The Sky Was Falling…

Then Along Came McCain?

Written by JB Williams


Conditions were perfect for a showdown in the senate over the judicial appointment process.

Democrats had managed to convince half the population that the filibuster is some sort of constitutional right endowed by our Creator; that Bill Frist and those evil republicans were fixin’ to “nuke” the constitution by ending the misuse of the filibuster, used here only to block the confirmation of qualified nominees on the sole basis of the DNC litmus test. Too bad this half of the population has never read the constitution. A shame they don’t know their litmus test is a litmus test.

Meanwhile, republicans who seemed to finally muster the backbone to protect the constitutional process as it was written stood ready to end these obstructionists’ tactics once and for all by pulling the trigger on what they call the “constitutional option.” Imagine, they were actually prepared to insist that the process for confirmation defined in the constitution be followed. Then along came Johnny “on the spot” McCain! Apparently, McCain has not read the constitution either.

In the eleventh hour, on the day somebody was supposed to get out of town by sundown, in rides Johnny on the spot on his silver steed, seven democrats and six republicans in tow, as he once again saved the day. Too bad Johnny is more concerned with appeasing his friends on the left than upholding the constitution. Johnny is fast becoming the unelected leader of what can only be called the RINO party.

Isn’t this the same guy who broke ranks with his party leadership on campaign finance reform, making it possible for one angry America-bashing Hungarian socialist to nearly single handedly buy the White House in the months that followed?

Isn’t this the guy who stood silent as Bush’s Guard service was “nuked,” then stood in defense of those who attacked Bush as hundreds of veterans and POWs called the nations most liberal senator “a traitor” for his fraudulent testimony before congress that lead to further torture of our POWs?

The Chicken Little old media had nearly everyone convinced that the sky was falling, that this impasse would be the end of civilization as we know it. But the truth is it would have only been the end of an illegitimate means of advancing socialist policies no congress would ever legislate.

On the morning that was to be a showdown, we instead watch none other than the hero himself, John McCain, as he sheepishly searches for words to explain what the hell just happened to conservatives across this country who are right now wondering why they worked so hard to guarantee conservative control of Washington.

We get to watch Harry Reid and Teddy Kennedy claim victory over those evil republican fools they have tricked once again. And we get to listen to a few real conservatives mumble in disgust at what can only be described as a joke of an agreement.

Isn’t McCain from Arizona, where his constituents are currently forced to stand guard on their own border with Mexico because their Senator has done absolutely nothing to secure that border? Seems he should be too busy with real problems for this kind of grandstanding. Doesn’t it?

I know this is the John McCain who once spent years as a POW in Vietnam. I sure can respect that, but what has he done for his country lately? Or should I say, to his country?

McCain worked with the left to fix campaign funding problems and his fix immediately led to the worst abuse of campaign finance laws in the history of this nation. Now he defects to fix the disagreement over the misuse of the filibuster and his fix is to ignore the constitutional process? In fact, his negotiated fix reads almost verbatim of Harry Reid’s first offer from weeks ago.

Here is the “deal” in a nutshell… Democrats get to hand pick three nominees they will wave through their road block, as long as McCain and his fellow republicans agree to throw their other nominees under the bus. In return, democrats agree to only use the filibuster under extreme situations. But of course, “extreme” has already been defined by democrats as anyone who does not share their lust for a progressive socialist society. Republicans have agreed not to challenge the filibuster for at least another 2 years, and they call this “a deal”?

We are now worse off than we started: - three nominees ahead temporarily, but with the blood of the other nominees splattered under the bus: - McCain proclaiming himself a hero again, Reid rightfully feeling a winner, the old media crankin’ up the ole spin machine, Lanny Davis gloating over yet another windfall legal maneuver, and conservatives across this country wondering if they can establish a real conservative party by 2006.

Frist is left feeling like the beleaguered star of Mutiny on the Bounty as McCain yanks the carpet out from under yet another party “leader” and good ole Dubya is beginning to think life on the farm looks pretty laid back, as he plans his future checking out fishing lures online.

McCain and his six republicans will search high and low for a way to put this one in the win column, as losers always do. But the winner of this round is clear. The party dependent upon the bench to legislate an agenda that would otherwise be DOA is the clear victor here. Not even an old war hero turned moderate can successfully paint it any other way.

It used to be that only hard core liberals looked at surrender as the best means of settling every dispute. Clearly, McCain has picked up some bad habits from hanging out at too many DNC dinner parties. He seems to have the ole white flag maneuver down perfectly.

Fear not, the old media will champion McCain as the one level headed moderate republican who cares about minorities in America. This old fool will be their poster-boy for false bi-partisanship before sundown.

People with a general sense of right and wrong, who have at one time in their lives or another, actually read the constitution, will see McCain and this “deal” for what it really is.

McCain has once again allowed himself to be tricked into playing patsy for his friends on the left at the expense of those who elected him on the right. Once again, political expediency trumps both the will of the majority and this time, a constitutional process.

If McCain spent half as much energy protecting the border of his own state as he has undermining the agenda of his own party, Minutemen would be at home with their families where they belong.

McCain, a hero? Only at DNC cocktail parties these days!

Don’t get me wrong. There are many issues with room for real compromise - this just isn’t one of them. Liberals have believed that they can improve upon the work of the founders for years. Apparently, we now have at least seven republicans who agree.

Here’s a list of those sure to be on every DNC party list this season. Give them a call and let them know just how much you appreciate their negotiating away the power you gave them… I’m sure they will be glad to have the opportunity to solicit a contribution for their upcoming campaign…

Mike DeWine (Ohio) 202-224-2315
Susan Collins (Maine) 202-224-2523
Lindsey Graham (SC) 202-224-5972
Lincoln Chaffee (RI) 202-224-2921
John McCain (AZ) 202-224-2235
John Warner (VA) 202-224-2023
Olympia Snow (Maine) 202-224-5344

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