana officials in hurricane ravaged New Orleans issue broad gun seizure policies aimed at removing firearms from law abiding citizens, under the façade of saving citizens from themselves, a clear violation of Second Amendment rights.


In a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment, the last major interpretation of the US Supreme Court was an expansion of Eminent Domain laws, which now includes the government’s right to seize private property for the sole purpose of giving it to another private individual or company who they deem to have a better use for that property. Namely, a better tax base for themselves.


Meanwhile in New York, as the UN celebrates its 60th anniversary with its largest international summit of thugs, thieves, tyrants and dictators, another meeting is taking place across town headed by former President Bill Clinton and John Kerry financier George Soros. The purpose of this meeting is to advance Clinton’s global initiative of a One World Order with a One World Governing body, the UN. As you know, Clinton publicly aspires to be the next Secretary General. This activity is also at odds with American sovereignty and all American principles as a free, autonomous self-governed nation.


In summary, our rights to religious freedom, to keep and bear arms, to own private property outside the government’s grasp, and our rights as a sovereign nation are all simultaneously under attack. Not by some shadowy terrorist organization or some third world dictator or even the last remaining communist superpower, China. Rather from within the halls of congress and the judicial branch of our elected government.


We the people are still technically in charge. However America is having a severe identity crisis. Despite the fact that faith has always been a cornerstone in the American experience including our form of self-governance, as well as a fundamental belief structure shared by some 85% of Americans, a very small contingency of non-faithful expect to thrust their secular agenda upon a tolerant society. By numbers alone, this idea is at odds with the basic premise of a government designed to reflect and represent the will of the masses.


According to a 2001 ARIS study, 76.5% of Americans claim the Christian faith, 24.5% Roman Catholic and the balance Protestant. About 14.1% claim to be religious, but not of any particular faith, while 7.6% claim to be spiritual but not religious, (whatever that means). Some 1.3% claim the Jewish faith and .5% the Muslim faith. Most interesting within the “spiritual but not religious” group, is the dramatic increase in Wiccans (otherwise known as Witchcraft) during the 90’s. This group grew from some 8000 in 1990 to an astounding 134,000 by the end of 2000. (And many still wonder why we call the 90’s the decade of decadence.)


This research proves just how small the secular movement really is. But it also shows that the perceived moral decay in the 90’s was more than just a perception, it was very real. Along with that moral decay, came a growing lack of reverence for real American principles and ideals. With it a true lack of understanding and appreciation for true American values, many of which are rooted in faith.


Few Americans talked about any alleged separation of church and state before the 90’s. Now it permeates nearly every conversation. Democrats now interrogate Supreme Court nominee Roberts on this basis alone, whether or not he will commit to uphold their broad interpretations of Constitutional language that doesn’t even exist.


Liberal democrats, (apparently all democrats except Zell Miller today), are in one way or another, engaged in the dismantling of America, whether they are offended by such an assertion or not. No matter their desire to remain below the people’s radar as closet socialists, their feverish work towards a secular America run by a one world government at UN headquarters, led by DNC darling and wannabe Secretary General Bill Clinton, the facts are fast becoming undeniable, even for people with their heads buried deep in the anti-war sands of Iraq.


This is not the first time we have seen these stars so perfectly aligned. Secularization of a society, timed with the removal of gun rights, makes the removal of property rights all the easier. A populous increasingly dependent upon its central government, as so well demonstrated in New Orleans, is ripe for a new hero on a silver steed. Who better for that job than Bill Clinton, as Secretary General of the UN, coincidentally also ripe for “reform,” including new leadership?


Is anyone paying attention here? Picasso couldn’t paint a clearer picture for you. Our Constitutional right to life has been replaced with an unconstitutional right to terminate the life of another. Our liberty, replaced with the government’s right of eminent domain and our happiness, with a false sense of equality based on things of no real value.


The Creator who endowed us with these fundamental American rights is no longer welcome in America, according to Michael Newdow and a handful of judges who have spent so much time searching for politically ideological interpretations that they overlooked what the Constitution actually says.


The founders are spinning in their graves, fallen soldiers who gave their lives for our freedoms and liberties, shaking their heads in shame.


But the tolerant American sits quietly by, as his America is slowly but surely stripped from his grasp. The process of dismantling America is nearly fifty years in the making now and few Americans even remember what America was, how it came to be, or what it might require of us, to protect and preserve it.


America is not just a piece of real estate. It is an idea, a belief system. An idea that all men desire true freedom, and are most free when able to govern themselves, their economic conditions, their private and personal choices, own their own property, including their earnings and care for themselves without government interference.


The greatest nation in the history of the world teeters on the edge of a secular socialist abyss. Forces are aligned to push her over the edge… Where is the cavalry? Where is the outrage?

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