Google News Re-Defines “Hate-Speech”

Openly Censoring Search Results

Written by JB Williams



The “old media”, the establishment press, including TV network news, radio and print news of old, as well as their sister cable news networks, CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and the likes, have proven to be less than trustworthy in their delivery of so-called “news” for some years now and their circulation and Arbitron ratings show that the average American has less faith in the alleged unbiased press than they do overtly biased politicians. Once mainstream news outlets have been caught inventing headlines repeatedly, with visible political agendas behind every anchor desk and Americans blessed with the gift of discernment have discerned that they need to get their facts elsewhere.


The “new media” namely talk radio, TV punditry and the Internet, provide a vital opportunity for the people to bypass the establishment press, search for and research their own facts and develop their own individual opinions on the basis of truly independent information sharing. The Internet goes one step further by providing a much needed meeting place where the people can peacefully assemble to discuss issues and organize efforts to directly affect change. These are just the kind of thing that will make career politicians and establishment press people very uncomfortable, to say the least.


In recent years, the “new media” has been directly responsible for derailing several high-powered political careers, like that of Presidential wannabe John Kerry, whose bid for the White House ignited a firestorm from his former fellow brothers-in-arms, and dethroned a number of “old media” God Fathers like Dan Rather, who was caught red handed in a newsroom conspiracy to unseat President Bush via bogus attacks on his military service. So it comes as no surprise that both career politicians and the establishment press liked things much better when they had complete control over the flow of information that would be used to form public opinion. After all, designing public policy is much easier when one can control public opinion concerning those policies.


Now we enter a new era of censorship and a new initiative to regain control over this flow of public information. The establishment press has attacked the Internet and talk radio for years in an effort to convince Americans that they are not smart enough to sift through unfettered information and discern the facts for themselves. Now congress is undertaking measures to control Internet content, limit political discourse in particular and regain control of the information stallion that is now out of the barn and trampling all over their flower bed.


But the efforts to regain control over the flow of information do not stop there. Internet users are very familiar with “search engines” like Google, Yahoo, LookSmart and AOL. Most Americans assume that the search engines simply scan web-page content and deliver the best matches based on the search criteria. Not long ago, they would have been right. Most Americans are also familiar with establishment efforts to silence open dialogue by discrediting or silencing completely, any dialogue they deem to be “hate speech”, defined only as that speech which is at odds with their person opinion or political agenda.


Until recently, Google News was one of the most popular news search engine. That was before they decided to enter the political fray by openly manipulating their systems search results and began the practice of steering users away from any political content at odds with their own political agenda.


Few will be shocked to learn which way Google tilts politically, being a Silicon Valley enterprise run by folks heavily engaged in political activity, connected to such well known liberal activist groups as, and funding the Democratic Party at every opportunity.


Google CEO and Board Chief Eric Schmidt, Directors John Doerr, Arthur Levinson and Paul Otellini, Vice President Shona Brown and General Council and Vice President David C. Drummond, are all on record with the Federal Elections Commission as major donors to the Democratic Party and the liberal movement. Not one of Google’s board members or executives listed on Google’s management information page are on record with the FEC as donors to the Republican Party, or any other known conservative activist groups.


Google recently became one of the most successful Initial Public Offerings in stock market history and it remains a preferred stock today. Google’s success was built upon a quality search engine design and aggressive marketing. But that success and the power that comes with it, is now being channeled into political activism and Google sees no need to apologize or change its policies.


Search for pornography (including homosexuality, pedophilia and bestiality), a litany of anti-American themes or conspiracy theorists, sites that show video of public beheadings or hostage torture by people known to be enemies not only to the United States, but to the free world, and Google will deliver millions of results to your desk top in seconds.


But when conservative news sites recently ran well researched and fundamentally factual news stories about Jihadists seeking further harm to innocent Americans, Google deemed those articles and the sites that ran them “hate speech” and is working to remove them from the search results.


In a recent letter to well known and well respected conservative news site The New Media Journal editor Frank Salvato, Google wrote…


“Hi Frank,


Thanks for writing. We received numerous reports about hate content on your site, and after reviewing these reports, decided to remove your site from Google News. We do not allow articles and sources expressly promoting hate speech viewpoints in Google News (although referencing hate speech for commentary and analysis is acceptable).


For example, a number of the complaints we looked at on your site were found to be hate content:


We hope this helps you understand our position.



The Google Team”


The New Media Journal was not the first. Respected conservative news site Michigan News received a similar letter weeks earlier, as had The Jawa Report, concerning similar factual information regarding the same subject, Islamic Terrorism. There are others and there will be more…  (The original story on Google censorship dated May 19, 2006 at NewsBusters can not be found on Google search, though other NewsBusters stories can.)


Do a Google search for terrorists’ statements about America, or even open threats to innocent American citizens, or video footage of acts of terrorism, or Osama Bin Laden’s archive of threats against the west, or Hugo Chavez’s or Cindy Sheehan’s mindless anti-American rants and Google will bring it all right to your computer in seconds. But search for any American reporting on the very real threats coming from Islamic Jihadists around the world or a neighborhood near you, and Google has deemed it all “hate speech”, and they are openly manipulating the search results in an effort to keep only one side of the story at your finger-tips, and not the American version.


Google isn’t alone in this effort. Yahoo has been caught manipulating its search results too. And so the “new media” forum on the Internet, where people gather to learn as much as possible about the world they find themselves living in, is fast becoming just another piece of an ever larger propaganda machine intended to manipulate public opinion via the manipulated flow of public information, all under a guise of protecting Americans from offensive “hate speech”.


The American people know that they can not trust their politicians, and they have known for some time now that they can not trust the establishment press to give them the unfettered facts either. The “new media” and the Internet was well on the road to becoming the “information super-highway” that even well known liberals like Al Gore once championed. Now it is well on its way to becoming just another cog in the American liberal propaganda machine.


In the old days, liberals were known for their desire to make all information available to the people and even today, when liberals are attempting the character assassination of their political opponents, they do so under the heading of “the people’s right to know”. But today’s liberal establishment is far more interested in controlling the flow of information that freeing it. Instead of becoming an information super-highway, it is becoming just another conduit for liberal talking points and limited information aimed at manipulating public policy through engineered public sentiment.


In a recent letter to the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation concerning congressional efforts to legislate control of Internet activity and content, Google Board member and Intel CEO Paul Otellini wrote in “support of legislation to "ensure the Internet remains open and neutral.” Other co-signers were the CEOs of Google, eBay, Amazon, Microsoft Corp., Yahoo Inc. and IAC/InterActiveCorp.


However, Google is clearly in favor of controlling Internet content itself, and not in any “open or neutral” way, as indicated above in their letter to Mr. Salvato at The New Media Journal. Their agenda is equally clear, as Google has become the single largest private corporate underwriter of


Now some of my conservative friends have been fast to point out that Google is an independent private company, free to make its own decisions concerning content available on its search engine, without regard for any First Amendment rights concerning the free flow on information, specifically, press reporting and political news. This is true; however, Google News presents itself to the public as an “unbiased – neutral and open” provider of news headlines and information. They clearly are not…


The American people are free to make their own choices too. Google News has been my personal choice of homepage for a few years now.


Not any more…


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May 22nd, 2006