Why the Free-for-All Party

Remains in a Free-Fall from Power

Written by JB Williams



Despite concerted media efforts to paint the upcoming mid-term elections as a “tsunami” sized shift of political power in Washington, the tea leaves just don’t read like most of the lamestream headlines.


Though democrat leaders have been successful in keeping the anti-Bush “culture of corruption” campaign chant alive within their party friendly press and their extreme left-wing base, it has largely fallen on deaf ears everywhere else. The shrill rhetoric has had little impact upon average American voters who place more weight in the anti-American deeds of the left, than the harmonious chants of evil republican capitalist pigs, continually regurgitated by the left.


Republicans sold out to the rich?


Nice rant, not true. For the record, most republicans were successful and “rich” in the private sector before ever seeking public office. Conversely, most democrats were financial failures who are millionaires today, only as a direct result of their abuse of power once elected to public office. The millionaire Clintons are a prime example, having never earned an honest penny in their miserable lives. If you can name a member of congress who is not a millionaire today, or who has not taken campaign money and returned favors to corporate interests as a result, I’d be interested in knowing who that member is… Best I can tell, no such member exists, especially in the Democratic Party. Better see who all accepted a little financial help from Jack Abramoff…It reads like the “Who’s Who” list that “outed” Valerie Plame’s name.


Special interests own republicans?


Corporations donate to both political parties equally. The facts are clear for anyone interested. But the implication inherent in the rhetoric is that republicans operate against the will of the average individual because they are funded into power by BIG money special interests. The facts say something quite different…


The BIGGEST political investors in America are referred to as the Blue Chip Investors, because make no mistake - it is an “investment” as far as these donors are concerned. Here are the Top Ten Blue Chip Investors and who they give to…


Top 10 donors: 1990 to date in millions…

To Democrats

To Republicans

American Fedn of State, County & Municipal Employees





AT&T Inc





National Assn of Realtors





Assn of Trial Lawyers of America





National Education Assn





Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers





Service Employees International Union





Communications Workers of America





Laborers Union





Teamsters Union
















Of the Top Ten Blue Chip political investors, only one is a “corporation” and AT&T (like most corporations) gives almost evenly to both parties. Here are the more interesting facts on this chart…


The single largest institutional political investor in America today is the Government Employees Union, which of course invests heavily in those most likely to grow government and secure the future of those who make their living at tax-payer expense, 98% to democrats.


The forth largest institutional political investor is Trial Lawyers, who of course invest in those most likely to keep an over abundance of American ambulance chasers in business via increasingly intrusive liability laws that keep our courts filled with frivolous law suits. Again, 90% goes to democrats.


The fifth largest institutional political investor is the educators union, who of course invests in democrats with 94% of their funds. Need I point out that union tenure and socialist principles are directly responsible for a declining quality of public education in America today?


Then there is my personal favorite, the eighth largest institutional political investor in America today, the communications workers union. In case you are not familiar with this heavily engaged political juggernaut, it is the people we refer to as our “free press”. Journalists, camera men, sound crews, editors, copywriters, anchormen and women, the people who deliver our “unbiased” news and views, who also happen to be our most biased political investors, giving a full 99% to ….drum roll please…. You guessed it…. DEMOCRATS!


The Top Ten political investment institutions give collectively, 85% of their money to DEMOCRATS, not republicans, which explains why democrat claims of some republican sell-out to BIG MONEY interests falls on deaf ears, at least for those who know the real facts.

In case you think this picture changes as we go down the list of the Top 100 Blue Chip Investors, research it for yourself here Top All-Time Donor Profiles.

But to make things easy, in the Top 100 list, the total funding splits 59.6% to 40.4%, still favoring democrats of course. So, enough about the silly notion that republicans have in any way sold-out to anyone - at least as much as democrats have according to the actual numbers. As a matter of fact, if it were not for BIG money from a handful of special interest political investors, today’s Democratic Party would already be out of business.

Americans who research the facts themselves, rather than just regurgitate their “facts of choice” as delivered by the “communication workers” in their daily headlines, already know this. That explains why this is not the BIGGEST reason why the free-for-all party remains in a free-fall from power.

Republicans have made a mess of our economy?


