Democrats and Their Press

Busy Exposing Themselves

Written by JB Williams



Democrats have made a fatal error in building their campaign to regain political power on the foundation of a mantra, “culture of corruption” accusing their political foes of wholesale institutional corruption. Had they said that Washington DC as a whole was a by-partisan culture of corruption, the American people might have agreed with Democrats for the first time in 16 years.


But trying to limit this label to Republican opponents alone has caused Democrats to stretch to validate their claim, often inventing stories where none exist or twisting real facts melded with false accusations to create just the appearance of impropriety. Meanwhile, it’s corrupt Democrats who keep surfacing and almost every assertion of Republican corruption has failed to materialize into reality. The few that have materialized, were already being investigated and prosecuted by a Republican led justice department.


Most Americans already knew that Washington DC was the corruption capital of America and most are also aware of the fact that political corruption is probably the only thing in Washington that isn’t a partisan matter. We haven’t looked at politicians as pillars of our community in almost a century. We see most of them more as gypsies, tramps and thieves - willing to sell their mothers soul for an ounce of power.


What many Americans didn’t know before Democrats started their “culture of corruption” pop tour - is that today’s Democratic Party is a culture of cowardice, confusion and treason.


In a recent fund raiser, Democratic frontrunner for the ‘08’ Presidential election Hillary Clinton, stated how proud she is that Democrats are unable to agree (even among themselves) about a future policy on Iraq and the war on terror. She sees Democrats’ inability to decide what to do about Iraq as some tortured sign of strength in her party. Of course, the rest of us see the Democrats’ inability to stand behind the decisions they have already made to send American troops into harm’s way as an overly obvious sign of weakness, cowardice and confusion, the extent of which for some DNC leaders, borders on treason.


Like Republicans, Democrats had been referring to the Hussein regime as an imminent threat with WMDs for years, throughout the 90’s and beyond. Democrats voted in favor of regime change in Iraq not once with Bush, but twice, first with Clinton in 1998. Democrats of course did nothing to institute that official policy. As usual, the vote was intended to make them appear tough on terror. They had no intention of actually becoming tough on terror with either vote.


When they voted a second time for regime change with Bush, for all the same reasons as the first time with Clinton, they thought it was just another hollow vote they could use at campaign time to prove how strong they are on national security. When they voted yet again to authorize use of force to affect regime change, they never thought anyone would actually take their vote seriously enough to act upon it. This is the correct explanation for their shock and dismay when Bush actually acted on the authority and policies they had voted to support and it also explains why they have since worked to undermine that mission by accusing their political enemy of misleading them into that vote.


Since then, the White House, Defense Department, NSA, FBI, CIA, DHS and several other “Top Secret” national security agencies have been working at a feverish pace to prevent the next 9/11. They have developed multi-faceted “secret” war plans aimed at aggressively pursuing and eliminating a vast international terror network from every angle available. It was never about one man. The plan is to save innocent American lives by (pre-emptively) preventing the very real possibility of future attacks on US targets, the likes of which could easily make the events of September 11, 2001 look like a day at the park. But not everyone is on-board with that plan…Not everyone has the backbone for such a plan.


Every war in history has had its honest dissenters. Each has also had its not so honorable traitors, draft dodgers, secret spies, moles, propagandists and some even overtly guilty of treason. However, what we are witnessing today is something relatively new, a wholesale group of acts that can only be described as institutional treason. We are talking about people working around the clock, not in an effort to support American security interests during a time of war, but with the intent to undermine those efforts. Never mind their reasoning - there is no acceptable reason for treason.


This institutional treason is not coming from America’s foreign enemies abroad. It’s homegrown, coming from within, and Americans not only have a right to know, they have a right and an obligation to hold these people accountable for their actions. When our Top Secret security agencies can’t (won’t) keep secrets, we can’t be very secure.


When Senator Jay Rockefeller, as then Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, took a private trip to the Middle East for the sole purpose of warning Hussein of an impending US invasion only weeks after 9/11, giving Hussein with the help of Russia and Syria, the notice and time to move restricted weapons and prepare for war, he committed an act of treason in my opinion. He made a conscious decision to share “secret” Senate information with an enemy of the state and there is no acceptable excuse or reasonable explanation. He intentionally provided aid and comfort to our enemies. Has the US press made certain that the public knows all about this trip? No…. Why not?


