The Whole TRUTH

About Americas Immigration Problem

Written by JB Williams



Most Americans have identified continuing illegal immigration as our nation’s biggest problem. Protecting America against future terror attacks is job one, yet that job is impossible with wide open borders. Reports of our Border used to smuggle WMDs inside America are growing by the day. President Bush recently called for 6000 national guard troops to be sent to our southern border with Mexico, but with orders not to engage illegal intruders. He is also proposing what some see as amnesty for some 12 to 20 million illegal aliens already here.


89% of the American population says illegal immigration is a serious problem. Public demands for action in Washington DC have become shrill and yet, when the US Senate recently voted on a measure to close the borders before discussing amnesty for those already here, the measure was voted down 55 to 40, with 37 Democrats and 18 Republicans opposing the idea of closing the border immediately. Presidential hopeful John McCain didn’t bother to vote at all. Why?


The People and Purpose behind our Open Borders


An organization often referred to by sane people as America’s “shadow government”, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), is at a minimum, the most powerful and influential organization (think tank) in America today, providing direct “counsel” to all areas of our government, the DOD, the State Department, the Department of Education, pretty much every facet of the US government and CFR policy initiatives are evident in nearly every national policy decision made in the last 60 years.


CFR issued a very telling 2005 report titled Building a North American Community. This 59 page report is a must read for any American seeking to fully understand our immigration problem. According to CFR, (like the recent United Nations statement), there is no such thing as “illegal immigration”. The CFR report begins with a general premise, “these three countries, [the US, Canada and Mexico], face common security dangers, and these borders will be crossed some 400 million times in 2005. 


CFR further states, “As liberal democracies, the governments also share common principles, upholding the rule of law, and ensuring equal opportunity for their citizens.” An interesting statement I thought, for an organization promoting “illegal” immigration. They are certainly not referring to upholding American laws.


CFR then begins to lay out the vision by proposing, “the creation by 2010 of a North American community to enhance security, prosperity and opportunity.” CFR defines this North American community as follows, “Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products and capital will be legal, orderly and safe.”


If you look at current events after reviewing this CFR report, America’s immigration problem will become crystal clear. In case you’re wondering, this is the official path Washington is currently on, defined in detail in the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America dated March of 2005, signed by the United States, Canada and Mexico. Forget any notions that this is in any way a partisan matter. This is an international effort…supported by both democrats and republicans in Washington DC.


A Case for Amnesty


Once again, the nation is torn apart over the political bouncy-ball of national immigration policy. Public opinion is united regarding the severity of the problem, but all over the board regarding what to do about it.


Americans have not yet decided whether the Bush proposal currently gaining support in congress is actually a proposal for amnesty or not. Make no mistake; if it isn’t blanket amnesty, it is certainly a very short narrow road to amnesty. I’ll make a much less ambiguous proposal for amnesty that can not be missed by anyone, including the dunderheads in Washington DC.


Assuming that we actually want to secure our borders and really control the flow of foreigners in and out of our country, assuming we still desire a free self-governed sovereign nation operating under a rule of law established of, by and for the “legal” citizens of the United States, a case must be made for amnesty.


Before I can make such a controversial proposal, I must first insist that we seal our borders tight, not allowing even one more uninvited guest to enter this nation without severe consequence ever again. I don’t care how we do it or how much it costs, just do it! We have more than 100,000 troops protecting Iraq. Use however many it takes to protect America. DO IT NOW!


Once the borders are sealed, I propose full amnesty for any illegal alien currently in the US without proper documentation. However, there are a few conditions…


1)      One time ONLY, amnesty is offered for only a 60 day window of time. (Never again)

2)      During this 60 day period, illegals must present themselves at an INS office for application processing. (All family members must apply individually)

3)      Applicants with any criminal background will be denied and deported immediately.

4)      Heads of households without proof of gainful employment will be denied and deported with their families immediately.

5)      Amnesty will NOT include voting rights, ever.

6)      Any illegal alien who does not present themselves during the 60 day Amnesty period, is automatically deemed guilty of a felony offense and considered to be a fugitive from the law.

7)      After the amnesty period, any US business or individual caught employing a fugitive will be severely punished, as will any government official that offers any form of tax-payer funded assistance of any kind, including but not limited to medical treatment, housing, food, or anything else necessary to sustain life.

8)      Amnesty does not include full citizenship, as in voting privileges. It provides only legal status and equal protection, rights and opportunities under the law.

9)      Money earned in the US can not be sent out of the US to support anti-US agendas.

10)  There will be NO extensions to the amnesty period, and NO exceptions for those who do

 not apply during that period.


That’s my proposal for amnesty. These are the conditions and they are all there for a reason. I’ll leave the debate up to you. But remember, the powers that be in America have a very different vision for America’s future than most American citizens do. Any effort to protect this sovereign nation at this time must be swift, fair and decisive. Rounding up 12 to 20 million is unlikely, which means they need a good reason to come forward on their own. Any who don’t, will have decided their own fate.


Google will undoubtedly deem this column “hate speech”, as will most illegal aliens and many in Washington wrangling over 12 to 20 million new voters. But do I have any takers among real “legal” Americans?