Let the Litmus Test Begin!

Written by JB Williams


Before President George W. Bush could grasp his next breath following his announcement of Justice John G. Roberts for the U.S. Supreme Court, Democrat Senators Chuck Schumer and Patrick Leahy stumbled to the minority party reaction podium for a quick precursor to the upcoming litmus test they have planned for the new nominee. They don’t even attempt to deny it anymore.

"All questions are legitimate," New York Democrat and Judiciary Committee member Charles E. Schumer said earlier this month. "What is your view on Roe vs. Wade? What is your view on gay marriage?" Schumer took great pains to be sure everyone listening understood clearly; the nominee must have the right stuff. A DNC issued socialist liberal mind-set, in Chuck Schumer’s opinion.

According to a piece by Washington Bureau Chief Paul Johnson over at 365Gay.com, “other Democrats on the Judiciary Committee agree that all issues, including same-sex marriage, should be put to a nominee for the high court. They include Patrick Leahy of Vermont, Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts, Joseph Biden of Delaware.”

Can you imagine? The boys of “no litmus test” announcing a gearing up of their litmus test? Did anyone see this coming? Forget what the Constitution says, it’s outdated. How do you feel about these things?

Bush’s choice of nominee may be the perfect choice, confounding the socialist left democrats and the far right-wing conservatives, both of whom had their litmus tests prepared long ago.

Conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson tried his best to insist that Bush should pick a nominee that is patently anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-affirmative action and pro- First and Second Amendment. Democrats of course, demand just the opposite. Both were seeking their own style of activist for O’Connor’s replacement on the high court. Both are disappointed…

Aside from his solid qualifications, Bush’s nominee seems otherwise neither democrat nor republican. Instead, Bush chose the man on the basis of his great character, great credentials and an overt love and respect for the Constitution as written. USA Today says “Rarely does a new justice bring that much direct experience as an advocate to the Supreme Court.”

The nominee is a well known Washington conservative, but he is no right-wing ideologue. He is a man one can count on to simply uphold the law and the Constitution of these United States, which is good since that will be his most important obligation under his oath to the bench. An obligation those extreme politicos on the far left and the far right often choose to overlook.

You can bet the going will get tough in the confirmation process. Senator Leahy was out of breath just describing how long, complicated and arduous the confirmation process must be. He made it sound like this could take months, if not years. After all, a litmus test is full of twists and turns, complexities the average American just can’t comprehend.

Yes, the nominee has been chosen, his name, like a big colorful target with a please kick me sign hanging over it, officially pasted to his chest. The nominee, his wife, his family and his friends, all in danger of imminent attack from blood thirsty liberals desperate to salvage the one branch of government they still control.

Let the litmus test begin! But let’s at least call it what it is… WRONG!

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