Just Say NO!

To Social Security Reform

Written by JB Williams


Does it really matter why? Don’t ask any questions, just say no… Your party is counting on you to toe the line here and you shouldn’t let the facts stand in the way of a party edict… Should you? After all, isn’t the power struggle of the party of utmost importance here?

It’s kind of hard to imagine why Bush would have such difficulty selling an idea that any thinking person would normally buy into without even needing a sales pitch. But he is failing at selling his plan on reforming social security. Let’s see if we can figure out why…

Let’s pretend that you have a mind of your own for a minute. Act like you have a stake in your own financial future and social security and that the simple facts actually do matter. Imagine that we are a nation of, by and for the people instead of just a nation full of party hacks and answer some basic questions. I won’t tell anyone how you answered, so feel free to think for and be honest with yourself, if you still remember how…

Did you know that not so long ago, it was “unconstitutional” in America to tax an individual’s wages? It was considered wrong, almost irreverent to place a tax on a human being or his labor. Yet today, the average American works until June 1 of each year just to pay the taxes on their wages. Thank you congress, for looking out for me!

A third of the cost of a gallon of gas is tax, half the cost of a pack of cigarettes and last I checked (20 years ago), there were 109 different taxes on a loaf of bread before you paid sales tax on the loaf and carried it home.

The federal budget went from nothing not so long ago to trillions per year and it ain’t enough. Is anyone excited about how your money is being managed in Washington? How do you like us so far?

Let me make this even easier… What if I said to you, “Have your paychecks direct deposited to my account and I’ll see to it that all your basic needs are met”, (I’ll define basic of course), would you do it?

What if I knocked on your door tomorrow morning and said I had a fantastic investment opportunity for you that would pay you less than 2% return, that you could not collect anything until you are 65, even your principle, and even then, only a little at a time so that you would most likely die before you could break even on your investment? Then I showed you our projection which indicates that it is only a matter of time before the venture would be bankrupt. Would you run for your checkbook and cut me a check?

Would it bother you to know that I wouldn’t invest my own money in that program, because I was making 12% on my money elsewhere? Money that once belonged to you, don’t forget…

Somehow, I think I would meet with a lot of slamming doors. Yet what I have described here is exactly what so many seem determined to bet their financial future on. The question is, “Why”?

The most obvious answer is usually the correct answer and in this case, that answer would be gross ignorance… Mass stupidity, not to put too fine a point on it.

Why else would Bush have so much trouble convincing people that they should do what the big boys in congress do, trust themselves, manage their own retirement fund, or at least a part of it?

In a word, disinformation. No matter how lousy the lie is, if you tell it often enough, long enough, people will believe it. If they believe it long enough, it will almost become true…

Bush has probably spent millions flying around the country trying to sell people on his not so unique idea that they can manage their own money better than congress can. In other words selling people on themselves and the idea of self-governance. Something that is supposed to come natural to every American.

Yet according to old media sources, the people seem to be rejecting Bush’s wild idea that they can do better for themselves than the government has done or can do for them. Ain’t that an odd kick in the pants, in America of all places?

Allow me to cut to the chase… The facts are indisputable. Social Security is going broke, the only debate is over when. Members of congress do NOT participate in the program because it isn’t good enough for them. Their program earns more than 12% per year, ours less than 2%. Congress has made a profession of spending more than they have to spend, no matter how much they have to spend.

Each year congress spends more, causing us to work longer to meet their obligations each year. And no person in their right mind would ever trust someone else to manage their future, especially our government. Few will live long enough to collect back what they paid in anyway, even if the system wasn’t going broke.

So no matter your party affiliation or political leanings, what’s the problem here? A bad investment is still a bad investment no matter what you call it. Have we become so reliant upon our government to meet our personal needs that we no longer trust ourselves to manage our own financial affairs?

Based on their track record, don’t you think almost any other option would be better? Seriously, I know the partisan rhetoric is at an all time high, but have we really lost our collective minds?

Counting on the federal government to manage your financial future is akin to counting on the fox to guard the henhouse, or have you forgotten? Sending your money to Washington is like giving a crack addict a free lifetime supply of cocaine.

Which lie did it for you? Social Security isn’t going broke as soon as they say? You can’t manage your money as well as they can? Only politicians can save you from yourself? What is it?

I had more faith than that in my fellow Americans, even the liberals. Can no one work an adding machine anymore? Or have we become so politically jaded that the facts concerning our own future simply don’t matter as much as the politics? Even to us…?

Enough already… Use your head, keep it simple, and forget about the politicians who forgot about you long ago…Act like it’s your money we’re talking about, because it is…

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