Meet Ned Lamont

The Second Soros Shadow Party Candidate

Written by JB Williams



Before George Soros and got behind Lamont in an all-out (unscrupulous) attack on Lieberman, nobody ever heard of Ned Lamont and with out Soros Shadow Party [1] support, they still wouldn’t have. The same was true of the Shadow Party’s first national candidate John Kerry, who lost by almost 4 million votes despite millions spent by international socialist power-brokers like Soros.


Don’t be fooled by the temporary victory party at Lamont campaign headquarters. Though the far left wing of the Democratic Party, (controlled entirely by the Soros Shadow Party today) was successful in kicking Joe Lieberman out of the DNC, kicking him out of his Senate seat might prove much more difficult.


Unlike the spin you are getting from Soros Shadow Party media outlets like ABC, CBS, NBC and CNN, I’ll tell you exactly why Lamont has a huge hill to climb between now and November. In sum, it’s because he’s Ned Lamont and like John Kerry, he’s the candidate of the extreme left-wing Soros Shadow Party.


1)      Ned Lamont lied in order to defeat Lieberman and he lied BIG! He painted Lieberman as some Bush operative hiding in the Democratic Party. A charge hard to prove since Lieberman’s voting record is almost perfectly aligned with the DNC plank. (Apparently it didn’t matter to Connecticut Democrats that Lamont lied. But it will matter to the entire Connecticut electorate come November.)

2)      Ned Lamont’s primary victory was funded mostly by Ned Lamont. According to his official filings, Lamont funded 61% of his campaign from his personal checkbook. It has become common for limousine liberals to buy their political power lately. New Jersey Governor Corzine did it twice, first for his Senate seat and later for his Governors office. So did New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg, both Democrats of course. Lamont only raised $1.6 million from individual voters. He invested $2.5 million in himself.

3)      However, Lieberman didn’t use a dollar of his own money. He raised almost $7.3 million from individual voters. So who has the real support of individual voters?

4)      In November, it isn’t just extreme leftist Democrats who will be voting. Lieberman will run as an Independent, which is appropriate since nobody who respects traditional American values belongs in the DNC today. He will have the support of moderate Democrats and moderate Independents as well as some moderate Republicans, which makes him still the likely winner by popular vote in the general election.


Question: If extreme left-wing nut-jobs like Soros & Co. really represent the mainstream views of mainstream Americans, how come they have to buy their power with their own personal wealth instead of the old fashioned way, via the American people, like Lieberman and Republicans?


Question: Does the party of, by and for limousine liberals and international socialist power-brokers really represent the will of the average American who won’t donate to their agenda?


Democrats think Lieberman was dealt a big blow in yesterday’s primary loss to Ned Lamont. I think he was liberated from a left wingnut party where neither he nor any other decent American belongs today.


Left wingers running the DNC made the same mistake in 2000 and 2004, nominating far left-wing candidates that had little chance of winning among more moderate average American voters once they reached the general elections.


Personally, I think they did Lieberman and America a HUGE favor by kicking Joe out of their failing party. Joe no longer has to make excuses for his anti-American fellow Democrats who have clearly lost their way. He can just be Joe again…




Need to know more about Ned Lamont? Visit On the Issues [2]


For those who simply believe in and support traditional American principles and values, just say no…


Well done left-wingers…well done!