Exactly How Nuts Does It Have to Get?

Written by JB Williams


Just when I thought I had seen everything, I stumble across what might be the most grotesque example of intellectual insanity in the history of the universe. It figures I would find such a shining example of imbecilic lunacy in the halls of our own congress.

This special kind of idiocy takes the form of House Resolution 288, conceived and sponsored by none other than Mr. “can’t we all just get along without religion” John Conyers, Jr. [(D) of course…] our esteemed Representative from Michigan.

The pending bill is Mr. Conyers answer to the bogus Newsweek report which wrongly accused American soldiers of desecrating the Koran at Gitmo, causing the death (by riot) of some 15 in Afghanistan and furthering the world-wide distrust and hatred of our military personnel.

Instead of introducing a bill that would hold such news agencies accountable for such fatally disastrous, intentionally inflammatory mishaps, Mr. Conyers introduced a bill calling for “religious tolerance” towards, specifically, those who have spent the last 20 odd years attempting to kill us infidels.

Just for the record, members of this peaceful religion have on occasion, been somewhat, shall we say, unmerciful. In fact it would be a fair statement to say, they are not known for their tolerance of other ideals, particularly American ideals.

Actually, I’m still searching for any evidence that Islam is a peaceful religion. So far, I have not found a single shred of evidence to support the claim. But let me tell you what I have found…

Members of this so-called peaceful religion have been performing terrorist attacks on innocent people all over the world for some time now. Remember Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in 1988? (Libyan Muslims) How about the first WTC bombing in 1993? (Muslims) Try the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995? (Though the US government has buried this file, Muslim extremists are suspected in this one too)

What about the Khobar Towers in 1996? (Muslims) TWA Flight 800 in New York, 1996? (Muslims again suspected) The Atlanta Olympics 1998? (Though an innocent American was arrested, eventually, all arrows pointed towards, you guessed it, Muslims) How about the Embassy bombings in Africa 1998? (Muslims again) The U.S.S. Cole, Yemen 2000? (Muslims)

Of course my personal favorite, September 11th, 2001, the downing of the WTC killing thousands of innocent men, women and children in New York, hundreds more at the Pentagon and even hundreds more in that Pennsylvania field where a plane headed for the White House was downed by a few brave captive passengers. (Yep…Muslims)

Then, how about the literally hundreds of fatal attacks on innocent civilian targets in Israel? (Muslims) Countless car bombings, blown up pizza parlors, shopping malls, police stations and government offices around the world? (Muslims) I could go on and on with great specifics, event after event around the world, like the successful train bombing in Spain only 24 hours before their election. But do I really need to? Have you not gotten the picture yet?

The point is this. Can anyone show me any evidence at all, that Islam is a peaceful religion deserving of tolerance? Even if it were, the motivation behind Conyers bill, the Newsweek story, was entirely bogus and retracted by Newsweek soon after its release.

Does anyone doubt that Muslim terrorists will strike American citizens again given the chance? Does anyone doubt that there are Muslims in Mosques in America right this minute, who are awaiting marching orders from extremists like Osama Bin Laden as we speak?

Have you any reason to doubt that Muslim jihadists will use chemical, biological or even nuclear weapons on the streets of the United States if they can?

Do you know that Islam attracts most of its estimated 20 million American followers in U.S. prisons? Exactly which part of this religion sounds peaceful to you?

Yet even as our young men and women are dying on foreign soil in an effort to keep this war off of our own doorsteps, Mr. Conyers feels compelled to spend his valuable time in the US congress working a bill through the system that would guarantee Islam more respect in the US than the Ten Commandments, or the Christian Bible, or the words “under God” in our pledge?

Exactly how nuts does it have to become before the American people rise up against their own perverted ignorant self-aggrandizing morons in Washington, some of whom seem hell-bent upon complete destruction of everything America has ever been?

This is the most absurd demonstration of blind ignorance I have ever witnessed in my life and it could have deadly consequences.

As Conyers focuses his congressional energy on advancing the agenda of those who wish America dead, he has spent his free time, undermining the work of our soldiers in combat. If this isn’t treason, nothing is… no matter what the meaning of “is” is…

How nuts must it get? How many more 9-11s will it take?

Okay, so you hate Jews too. Maybe you don’t even like Christians. Maybe you hate all who practice any religious expression. Maybe you believe in the “separation of church and state” not mentioned anywhere in our founding documents, for all of these reasons. Are you stupid too?

Or are you like John Conyers, so self involved in your desire to make politically divisive policies that you are blind to the destructive nature of your own nonsense. Are you just like Newsweek, and CBS, who are so concerned with promoting the anti-Bush dogma that you never even once stopped to consider the facts or the consequences of your behavior?

Even George W. Bush and members of his administration have gone out of their way to be politically correct on this issue. How many more Americans will have to die before people throw out this delusional practice called political correctness and begin to call evil by its rightful name?

People this insane deserve to lose their country, their home and their lives. I just don’t want to be living in your neighborhood when your ignorance comes home to roost…!

ENOUGH! When the Ten Commandments are once again welcome on any street corner and every school house in America, then you can talk to me about why I should tolerate a religion that wants me dead.

Until then, don’t talk to me at all!

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