Why It’s Time to Deport Liberals

Written by JB Williams


During the run-up to the 2004 election, hundreds, if not thousands of liberals promised to leave America for good if Bush was re-elected. So America came out in record numbers to guarantee a Bush victory by nearly 4 million votes. As is typical, not one liberal kept their promise… Instead, they have only become more obnoxious in their efforts to dismantle America.

America’s liberal movement isn’t what it used to be. The old live and let live, make love not war liberal who just wanted to be left alone to pursue his often drug induced euphoric consequence free utopian existence has been replaced. I liked this old liberal. He did himself all kinds of harm, but generally speaking, he didn’t hurt anyone else. He was passive by nature, spending most of his time hanging out in his marijuana patch listening to the Beatles. I miss this old liberal…

The new liberal is a horse’s ass of an entirely different color. He is a bitter hate-filled America loathing Marxist, just as determined to bring the world’s most powerful nation to its knees as any foreign enemy in history.

The new liberal doesn’t just hate George W. Bush or Dick Cheney. As their newly elected Messiah so proudly pronounced – “they hate everything they stand for”. Things like a strong military, a vibrant free capitalist economy, and a foreign policy that hinges on strength rather than weakness, real moral principles and true personal liberty. They hate it all…

America is the freest nation on earth (despite liberal demands for more government control of everything). We have the lowest unemployment rate of any nation on earth, the largest number of self-made millionaires, and the highest average standard of living anywhere, even the richest poor people on the planet. We are the most generous nation because we are the most powerful nation on earth. Liberals don’t like any of it and they can’t think of one good thing to say about the founding principles of the country they love to hate.

They don’t like gun toting heterosexual married people with children, the financially self-sufficient, people not hooked on drugs or alcohol, people of religion, unborn children or those who defend them, or anyone too smart to fall for their socialist spineless drivel. In short, they don’t like most Americans.

They spend all of their free time looking for new ways to undermine everything America has ever been or was ever intended to be. So why are they still here?

Today’s liberal sees nothing wrong with a million abortions a year. He sees nothing wrong with tyrannizing the most productive members of our society for benefit of those who contribute nothing to society. He sees nothing wrong with art in the form of pornography, but everything wrong with a public display of the Ten Commandments.

He sees nothing wrong with terrorists preaching death to Americans in Mosques and on street corners across this nation, but everything wrong with the pledge of allegiance or a morning peace prayer in our school houses.

He believes that if you work smart enough, hard enough and sacrifice long enough to become wealthy on your own, you owe a share of your spoils to those who won’t do the same - that his government owes it to him, to take those spoils from you against your will if need be.

He believes that all sexual perversions are just “alternative lifestyles” that must be tolerated in the name of creating an open society. He believes that those who don’t support such ideas are bigots.

He believes that all religions are deserving of equal status, including the not so peaceful religion of Islam, the always entertaining satanic cult, and the religion of no religion, atheism. To the modern day liberal, there is no real difference between religions.

He looks at terrorists firing upon American soldiers from behind the cover of female Muslim attire as victims of brutal American oppression. But he sees a terrorist prison camp where the American people pay for clean housing, three squares, a free Koran and a free prayer rug aimed at Mecca for every detainee as a Nazi Gulag.

He sees legal immigration and illegal immigration as the same thing. A chance to recruit another liberal voter in search of free stuff from America’s feeding trough.

He does not believe in self-governance or self-reliance, but rather in absolute government control over every aspect of American life. He doesn’t believe in a free market economy, but rather a government controlled economy designed to arbitrarily redistribute wealth.

He doesn’t believe in freedom, just free stuff. He does not believe in national sovereignty. In the United Nations run by thugs, thieves and third world tyrants, he trusts.

He looks at failing government controlled health care systems around the world and determines that America should do that too. He looks at the impending disaster of open societies in Europe and determines America should follow in their footsteps.

He looks at one self-proclaimed war hero who refuses to release his military records to support his hero status and sees a real honest to goodness war hero. But he looks at more than 200 confirmed war heros who claim the other is a fraud and a traitor, and sees more than 200 liars.

Now, it stands to reason that today’s liberal just might not be too bright, since there is quite literally no way to make sense of any of his logic. But it’s impossible to believe that anyone could actually be so foolish. So it is more likely that there is simply an agenda behind all this foolishness.

That agenda is the dismantling of everything American. They intend to continue to systematically replace our free market economy with a government controlled welfare state that will make every American equal, equally poor that is.

They intend to replace our One Nation under God with a Godless society dependent upon man made laws rather than morality based self-governance. The facts are simply indisputable…

They have already replaced our right to life endowed by our Creator with a government sanctioned right to murder our unborn and our physically or mentally challenged no longer of use to society. They have already replaced our right to free religious expression with a non-existent separation of church and state clause that effectively outlaws religious expression.

All of this is at odds with the vast majority of Americans, yet it continues. If America is to continue being America, the enemy within must be dealt with. The time for tolerance has passed.

We have tolerated far too much already. America’s survival depends entirely upon our ability to foster and nurture true American principles and ideals. Those who would undermine these ideals must be no more welcome in our country than those who seek to destroy America through more brutal means. Though the means are different, the threat is the same.

America can not be all things to all people. It can either be America, or it can be something much less. It is time to deport those who like nothing about the country that unwillingly feeds and provides protection for their ill conceived agenda.

Immigrants who seek to make America more like their homeland need to simply return to their homeland. If they won’t do it voluntarily, we should help them.

I don’t hate anyone… But I will no longer tolerate people intent upon destroying my country!

I hear France is looking for a few good socialists…

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