But the press has made sure that the public right to know includes their right to know every “secret” defense initiative. The press wants the people to know about every body bag and every set-back in the war on terror, no matter how minor. But they do not want the people to know of all the good, or progress made in the mission. The press wants the people to know every individual indiscretion of any American soldier. But they do not want the people to know that 99.9% of all American troops are heroes of the finest sort. The cost of war must be reported, but not the benefits of our mission, and we see it every day, headline after headline.


House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King is demanding that the Justice Department investigate and prosecute the New York Times to the fullest extent of the law for its repeated overt acts, clearly designed to undermine American security interests by exposing “Top Secret” counter-terrorism efforts. The New York Times did not just disclose that we were going after the money behind terror - that was no secret. The New York Times told the world how, when and where we are attacking terror financing and in doing so, they provided aid and comfort to those we seek to defeat and made our mission to defend the homeland more difficult.


Liberal Bush-bashers have a bevy of excuses for why treason is a reasonable tool to unseat an administration they are politically at odds with.  The press is not alone in their effort to undermine American interests. They are only the mouth piece, a tool of even a more dangerous group of traitors.


There is a very small but aggressive retreat and surrender constituency in America today, led by a relatively small number of American politicians seeking political power at any expense, including degraded national security. Elected officials like John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, John Murtha, Harry Reid and DNC Chairman Howard Dean to name a few, collectively, the Democratic Party leadership, represent the far left anti-American fringe of their anti-Bush Party, the Cindy Sheehan contingency, aka the, International Socialist Party and Communist Party USA agenda. I could say it much nicer, but this is a very accurate description of our enemy within and America is at a turning point where calling these people by any other name could prove to be our biggest mistake.


This movement has supporters in every department of the federal government, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, DOD and DHS. It also accounts for about 30% of the members of congress.


These supporters have been working inside these institutions since long before the Bush Administration and they are actively engaged in efforts to undermine the very programs and policies they are charged with carrying out. They include people like Valerie Plame, who intentionally sought to send her anti-Bush, anti-war, non-CIA husband to Niger for the sole purpose of undermining Administration efforts to verify British and Russian reports of yellow-cake sales to the Hussein regime prior to the Iraq invasion.


There are foxes running wild in the hen house. That’s a fact! People inside our most secure intelligence agencies intentionally leaking Top Secret operational information to a complicit press, all for the purpose of undermining existing administration efforts to secure our nation and its people, just to provide political opportunities to their favored Democratic candidates that otherwise will have no hope of regaining political power in this country anytime soon.


In the end, Democrats’ efforts to destroy their opponents by any means available, may prove to expose far more about Democrats than their opponents. Press efforts to undermine American security interests exposes more about the press than about the White House they hate.


Neither Jay Rockefeller nor the New York Times will ever be hung in public square for their overt acts of treason, but both should be. Not so long ago, they would have been. No matter how overtly anti-American Democrat leaders become, some Americans will vote for them. No matter how cowardly or confused Democrats are, some will still think they are qualified to lead this nation.


The rest of us who see what there is to see, who know better, must remain engaged in the process of elimination. We rarely get to vote for someone we love and believe in today. But voting out people we know we can’t trust, remains just as vital to America’s future as maintaining the strongest standing military on earth.


I support Chairman King’s call to hold the New York Times to account. But he had better not stop there. The Rockefellers and Kerrys, the Plames and Wilsons, the deep throats in the CIA and the Dan Rathers and Mary Mapes, all active participants of the new institutional treason, must be held to account as well.


Anti-American moles working inside our intelligence and security agencies, leaking information to friends in the press, for benefit of Democratic candidates seeking to regain political power, is a story that would make a block-buster movie if anyone in Hollywood was willing to tell the story.


But it’s no way to run a country and it must be stopped! The American people do not have a right to know all the details of “secret” intelligence operations during a time of ongoing war operations, because there is no way for them to know this information without our enemies knowing it at the same time.


Most Americans, even untrained Americans, are smart enough to respect this fact. Those who somehow miss this obvious logic are not smart enough to have an opinion on the subject at all.