Why Democrats will Lose Again in ‘06’

Actions still mean more than words

Written by JB Williams


I must admit, I do laugh every time I hear a modern day socialist refer to themselves as a “progressive”, as if their alleged interest in so-called “progress” is supposed to demonstrate some sort of advanced intelligence or heightened enlightenment or unusually keen sense of awareness and compassion. A tough sell for folks who still think the failed socialist principles of the past represent some kind of “progress” for our future, an idea that qualifies these folks for kinder-care, not national leadership.

Not all democrats are self-styled “progressives” (socialists) of course, but all current leaders of the Democratic Party are, Clinton, Reid, Kennedy, Kerry, Pelosi, Durbin, Dean, Murtha, Obama and many more. A few republicans qualify as “progressives” today too, McCain, Hagel, Specter, Lugar, Chafee, and others. Even the ole compassionate conservative himself, George W. Bush is “progressive” on matters like illegal immigration, globalization and his kinder-gentler war plan, designed to not offend our enemy. They call themselves “progressive” as in “seeking progress”, but their actions are purely socialist and most Americans know that there is nothing “progressive” about socialism.

Frankly, modern day socialists own and operate the American press too, from boardroom to anchor desk and everywhere in between. The current low approval ratings apply to the President, congress and the press. In fact the unpopular President fares better in most polls than the even less popular congress or press. As a result, the average red blooded American still stuck on truth, honor, freedom, liberty and the capitalist American way, are left looking for the “none of the above” box on every election ballot and searching the Internet for the truth they can no longer find in lamestream headlines.

Being a politician makes one a professional snake oil salesman no matter what party they belong to. Cutting through the politically motivated balderdash in an effort to ascertain what any politician really stands for is impossible, unless you simply judge on the basis of their actions and completely ignore the rhetoric.

Thankfully, actions do still speak much louder than words in this regard, unless you are a full-blown card-carrying member of the “progressive” contingency who believes in the nuanced mumblings of closet Marxist progressive nonsense spewed by your favorite social elitist, rather than in the actions they take at odds with their divisive vote trolling ramblings… Those of us who watch what they “do” much closer than what they “say”, find it much easier to separate the rubbish from the reality.

EXAMPLE: Both the House and Senate took up resolutions last week in response to an alleged “majority” demand for a military withdrawal from Iraq before the end of 2006. A withdrawal “progressives” have been clucking about like a bunch of chickens since before they voted to enter Iraq and an ill-advised withdrawal of troops that few politicians, even those whining for months now, would eventually vote in favor of. The belly-aching has reached fever pitch for benefit of the upcoming mid-term election cycle. But when push came to shove, the votes just didn’t match the rhetoric.

The House appropriately confirmed the need to finish the task in Iraq by a 256-153 vote margin while the Senate (where most of the election year grandstanding exists on the subject), voted 93-6 against setting any arbitrary date for withdrawal from Iraq, signaling that even though there are votes to be gained by demoralizing defeatist pandering to tree huggers and sissy pants fruit cakes, there is really nothing to be gained by actually acting on such an insane idea.

There are of course a few exceptions that were actually stupid enough to go on-record supporting such a Chicken Little cut-n-run defeatist plan, namely our nations best known cowards, Kerry, Kennedy, Harkin, Feingold, Boxer and Byrd, the usual cast of clowns more than willing to hand over American sovereignty and security just to avoid any battle to save it. Despite repeated defeats, democrats angling for any political foothold on the national security topic will continue to claim majority support for their cut-n-run retreat plan. They will never get the votes to pull out mind you, but they will get the votes from their anti-American base this fall and that’s the real goal.

Fortunately for democrats, their base never works in reality anyway, so they will garner almost as many votes as if they had actually done something consistent with their rhetoric. Just whining about Iraq is enough for the enlightened ones. The fact that they won’t vote to pull out of Iraq tells the rest of us a lot about these folks. But their voter base will remain largely intact regardless of their official position on the subject and that tells us a lot about their idiot constituents as well.

I’m perfectly happy to offend those who offend me every day with their lamebrain socialist anti-American hogwash. Being ignorant enough to actually believe that socialism is “progressive” is a real knee slapper. But lacking the backbone to vote their rhetoric when it really counts and then return moments later to the same old rhetoric they wouldn’t stand behind at vote time is just plain embarrassing, if not for them, then for the rest of us who have to put up with their childish sniveling.

The American people learned some time ago that in terms of modern politics, “democrat” is synonymous with “socialist”. Now we are getting up to speed with the fact that “republican” doesn’t always mean “conservative”.

If democrats really think they can attract pro-American, pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-sovereignty and security, pro-capitalist votes with the same old anti-American rhetoric that even they won’t stand behind at roll call, they have greatly underestimated the American people, which is of course, yet another common trait of the elitist left who exist only by pandering to our nation’s weakest constituency.

Americans momentarily forgot that politicians of all colors and creeds will “say” anything in their pursuit of power. But they are now reminded daily as they watch folks they once thought were conservatives act like “progressives” and so-called “progressives” act like outright Marxists.

The leftist press, which enjoys a lower approval rating than Bush, is working to get the country in the mood to replace “progressive” republicans with “socialist” democrats this fall, but I bet the American people don’t fall for it…

They won’t fall for it because no matter how loud the campaign rhetoric becomes during the election cycle, the actions on record in both Houses of congress will speak much louder and the American people are fed up with empty campaign rhetoric. We’re looking for results now…

Democrats will keep clucking - it’s what they do. But as all polls indicate, nobody outside of their core socialist base is listening. When they insist we listen, most of us are either laughing or looking for someone to strangle….


The leftist press says democrats are poised to regain power. God help us if they are right, but I bet they are just as wrong about the ‘06’ election outcome as they are about Iraq and any notion that “socialism” is “progressive”. They thought democrats were a shoe-in to replace jailed San Diego district Representative “Duke” Cunningham. Oop’s again!

What do you expect from folks who think Sean Penn, Alec Baldwin, Barbara Streisand and the Dixie Chicks are valued national policy advisers or that Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric are journalists?