Are People Who Attack American Principles


Written by JB Williams



In a word, yes! Living in America (legally or illegally) does not make one an American. Accepting, adopting, understanding, believing in, living, promoting and defending real American foundational principles, (the American dream), makes one an American. Nothing less will do…


One who works to stop others from smoking can’t be called anything short of anti-smoking. One who works to stop others from owning guns would certainly and appropriately be deemed anti-gun rights, or anti- 2nd Amendment. If you work to stop abortions, you are certainly anti-abortion and if you work to undermine fundamental American principles, you are obviously anti-American.


Does this mean that one must believe in and support all administrations and their agendas or policies? No! Does this mean that one can not openly dissent from federal policies? Hell No! Does this mean that people can’t speak out against the things they do not support? Of course not… Dissenting and speaking out is a very American tradition - as long as that dissent is consistent with foundational American principles and values. But if that dissent is in opposition to American principles or interests however, it is by its nature, anti-American. Those who do it are therefore un-American.


Too often today, people get so caught up in politically motivated rhetoric that they miss the real message hidden beneath that rhetoric. They find themselves arguing over the two sides of the same coin. They find themselves supporting power-hungry political parties instead of principled political leaders on individual merits. They also find themselves placing partisan bickering ahead of the nation’s best interests. Then they wonder why their system of self-governance is failing them…


Our system of self-governance only works as well as the people work it. If the people work the system poorly, the system will fail them. The system was designed to never fail the people. However, the potential for the people to fail that system is very real and we seem to be reaching our potential in this regard today.


For starters, one can not hate all foundational American principles and still be a useful American. You can live in America, but that alone won’t make you an American. Just as many American expatriates live abroad today, still believing in and defending the American principles of their roots, expatriates from abroad live in America too, and many foreign visitors still believe in and support the anti-American principles of their homeland.  They are not Americans. They are visitors. Unwelcome visitors in many cases.


Just being born in America does not make one an American either. Many born in America have fallen to international and homegrown anti-American rhetoric, themselves believing in and pursuing un-American agendas today. No matter ones birth place, those who hate American principles and support anti-American agendas are in a word, un-American.


America was founded on a very short list of broadly stated yet pretty specific fundamental principles hard to misinterpret, though not so hard to undermine via intentional misrepresentations. All of these principles combine to make up the American way of life, in essence, what it means to be American.


Capitalism is the official American economic principle. It is also the polar opposite of Communism, between which lies Socialism. Capitalism has other names, free enterprise, individual economic freedom, a free market, economic self-determination, financial liberty, the right to determine ones own station and destiny. People who oppose capitalism oppose a fundamental American principle and promote un-American economic principles by default. It is just that simple…


The traditional family unit is an official fundamental social value essential in America. It is a foundational principle; the ideal standard intended to promote a healthy society. This is not to say that anything less is unacceptable, only that anything less is less than ideal and therefore, not promoted as something equal. To attack the traditional family unit is to attack a foundational American principle.


Freedom of religion and open religious expression is a foundational American principle. There is and can be no official federal religion. All peaceful religions are welcome and given equal free status in America. All are free to practice and express their individual beliefs with impunity in America, including those who believe in nothing at all. People who work to silence religious expression or denigrate religious beliefs in America are working to undermine a fundamental American principle. No getting around it…


The Declaration of Independence is our nation’s founding document, not the US Constitution. It is the Declaration that established America as a free sovereign nation of self-governed people, recognizing certain (almost limitless) unalienable God given individual rights, beginning with Life itself, personal Liberty and the right to define and pursue ones own personal Happiness and economic condition.


The US Constitution was the (foundational) organizational document that established the means and methods by which a free sovereign people would govern themselves. It was not written to enumerate the many individual rights of a free people. It was written to limit the duties and rights of a federal government that would always pose the greatest threat to individual freedom.


The First Ten Amendments, referred to today as our Bill of Rights, was a poor attempt to limit government even further by enumerating several specific individual unalienable rights. Too many misrepresent these and all other Amendments as the complete list of individual right’s today, the exact opposite of their well documented intent.


To use intentional misinterpretations of the Constitution to undermine the broad freedoms established under the Declaration of Independence, is to attack foundational American principles and it is entirely un-American, especially when the judicial branch charged with defending those written principles is the attacker.


National sovereignty is a foundational principle established in the Declaration of Independence. Those who wish to relinquish our national sovereignty in exchange for some UN governed EU sanctioned and monitored greater global good, are operating against America and every thing our founders established. This too is an un-American endeavor.


National security is the primary purpose and function of the federal government. Diverting precious resources to promote Socialism through an endless stream of social services that erode personal freedom and bankrupt our nation, is what our federal government was supposed to defend its citizens against.


Diversity is not a problem in the most diverse nation on earth. The idea that any nation can teach America about diversity is just plain nutty. What nation on earth is more diverse than America, from any angle, religion, race, color or nationality perspective? The answer is none!


But today, we are being sold divisive anti-American hogwash under the inappropriate guise of diversity. That’s because if we call it what it really is, class warfare driven by Marxist principles, most Americans wouldn’t buy into it.


The point is, while many Americans burn the flag, march the streets, demonstrate in front of buildings and file financially motivated protest law suits under the heading of “honest patriotic dissent” – most of them are doing so at odds with these and other fundamental American principles, and there is nothing American or patriotic about it!


If you are against capitalism, traditional family values, freedom of religious expression, life – liberty and the pursuit of individual happiness through personal effort, the Constitution as it is written, national sovereignty or security, then you are in fact against every thing America is, ever was, and was ever intended to be. And that my friends, is un-American…


If you walk into a voting booth and cast a vote for any candidate who is against any or all of these things, then you are casting a vote against America and that too is an un-American act.


Now…You people who have a long history of working against these and other American principles will not be pleased to hear that this alone by definition, makes you un-American. I can’t help that. It’s not my rules, not my personal opinion, just the way it is. I didn’t write our nation’s principles; I just fight to uphold them, as should you. If you don’t and the shoe fits – kick yourself with it!


The rest of us who love, support, defend and promote all true American ideals, must stop apologizing for doing it.


America has enemies, both here and abroad, both outside aggressors and those from within our own ranks. We are as obligated to defend this nation against the enemy within as we are all foreign aggressors. Fortunately, we can usually do that peacefully in the voting booth.


But if we don’t do it there, we will one day fight the enemy within with the same tools of war used to fight our enemies abroad today.


Our founders gave us the tools to peacefully defeat America’s internal aggressors at the voting booth. Un-American is as un-American does. They can call it whatever they want and they will. But the rest of us must know them by their real name on the basis of their anti-American actions.


Keep them at bay at election time or face them on your doorstep one day. Much of Europe is learning this lesson the hard way as we speak. Americans are supposed to know better!


The reason modern Democrats keep losing elections is their entire party plank is built upon anti-American principles and rhetoric. No matter what disguise or politically correct (marketable) term they use to promote their so-called “progressive” agenda, people who know and love real American principles and values are not fooled.


However, according to today’s Democrats, those who can not be fooled by anti-American socialist drivel are greedy fascists, right-wing capitalist pigs conspiring to ruin America by keeping it as free as possible.


Sticks and stones… Call me what you want! Pro-America is all I am…