Europe Decides…

Nothing Politically Correct about Terrorism!

Written by JB Williams



The inventors of political correctness, the lords of tolerance and restraint, the defenders of the indefensible, champions of understanding and global thinking, have just become the first in the world to run out of patience, understanding and yes, tolerance for terrorism…


After beating America over the head for years with their grandiose ideals of an all-inclusive social order, in the end, it is the Europeans who have come to their senses first.


According to a recent article by AP writer Jamey Keaten, Britain, France, Germany and Italy have started watching, arresting and deporting Islamic clerics on the basis of their inflammatory speech alone. No longer is every form of speech tolerated in Europe. No longer will European leaders continue to watch their own innocent citizens die, as they protect their precious goal of political correctness and an open society where anything goes.


A few short weeks ago, this would have drawn fire from around the world. The ACLU would have gone international in their efforts to protect the rights of Islamic terrorists to breed more hate, death and destruction. The UN would have called for another pointless resolution, this time aimed at the free world itself. A few years ago, these same Europeans were calling upon America to show tolerance, understanding and restraint in the aftermath of 9/11.


Today, with their own dead, they have a different perspective. Today, these European leaders are searching for any minor infraction of any law including jay-walking, that will allow them to collect, detain or deport any Muslim who isn’t publicly speaking out against terrorism. The dragnet in Europe far exceeds anything America has even dreamed of yet, in terms of fighting terror at its base of operations, in the mosques where they recruit, train, organize and plot.


Such action in America would not only keep the ACLU busy for decades, it would draw even more hate from around the world via the UN and from home-grown half-wit liberals who insist that every idea under the sun be validated and tolerated, no mater how deadly it might be.


While American liberal democrats take aim at American soldiers, American intelligence reports, American security efforts, American war efforts, American terror detention camps and American officials across the political aisle, Europeans are taking aim at the terrorists themselves.


As British PM Blair announces plans to expand deportation powers in England to include clerics who preach Jihad, American democrats like Kennedy and Durbin announce plans to toughen up on the American military and lighten up on terrorist detained at Guantanamo Bay.


While European leaders seek new ways to expel Jihadists from their countries, American democrats seek new ways to make political hay from the death of more American soldiers in Iraq.


There is no mistaking it, Middle Eastern Arabs, many of them Palestinians, are the target of the new European initiative to rid their streets of people preaching Jihad. Most of them have been found and arrested in area mosques, after publicly preaching death and destruction to the West for decades. It was once a tolerable offense, but no more.


One might say the new European initiative is a “pre-emptive” strike against Islamic terrorist activities that have not yet occurred. One could say that these European countries are “racially profiling” Middle Eastern Arabs as the target of their dragnet and that they are even trampling on the right of free speech in their efforts to secure their own lands.


Nobody is saying it, because Europe isn’t America. Only America could be guilty of such horrible crimes against humanity. Only in America is criminal or terrorist profiling called “racial profiling”. Only American preventative security measures are looked upon as Neanderthal “pre-emptive” war-mongering tactics.


Europe finally gets it! They have figured out that no nation can survive an enemy within, free to recruit, train, organize and plot under protections intended only for the innocent legal citizens of a nation. They have figured out that some ideas can never be understood and should never be tolerated. They have finally learned that reckless blind political correctness comes at too high a price.


They are sorting out the details of who should be discriminately excluded from their open society as we speak.


Where should Europe deport these mad-men to, America, land of the free, land of unbridled opportunity, even for terrorists? The one place on earth where democrats, liberals and the ACLU agree on the human rights of even known terrorists? Where the terrorists have protections even average citizens don’t? The land of milk and honey and wide open borders? Why not?


Have we as a nation, not already established that everything goes here? That all ideas are free, have equal merit and must be tolerated? Or should America follow Europe’s new lead? That not quite everything goes? That neither we nor Europe, can afford to tolerate everything?


It seems views that evolved in the liberal direction for decades may be evolving back towards some semblance of common sense, even in Europe of all places. It seems that once one begins to count body bags, suddenly, the matter becomes more personal, even more urgent.


What was once politically incorrect now becomes socially acceptable policy, once it’s clear to all that innocent life itself hangs in the balance.


Are Americans yet ready to defeat terrorism at its core? Clearly, European leaders are beginning to answer that question, but what about America? Is America preparing its own new deportation law? Have we even decided to close our borders yet, or properly profile terrorists rather than waste resources on useless random searches at our airports and train stations? Have we decided that terrorist activity is intolerable in America, even in a mosque?


Until we do, we are kidding ourselves. Europe is catching on… How long will it take, how many more lives must be lost before America catches up…? When will the American people decide what kind of society America is going to be? As for France and Germany…Welcome to the war on terror!


Blair intends to “deport all hate-mongers”. Here in America, we’d have to start with liberals!