No Time for Compromise!

Written by JB Williams


Have you ever heard the terms “you gotta strike while the iron is hot”, or “make hay while the sun shines”? They are simple terms intended to remind us of some simple facts of life. We have to take advantage of the opportunities before us, while we have them before us.

It appears that conservatives need to be reminded that these opportunities won’t wait around. As republicans sink in the quicksand of Washington compromise, mired in circus stunt false bi-partisanship, seemingly forgetful that the group across the aisle will stab them in the back at every chance, they squander opportunities that don’t come around often.

Republicans control the executive branch and both houses of congress. Yet they seem paralyzed by a handful of technically powerless hate-mongers concerned only with regaining power by 2008 at any cost.

Republicans listen to the voice of opposition much more than they should, particularly since it’s obvious that this dissenting voice is only for obstruction’s sake. There is no honest effort at compromise and no expectation of reasonable compromise. Any confidence in the left is misguided!

We know what democrats didn’t get about the 2000, 2002 and 2004 elections. But what did the republicans miss? With MinuteMen taking up arms to stand guard at our southern border, the message should be loud and clear. We sent you to do a job and if you won’t do it, we will!

Do republicans think conservatives went to the polls in record numbers to guarantee their full power for no reason? Do they expect us to do it again in 2006 and 2008, even after they squander the power we already delivered? They had better think again…

The American people, conservatives in particular, are a deliberate people. Many who had not voted in years, convinced their vote didn’t matter anymore, went to the polls in 2004 because what happens to their country matters very much. They trusted republicans to make the necessary changes and handed them the power to do just that.

If republicans can’t get it done when they hold all the cards, the American people will seek another alternative by 2008. A common fear that it makes no difference whom we send to Washington will have been confirmed and the Republican Party will soon find itself where the Democratic Party is today - out of step and out of power.

The Democratic Party was already too far left for all those red counties. Now they openly endorse socialist candidates that are not even members of the DNC.

Still the Republican Party seems to be more concerned with creating a façade of bi-partisanship than getting things accomplished while they can. They have adopted the Rodney King tone of “just getting along” instead of the Reagan philosophy of “just getting it done”.

On judicial nominations, republicans need to pull out all the stops and adopt a take no prisoners approach towards supporting their nominees. Why? The left has used activist courts to move America away from the Constitution and American sovereignty, towards a European version of socialism. They have used their activists on the bench to create laws that would never pass the constitutionally mandated means of legislating laws and now their judicial activists use European laws to administer American justice, at odds with every thing American.

The only way to stop this march towards a socialist all-inclusive society where everything goes, (except justice, freedom and liberty) is to make those courts less involved in liberal activism. The only way to do that is to confirm judges who will uphold the constitution “as it is written”.

In the war on terrorism, the only reasonable defense is an unrelenting offense. Liberals don’t get that. Pre-emption or preventative policies are unreasonable in their eyes. They trust the UN instead of the US and are willing to stake our security on those who have proven themselves not only incapable, but untrustworthy. Republicans better reinstate American sovereignty while they can.

On public education, liberals believe in tenure, not productivity. No Child Left Behind is fast becoming the wrong child held behind because tenured teachers still don’t have to teach. No Child Left Behind offers them a new excuse for failing our children, nothing more. Tenure must go - teachers must be paid for teaching, not for winning some endurance contest.

On social welfare, in the government they trust. Liberal policies are aimed at attacking those who provide jobs, investment and spark economic growth in this country. Anyone who thinks otherwise better study the results of liberal economic policies in California. No state in the country has done a better job of legislating businesses (jobs) right out of their state. In order for government to provide free stuff to some, they must take resources from others. Those who create jobs have the resources, or at least they once did. Do the math.

On energy, liberals blame Middle East policies for a problem not caused in the Middle East at all. We are receiving top production from all the oil producing countries, yet our gas prices hover near all time highs. America has an energy crisis because our refineries can’t keep up with demand for refined oil. If we had been managing refinery capacities in the 90’s instead of using the White House like a personal play-pen, we wouldn’t have an energy crisis today.

On national security, an unregulated border is a liberal concept that has already proven deadly. If republicans won’t fix it, nobody will. Liberals in search of an open society see no need to stop their future voters from crossing those borders in search of free stuff at our expense. This is likely to be the deciding issue of the next few elections. Yet Washington republicans seem unconcerned.

The entire democratic agenda is based on a single premise - that only government can save you from yourself. The founders believed just the opposite, that only we can save ourselves from government. Most conservatives know that and that’s why we went to the polls in 2000, 2002 and 2004 to remove from power, those who have adopted the ideals of Karl Marx. But are our republicans doing any better?

We didn’t place conservatives in full control so that they could compromise away our power, by making deals with the most back stabbing bunch of socialists ever to reside in Washington. If republicans have somehow missed this message in the last few elections, then they will miss the opportunity to make hay while the sun shines, to strike while the iron is hot and they will have forsaken every conservative who entrusted the nations power to them.

I don’t care if liberals don’t like it. I don’t like them, or at least their socialist agenda. Republicans in Washington shouldn’t care either. There are five or six red counties for every blue county in this country. In case you have forgotten, the red ones are the well armed ones. The folks from those red counties have done all they can do, delivering all the power into the hands of leaders who allegedly share their values. If that doesn’t work, taking matters into their own hands, just as they have on the Mexican border, is the only remaining option.

Forget about the voice of dissent from across the aisle. The left will never support anything of value to America anyway, they never have. Republicans in Washington better start listening to the voice of dissent from their own people. They should be reading views at places like www.freerepublic.com where the people who put them in power speak freely about their frustration at the squandering of that power.

America is poised for a full rudder to port in the next few elections. The majority in America don’t support a socialist America. But if giving conservatives full power to stop it won’t work, many conservatives won’t waste time voting anymore. Democrats are tired of sitting it out on the ash-heap of bad ideas.

If republicans keep pandering to the left, they will find themselves on the ash-heap of broken promises and wasted opportunities. The ball is in their court, the deck stacked in their favor and the future of the party will depend on how they manage the future of this nation. So far, they seem to have missed all of that.

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