A Cover-Up!

About an Unsubstantiated Claim…

Based on an unnamed source…

About a Clandestine CIA Agent…

Who wasn’t under-cover?

Written by JB Williams


Harry Reid’s latest yarn is spun better than Harry Potter’s! Am I the only one in America laughing at this circus styled so-called grand jury investigation into the Wilson vs. Rove matter, which is clearly much to do about personal politics? Seriously, this is the stuff great novels are made of…

Do you really need me to point out the vivid lunacy in this left-wing Bush-bashing effort to demolish Karl Rove? The man lefties consider the most dangerous to their socialist agenda. Rove has guided over-enthusiastic democrats to their own slaughter so many times, that it has lost its entertainment value. But the Dems just can’t seem to get enough… No wonder Rove is never seen without that Cheshire cat smile.

Am I the only one in stitches over the hundreds of “leaks” of alleged (secret) grand jury testimony concerning a case regarding the “leak” that never happened? Abbott and Costello couldn’t do it any better…

Based on the (secret) grand jury testimony that appears in every headline these days, it looks more and more like Karl Rove might be the only person in Washington who didn’t leak the name Valerie Plame. It’s hard to leak something everyone already knows. It isn’t exactly a scoop…

As a side note, if you want to keep something secret, clearly, you had better not tell it in a grand jury investigation room which appears to have more leaks than your kitchen colander.

Judith Miller appears to be the only tight lipped person in Washington and she’s sitting in jail as a result. I bet the source she protects is none other than Valerie Plame. Woodward and Bernstein should be ashamed of their fellow media elites as a result of their consistent shoddy investigative reporting. The inability (or unwillingness) of modern old media reporters to separate a real story from the work of a political hack, and their childish back-stabbing behavior once they are exposed as simple-minded useful idiots of the DNC propaganda machine.

Once again, the nation’s biggest fool (Bush according to democrats) is making fools of those who can’t resist an invitation to their own slaughter. Just like Rather-gate, Gitmo-gate, Iraq-gate and Abu Graib-gate, those eager-beaver Dems are so anxious to pounce on any hint of a Bush administration slip, that they can’t restrain themselves long enough to see where the bouncing ball stops bouncing.

In this case, it appears that ball will come to rest on none other than Joe Wilson’s lap, as the man who actually “outed” his wife, the so-called clandestine CIA agent who wasn’t so clandestine after-all. It looks like Joe himself made her employment history public. It also looks like Joe either lied, or didn’t know his CIA agent wife did in fact, send him to Africa.

Now either the left is caught not knowing what the left hand is doing here, or the right is the smartest bunch of politicos to ever grace the halls of Washington power. Personally, I doubt any politician is that smart, which means, some are most likely that stupid.

Watching this unravel will be more entertaining than watching Dan Rather give the most half-hearted back-handed apology in media history. Before it’s over, Joe Wilson will have wrecked his own career and that of his not so clandestine CIA wife. Chucky Schumer, Harry Reid and other DNC operatives who have trotted out on yet another limb only to once again watch Karl Rove saw it off behind them, will leave this “conspiracy” looking more foolish and childish than they already did.

The American people are tuning in to watch just how desperate the Democratic Party has become in their last gasp for political power in America. The calls for Rove’s head on a platter are all based on supposition, hearsay and literally hundreds of leaks from supposed (secret) grand jury testimony that nobody is supposed to know about yet. How ironic is that?

If it wasn’t so hilarious, it would be painful to watch these people commit political suicide over and over.

I can’t even feel the least bit sorry for Valerie Plame, who is starting to look like the Bill Burkett or Mary Mapes of this DNC conspiracy. Best I can tell she’s just a low-level CIA desk-jockey with a political ax to grind of her own. She had the misfortune of marrying an idiot who let his political anger cloud his judgment so badly that he unwittingly outed his own wife for his personal political agenda.

But to tell the truth, it’s hard to say who used who most. Valerie sending her unsuspecting husband on a wild goose chase in Niger, or Wilson, (motivated by his disdain for Bush administration hawks), who fabricated yellow-cake-gate to discredit the Bush administration, then outed his CIA wife.

As for dumb-dumb Harry Reid and company, well, they are once again getting exactly what they deserve…A huge helping of humble pie. Not that they are smart enough or honest enough to be humbled by yet another helping, spoon fed at the hand of Karl Rove or that it will make them step any more carefully the next time Rove and company bait a hook.

According to Dems, Rove is the most brilliant politico in history. If that’s true, what does it say about those who repeatedly continue to step on his mine-field? Even the dumbest of fools would step more lightly on those mines after already loosing a limb or two. Harry Reid and company are the keystone cops of modern American politics.

Sit back - get yourself some popcorn and a big coke. This is better than a good Oliver Stone movie…

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