Still Can’t Figure it Out?

How America is in such a Mess?

Written by JB Williams



America is fast becoming the laughing stock of the entire world, which is a problem since America remains the sole super-power in the world… If you think being a super-power makes the world nervous, imagine what being an ignorant super-power does for international confidence and respect?


Most Americans are too busy looking for someone to blame to notice the real problems causing international disdain for our country. America is writing itself into history as the nation that stupidly squandered its freedom, prosperity and power as we speak. Every politician can be blamed, but so can every American citizen.


We have people who can’t balance their own checkbooks running our economy and atheists dictating our nation’s moral code. We have people who think it is a God given inalienable right to kill their offspring, telling us what our rights are. We have people not subject to our laws, making our laws. We have “illegal aliens” dictating immigration policy, and an electorate big on opinions, but short on the wisdom needed to make those opinions of any value.


Go look at all the various public poll results at and see how much sense you can make of the publics opinion on any issue.


89% see illegal immigration as a serious problem. But only 35% see a need to do anything about it and even less have any idea what to do about it, or have the courage to do anything more than complain about it.


Yet 98% see protecting America against future terror attacks as job #1, which of course can not be done while God knows who is streaming across the borders with God knows what intentions.


Democrats have spent the last 45 years demanding open borders, rights (including voting rights) for “illegal aliens” (aka; undocumented workers), appeasing terrorists around the globe and promoting voting rights for people who can’t spell their own name and convicted felons. Yet when asked who Americans trust most with national security, some 60% say Democrats?


The founders gave congress exclusive legislative powers. But the American people have since allowed the judicial branch to legislate by oligarchy. They made the Senate responsible for representing states rights, but then the American people made the Senate just an extension of the House, thereby unwittingly eliminating representation for the states. We have lawyers making medical decisions, pharmaceutical companies establishing national medical policies and minorities running roughshod over the majority, both in the halls of congress and in every town across America.


Our military planning is designed to keep everyone in the world happy, including our enemies, but never will. We are more concerned with who likes our approach to winning a war than with winning that war, and our troops experience unnecessary casualties as a result.


Our intelligence agencies are run by some of our less intelligent people, with less than an American agenda in mind. Lately, they spend more time outing our own national security efforts than outing any of our very real enemies.


Still can’t figure it out?


Congress (like the UN) authorized regime change in Iraq in 1998, but nobody did anything to act on that authority until after America lost 3000 innocent civilians in  the largest terror attack in history. In 2002, congress authorized the “use of force” to affect regime change in Iraq and they have never publicly supported that mission since.


After three years of daily body counts and nothing else, more than 60% oppose the war effort in Iraq. Most Americans criticize the military planning in Iraq. Of course, 99% of those critics have no military, combat or war planning experience. But since when do Americans need knowledge, experience or wisdom just to have an opinion?


Most Americans want Washington to “improve the job situation”. Clearly, these folks overlooked the fact that Washington does not create jobs, businesses do. Truth be told, Washington does more to lose American jobs than it can ever do to help create them. But still, most Americans despise the businesses that create the jobs, especially the big ones that can create lots of jobs, those nasty corporations who insist on making profits in return for their risk.


In the good old days, successful pillars of our communities ran for office and ran our nation’s business. Today, nobody that smart or honest would be caught at dinner with our current crop of scumbags. Even though most Washington politicians are millionaires, most of them became millionaires only as a result of being elected. Most of them are career politicians because they are incapable of doing anything else. Most of them were failures in the private sector, but hey, who better to run the country?


Still can’t figure it out?


The black community votes on the basis of black freebies, the gay community on the basis of gay rights, Hispanics on the basis of illegal immigration, underachievers on the basis of free stuff from the federal trough, tree huggers on the basis of environmental issues, government, education and union employees on the basis of ever higher wages, reduced work load and great retirement plans, (all of which requires higher taxes and bigger government). Corporate executives vote on the basis of free-trade and unrestricted profits, atheists on a bogus notion of separation of church and state written nowhere in our founding documents, and abortionists on the basis of their God given inalienable right to kill their young.


Still can’t figure it out? Who is left to vote for plain ole American values and principles ahead of their own selfish personal interests?


If you still can’t figure out what our problem is, you must be a part of that problem.


It doesn’t require a genius to figure out our problem, though it might well require a genius to figure out a solution.


Any ideas genius?