A Supreme Battle

For the heart and soul of America

Written by JB Williams


The retirement of Justice O’Connor didn’t ignite the battle for the heart and soul of America, but it sure will kick it into high gear. The impending retirement of Chief Justice Rehnquist will shift that battle into overdrive and the political mental midgets’ pomposity into overload. [Balderdash from a pompous ass, for you sadly educated left-wing-nuts]

The first thing one must ponder on this topic is how the Supreme Court of the United States became the front line of this battle in the first place. According to one of my favorite founders Thomas Jefferson, "A free people claim their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as the gift of their magistrate." Yet it is the magistrate we are most concerned with today and that begs the question, why?

If you subscribe to popular secular beliefs on the matter, as defined by Time magazine in their July 11 issue, it’s because you believe that Jefferson was wrong. That we in fact derive our rights as a gift from the magistrate, in the form of case law decisions such as Roe vs. Wade.

If in the magistrate we trust, then we must also trust in the one thing nobody admits to believing in, a litmus test for judicial nominees. In other words, we must determine not the qualifications of a nominee, but instead, their political ideology and their intentions concerning issues of interest. We must know how they will rule, before we hire them to hear the case.

Like most of the (once mainstream) old media, Time magazine outlines the issues to be used for such a litmus test. In order of importance I’d say, they list abortion, church and state, gay marriage, crime and punishment, affirmative action, states rights and the all new, recently infamous right to die, as decided at the expense of one Terri Schiavo.

All of these so-called rights have been derived from the magistrate, at odds with most Americans, at odds with the written constitution, at odds with legitimate legislation governing such matters and at odds with basic American moral principles of right and wrong.

In short, Jefferson was right about something else, “At the establishment of our constitutions, the judiciary bodies were supposed to be the most helpless and harmless members of the government. Experience, however, soon showed in what way they were to become the most dangerous”. (Circa 1823)

In the upcoming battle of all battles, this translates to; if a nominee isn’t pro-abortion, pro-separation, pro-gay marriage, anti-punishment for crime, pro-affirmative action, anti-states rights and pro-euthanasia, then they will be labeled “extremist” and they will be filibustered by today’s so-called democrats. They will have failed the litmus test and they will be deemed unfit for the bench by those who depend on the bench to advance an agenda that could never pass the real legislative branch or American voters.

Their opponents, the conservatives, not necessarily branded by their party affiliation, have a much simpler test for nominees. Can they read the constitution as it was written? Can they respect the constitution as it was written? And will they uphold the constitution as it was written? If you can answer yes to these three simple questions and you are otherwise qualified for the highest court in the land, you will have their vote of confidence. It won’t matter what color, gender, religion, nationality, sexual preference or political ideology you are. You are hired!

No conservative will even ask how you personally feel about the seven deadly sins because we don’t expect you to rule on the basis of your personal feelings, but rather on the basis of the written law. We leave the law writing to that branch of government given the power to write such laws, the legislature. [Congress for you left-wing nut-jobs. Those elected by we the people, to represent the will of we the people, for you closet socialist judicial dependents]

Jefferson had this right too, "It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason, as to administer medication to the dead." For all you baby-killing perverted Marxist bed-wetters out there, this translates to "you are a waste of time, energy and good oxygen."

However, most Americans are not a part of your small minority yet. They can still read what the constitution actually says, they still respect the founding principles and they still know real right from wrong and take responsibility for the choices they make.

So I am talking to the majority of Americans in this particular column. I’m talking to conservatives, including you new-age more moderately compassionate idealist fence-sitters out there who have allowed yourselves to be hood-winked by a few left-wing panty-wastes who long ago sold their souls to the devil in exchange for a few ill-conceived rights issued by their royal magistrate.

I’m talking to you folks who know right from wrong, but who have been sold the bill of goods that you are not supposed to apply those simple ideas to your life, or to the running of the nation you are charged with the responsibility of governing.

This battle will be bloody. It will be bloody because the extreme left in America has no power anywhere but in the courts today. They can not afford to confirm a Justice to the Supreme Court who will uphold the Constitution as it was written because the Constitution wasn’t written for their agenda. It was written to protect America from such an agenda. Anyone who can read the constitution knows it, regardless of whether or not they can admit it.

The current popular conservative mantra is that today’s democrats have no ideas, no vision for the future and no answers, only criticisms. Unfortunately, this mantra is only half right. Democrats do have ideas and a vision for our future. Just not a vision they can readily admit on the campaign stump without being tarred, feathered and lynched.

They stand for the convenience killing of innocent human beings, now both inside and outside the womb. They prefer free stuff over freedom, a smorgasbord of perversions over any moral foundation. They believe that our One Nation Under God will be better off without God. In the judiciary they trust. They think we are the terrorists and that the terrorists are just another oppressed and misunderstood minority in need of the ACLU and a labor representative.

They have a plan alright - a very un-American plan for America and that plan can only be implemented from the bench. Our legislative and executive branches of government are elected by and answer to us, we the people. But the judiciary is elected by no one and they answer to nobody, once seated on the bench.

Elected officials are obligated to represent those who elect them. But judges only represent themselves and once seated, it literally takes an act of congress to remove them from the bench, no matter how far they stray from written law.

O’Conner’s resignation provides a rare opportunity to right a whole list of wrongs. Atop the list is the practice of judicial law making, a power never intended for the hands of any few.

No Bush nominee will escape a full scale filibuster at this point in history - we’re playing for all the marbles now. Bush will most likely appoint two Supreme Court Justices in his second term. Unless he nominates candidates who are openly pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, pro-affirmative action, anti-state, anti-religion and anti-American, a filibuster is certain.

What’s at stake is the heart and soul of our nation. The litmus test administered by democrats is based on all the moral issues of our day and only an immoral nominee can pass this test. All others will be in for the fight of their life…

As for the rest of us, the time to stand and be counted has arrived… The President has the sole right to appoint. Congress is constitutionally obligated to vote every nominee up or down. We the people have an obligation to make sure our representatives live up to their obligations. No excuses…No exceptions… No backroom deals… Someone needs to remind Washington - This is the peoples business, not some half-baked West Wing episode.

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