Are YOU a Right-Wing Radical?

Written by JB Williams


According to senate minority leader Harry Reid and his friends, democrats must block the constitutional appointment process in order to protect you from right-wing radical judges. They say they use the filibuster only in the most extreme situations, to block confirmation of extremely dangerous radicals to the bench for sake of all mankind. Hero’s they are really, at least in their own minds…

I can almost see their point too. Who would want some extreme right-wing wacko deciding justice in America? I mean, what if judges actually just stuck to the written law or constitution and applied them to cases without any re-draft from their own personal agenda? Can you imagine what chaos it might cause if our judges left all the legislating to our legislature? Who would single handedly thwart the will of the masses if not a judge?

In order to understand what Mr. Reid and his friends mean by this assertion, we must first understand what they mean by “right-wing radical”.

Let’s begin with the simple stuff. If you believe Teddy Kennedy is a drunken coward who should have gone to prison for leaving his girl friend to die in the icy waters of Chappaquiddick as he ran and hid from authorities, you are right. But if you believe this voids his credibility as a national leader, you are a right-wing radical and you are sadly mistaken.

If you believe Bill Clinton should have done more to protect this nation by strengthening the military and our intelligence community rather than destroying them while he focused his attention on using the White House as a personal play-pen, you are right again. But if you believe America was weakened by Larry Flint Lite living in the White House, you are a right-wing radical.

If you believe John Kerry should have produced real evidence to support his claim of war hero status instead of simply attacking the honor of decorated veterans and POW’s who called him a traitor, you are once again right. But if you think America should reject a traitor for President, you are a right-wing radical.

Now for the basics - If you believe that the taking of innocent life for the sole purpose of personal convenience, not in self defense, is murder and therefore, not a constitutional right, you are correct. Just look it up under murder. But if you believe you have the right to call murder by its name, you are a right-wing radical.

If you believe that America’s greatness is a result of free-dom instead of free-stuff, you are an evil rich selfish snob who happens to be right. But if you believe you have a right to your own earnings, a right to determine your own financial future, a right to work harder or smarter and receive the fruits of your labor and sacrifices – or that you even have a right to risk failure in pursuit of your own happiness, you are a right-wing radical.

If you still believe America is the land of the free and home of the brave, that America’s strength rests upon the inner strength of its people and that it is threatened by a growing internal weakness among its masses, you are a right-wing radical.

If you believe that morals matter and that every action has a natural inescapable well deserved consequence, then you are brilliant - and you are a right-wing radical.

If you believe that judges should read laws not write them, you are a genius by today’s standards and you too are a right-wing radical.

If you believe that freedom of religion does not mean freedom from religion and that freedom of religious speech does not include Jim Jones, David Koresh or Muslim extremist who preach killing innocent people as the center-piece of their doctrine, then you are highly intelligent and you my friend, are a right-wing radical.

So see, if you said yes to one or more of these qualifications, you are exactly the kind of extremist the democrats are trying to save this nation from. You are a right-wing wacko extremist whom this nation will no longer tolerate.

If you believe in the concept of right and wrong, good and evil, self-reliance and self-governance, the constitution as it was written, personal responsibility, the rights endowed by our creator as established in the Declaration of Independence, then you are no longer part of the “mainstream” in America, according to today’s democrats.

You must be stopped from running roughshod over the masses, who have adopted the ideals of “mainstream” Americans like Teddy Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barney Franks, John Kerry, Hillary, Al Gore, Michael Moore, Larry Flint, Alec Baldwin, Howard Dean, Babb’s, Whoopie, Franken and Soros.

Old democrats like Joe Lieberman or Zell Miller must be sidelined because they too, can say yes to most if not all of these qualifications. By today’s standards, that makes them just as dangerous to the DNC agenda as all you right-wing wacko’s.

You are an extremist, a right-wing ideologue, and here is the latest class title for people like you, an “absolutist”. You are in the eyes of the “mainstream”, simple minded, but no less certain about the difference between right and wrong and as a result, you are dangerous.

As such, you are no longer welcome in America. You represent a larger threat to America than Bin Laden, Hitler, Stalin and Marx combined, according to democrats.

So you must realize that it is vital to keep people like you off the bench. So vital to America’s future, that democrats must be allowed to filibuster the constitutional appointment process in order to save America from right-wing radicals like you.

If you were a hard core card carrying socialist, you would already know all of this. Since you are a right-wing wacko, I figured I better explain it to you in terms you can understand.

Your ideas harm the progressive agenda of an open society where all are equal, and I do mean all. How dare you think that America should be the best country on earth? America should be just like every other country on earth, equally poor, equally tyrannized by its government and equally miserable. As long as we’re not, we will not be appreciated in the world community and what’s more important than that?

If you believe the founders got it all wrong, that America is one big feeding trough for the world, that the UN is more trustworthy than the US, that our weaknesses are our strengths and that only democrats can save you from yourself, you are NOT a right-wing extremist.

If your idea of national security is negotiating away your freedom to avoid a fight, you could never be a right-wing extremist - you just don’t have what it takes.

But you can pass the DNC litmus test and you my friend, can be a judge… No filibuster for you!

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