Democracy Alliance

The New Secret Society of the Rich and Infamous

Written by JB Williams



It’s true what they say - necessity is the mother of invention. And a gasping man, down but not yet out, focused entirely upon his survival and self-preservation, changes the rules to the game altogether.


A string of massive political defeats has left America’s leftists far from power, dazed and confused. But it has also given birth to a more pro-aggressive movement aimed solely at returning modern socialist elites like Al Gore, John Kerry, John Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Teddy Kennedy, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, as well as their international and Hollywood based power-broker friends to power. This time, winning at all cost is the only rule.


International billionaire George Soros, known for his special talent, bringing multiple national currencies to the brink of collapse in his personal quest for mega-wealth, was once the regular White House guest of the Clintons. He hasn’t been invited to the White House since and he’s pissed…


Nobody knows for sure how much personal wealth Mr. Soros expended in his effort to seat King Kerry in 2004 because he operates outside of the normal campaign finance laws most of us must adhere to, and largely below radar, hidden behind a litany of well-healed socialist so-called “think tanks” that rarely disclose the names of their financiers. But fair estimates run between $35 and as much as $50 million. What would cause a man to spend so much personal wealth in such an effort? Yes, you’re right, he has an agenda…


He’s not alone in that agenda… Democracy Alliance is made up of about 100 mostly un-named rich folks. Not rich as in those rich republican entrepreneurs that pay the vast majority of America’s taxes and employ the vast majority of America’s workers, but MEGA rich folks, players, international power-brokers and over-paid court jesters from Hollywood. Each of these rich folks has reportedly committed a minimum of $1 million a piece for the privilege of sitting at this very secret round table of power. Why?


In May of ‘06’, they met secretly at an Austin Texas luxury resort to begin their planning. Most remain nameless and faceless, but well-known socialist progressives like Soros and Progressive Insurance billionaire Peter Lewis, are just too high-profile to overlook, thanks to their antics in 2004.


It was a three day conference concerning the future of the socialist progressive movement which they refer to as “democracy” in America, including topics like America’s Role in the World (globalization) and 21st Century Economics (international socialism). The surprise key note speaker was none other than reigning DNC prince of peace Bill Clinton, who unexpectedly found himself defending his wife’s continued official support for the ongoing liberation of Iraq, which is of course at odds with her re-election campaign rhetoric.


On the last day of the conference, the members gathered in a private room to set the course for their mission to “retake America”. Though George W. Bush is the face they have placed on their enemy, he is not really their enemy. In fact, many Bush policies like his immigration amnesty, his trilateral economic expansion agreement with Canada and Mexico, and the fact that he presides over the biggest social spending administration in US history, have been too well aligned with basic ideals of this new shadow group, causing fractures in the conservative movement as a result, fractures this group will seek to capitalize upon in upcoming elections.


Who are these people? What is their agenda? Why are they willing to expend so much personal wealth and energy in pursuit of American political power? Why do they operate in such great secrecy? Where did 527 organizations come from? Who funds them and for what purpose? How did McCain-Feingold, the campaign finance reform legislation that was supposed to remove all shadow funding from politics, result in the biggest shadow funding bonanza in world history, before the ink was even dry?


Liberals will tell you that billionaire Soros is a pro-American “capitalist” with a capital “C”. They should read his book, bursting The Bubble of American Supremacy, or his 1997 column "The Capitalist Threat" .


These are the questions Americans better be demanding answers to. George Bush has but two years left and he isn’t ever running for office again. So why does the left focus so much attention on Bush? It’s because they need a lightening rod to ignite and mobilize their many minions and the demonazation of Bush is just perfect for such a mission.


Usually, I seek to provide more answers than questions in my columns. But in this case, there are far more questions than answers and that’s a result of the secrecy surrounding the new Illuminati, the shadow organization seeking to operate as a shadow party, the puppeteers polling the strings of the Democratic Party who must have access to these funds in order to survive. This is the Democracy Alliance


We don’t know who most of the 100 or so members are because they prefer not to be known. But we do know who makes up much of the leadership for this group and it is a cast of characters few average Americans would ever invite to dinner, much less entrust the future of their nation to.


The Democracy Alliance was formed by former Clinton Treasury official Rob Stein. It is driven by socialists like Soros, Peter Lewis and Alliance chairman Steven Gluckstern, retired investment banker, who said that “President Bush's victory over Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) in 2004 after millions of dollars had been poured into pro-Democratic "527" groups caused many contributors to think that a dramatically new approach is needed.”


The idea is to create a clearing house through which huge sums can be collected from secret donors outside of campaign finance rules (sometimes outside of the country) and then funneled through a growing list of equally shadowy 527 organizations like well known liberal/socialist activist groups, America Coming Together, America Votes, American Family Voices, Americans for Jobs, Health Care and Progressive Values, Center for American Progress, Grassroots Democrats and many other like-minded groups set up in response to McCain-Feingold’s attempted to eliminate all such soft-money shadow funding. The 527 organization was the loophole in the legislation that voided the legislation entirely.


How else would 100 or so of the world’s wealthiest socialists sink $1 million a piece into a political system that has a $2000 maximum limit on individual political contributions?


What is the agenda that drives these international power-brokers to invest in American politics at such a progressive rate? And why do average Americans believe that any agenda funded by a short list of 100 international socialist power-brokers would in any way represent the “little people”? Only a socialist would look to socialist elites to represent their socialist agenda… Average Americans would never… yet they do. Why?


These are all questions that demand answers. They could very well be the most important questions of our generation. Start by asking why liberal democrats and their liberal press, who consistently demand open public access to even our nation’s most guarded national security secrets, operate their political movement in such secrecy?


Should any 100 people decide the future of 300 million free individuals, just because they can?


Real average Americans better be finding the answers to these and many other questions. Good luck! Democracy Alliance is the most secret society formed since the Illuminati, which remains in existence today and is still a mystery even to those who have spent a lifetime trying to pierce the veil of secrecy that protects its members and their agenda.


Are these secret societies connected? They certainly share common membership rolls, at least the member identities we are allowed to know. They seem to have common goals, a one world order under socialist principles, controlled by a handful of international socialist elites.


Make of this what you will but one thing in certain… International power-brokers seldom work in the interests of the common Joe and when they do, they never do it in secret…


Begin by demanding the full unedited donor list, complete with individual donor amounts. Then follow the money… and research the personal agendas of those who seek to control your world and mine. Let the facts lead where ever they lead and when you get to your conclusion, take direct aggressive action to insure that NO American generation will live under a government of, by and for 100 socialist billionaires.


Or forever hold your peace!


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