No need to waste paper on this one, is there? We have set standards and methods of gauging the state of our economy. I won’t argue how accurate these standards and methods are, only that they are widely accepted and that the same set is applied evenly to all administrations without bias in the numbers. As a result, these standards can not be used to state how good the Clinton economy was and then later attacked as unfair and inaccurate when the Bush numbers look even better. If you think the Clinton economy was great on the basis of our accepted economic indicators, then you must love the Bush economy which has much better numbers, despite all the added challenges since Bush took office.

Republicans have blown the war on terror?


This is the magic statement that will keep democrats in a free-fall from power until the left wingnuts currently in charge of the DNC are sent to pasture.

Numerous terror attacks on the US and US interests throughout the 90’s went without significant response. As a result, the mutation of Islamic Jihad groups were left to expand operations to more than 60 nations and a global reach which culminated into the events of 9/11 eight months into the new Bush administration. The attacks of that day were hatched in 1996, after Clinton declined to take custody of Osama Bin Laden when Sudan offered him on a silver platter.  

But even worse are the continual outright leftist lies concerning a very serious war on international terrorism. This is the primary reason why democrats are out of power and will remain far from power for the foreseeable future.

Liberals who think we are (or should be) at war with Osama Bin Laden better read this,  The Terrorist Threat Confronting the United States, a Statement Before The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence dated February 06, 2002, six months after 9/11 and a year before entering Iraq. It will make a liar out of every liberal seeking to undermine war efforts today, as if most of us don’t already know it.

Liberals who think “Bush lied and people died” better read the DCI’s World Wide Threat Briefing, also given to the Senate Select Committee dated February 10, 2003, shortly before congress voted to enter Iraq. These are the official words of then CIA Director Tenet, a Clinton appointee, and they are very specific as to why we are fighting an unconventional war on an international set of fronts, with a very unconventional enemy.

Liberals who claim the Hussein regime had nothing to do with terrorism, and therefore, should not have been a target in the war against international terrorism, or that Clinton did a better job of protecting America, better read all the above and then all of the OFFICIAL Senate Select reports on the subject, instead of relying on Al Gore, Al Franken and Richard Clarke as their expert sources on the topic. Those seeking truth will find it in these documents located here http://intelligence.senate.gov/

Now these FACTS are not secret. They are easily researched and the internet makes it impossible not to know this information, even for average citizens. But it also makes a fool of the liberal democrats who lob indiscriminate political bombs at the Bush administration during war times, at odds with their own statements and official votes, available to all those interested in knowing the truth.

And that’s why the free-for-all party is and will remain, in a free-fall from power. The people are not as stupid as politicians and liberal elitists believe. They can read, and will take the time to research the subjects they know the media is misleading them on. And when they do, there is NO way to have an ounce of confidence in today’s Democratic Party, in particular, its current leadership.

Hate republicans, if you must. Sometimes I do. But no thinking person concerned about the future of this nation could ever vote for a Democrat today, or even a third party option that would allow another liberal to sneak into power by default, as Clinton did in ‘92’ and ‘96’.

Thanks Ross Perot!

Fool me once, shame on you, twice, shame on me. But three times?

Who gave China nukes? Democrat pop star Bill Clinton.

Who gave North Korea nukes? China and democrat pop star Bill Clinton.

Who hosted a world recognized terrorists at the White House and Camp David on numerous occasions? Democrat pop star Bill Clinton.

Who insisted we should just give Iran nukes? Democrat national traitor whose only claim to fame is his ability to turn on fellow soldiers and marry wealth, John Kerry.

Who can’t tell the difference between real terrorists and American soldiers? Democrats.

Who doesn’t realize that the war against international terrorism is much broader than Bin Laden or Afghanistan? Democrats!

The linked official terror assessments warned about growing threats in North Korea and Iran. But that didn’t stop democrats or the UN from letting these threats grow until they had to be confronted by the following administration. Read them and learn, before you repeat the mistakes again.

Need I keep going? If you are a fellow constitutional conservative concerned about America’s future, stop wasting time arguing with liberals. If they were smart, they wouldn’t be liberals…

Spend your time, resources and energy promoting real constitutional conservatives who believe in all the same principles the founders did. George Soros and Barbara Streisand are well on the way to buying America for the international socialist agenda. Stop debating and start taking direct action…