Politician Bashing

Is it productive or just plain fun?

Written by JB Williams



Political pundits, AKA armchair quarterbacks, hindsight visionaries, political junkies, would be know-it-alls, people like me, who get a rush out of pointing out how screwed up our country is in the hands of politicians from every political party. Is there a purpose to it all, or did it just replace baseball as our new national pastime?


Most of us frustration-addicted political writers like to think that there is a purpose to what we do. We like to think we can somehow spark change by speaking past the politicians and their minions in the propaganda machine known as the press corp. We hope to move average people just like us into action through repeated attempts to flood the hearts and minds of a beleaguered voting population with anti-venom, intended to offset the poison mainlined into our minds daily by the press who can no longer be trusted even as much as the average politician, who canít be trusted at all.


But does it work?


Most of us know that we spend most of our time preaching to the choir, which in and of itself is not a bad thing, since the choir is inundated with daily doses of raw political sewage too. But do we ever really reach our intended target, the people across the ideological divide who prefer not to hear from us at all?


Itís well accepted that part of the human condition is the natural desire to seek oneís own comfort zone, flock together with birds of a feather, who affirm our core beliefs and help us feel good about remaining on the path of least resistance. Itís no secret that opposing opinions are usually as welcome as holy water to a vampire.


We expect politicians to bash each other at every opportunity. If they didnít, we wouldnít know whom to vote against in the next election. They know we donít like any of them, and would never on purpose, vote for any of them. So elections are fought only on the basis of who we hate most and that will be decided on the basis of who bashes their opponent best.


Just about every American has figured out by now that none of them intend to be productive in Washington once elected anyway. Face it, we have been talking about and voting on the same old issues over and over for years now and no matter who is elected, the same issues will be back on the campaign trail in the next election cycle. Nothing really ever changes, except unlike wine, none of our problems seem to get better with age.


Letís be honest with ourselves for a minute. If you are not anti-capitalist, anti-life, anti-white, anti-rich, anti-heterosexual, anti-morality, anti-security, anti-sovereignty, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and generally anti-American today, youíre not a Democrat today.


But across the aisle, now that George Bush and our Republicrat congress has had one and a half terms to demonstrate what they meant byďcompassionate conservatismĒ, we now know that they mean to show so much compassion towards their socialist enemies across the aisle, that there is no way any of them could ever be accused of being conservative.


Letís not leave out all the other useless idiot parties now - it just wouldnít be ďfair and balancedĒ. We have the Green Party, who is left of MoveOn.org and the Democratic Party already run by the Socialist Party USA. We have the Libertarian Party, which is the party of fiscal neocons, social progressives and national security isolationists. We have the Independent Party, made up of people who canít make up their minds where they stand on anything. There are more, but they are all worthless and none of them can win a national office anyway.


The funny thing is Ė no matter our differences, there is one thing we all agree on. What ever is wrong with our country, and opinions vary, we all know for certain that none of it is in any way our fault.


Second only to morally conscious rich white capitalist guys, politicians are the most hated group in America today and it doesnít really matter what party they belong to. But it seems time to ask the trillion dollar question here. What came first, the do-nothing blame-everyone chickens running our government, or the egg-headed idiots who keep electing them to office for all the wrong reasons?


In a country designed to be run by, of and for the people, how is it we escape personal responsibility for the outcome of our own actions, or in the case of the mostly silent moral majority in America, our inaction, and either way, the condition of our country?


Socialist liberal Democrats have been handed their hat over and over in the last several election cycles and now find their party, their agenda and their constituency in a free-fall towards complete extinction. Conservatives thought they elected old Republicans to office to clean-up the stench left over from the Clinton panty-raid era, only to find out that they actually elected spineless Republicrats who lack the intestinal fortitude to stomach the bellyaching of the left long enough to get done what we sent them to do.


Democrats cluck endlessly about how successful they are at driving Bush down in the polls. But they go deaf and dumb when asked why their numbers remain even lower than Bushís.


The polls only say one thing of any real importance and that message is, the American people donít like or trust any of them and the more they bash each other in an effort to become the least despised, the more the American people despise them all.


People ask me all the time why I only pick on Democrats. As you know, I don't just pick on democrats. I pick on republicrats a lot too. Now that I have bashed pretty much all politicians across the board once again, this time in a fair and balanced way, is there a purpose to it? I sure hope so!


Kicking politicians is one of my favorite pastimes too. But sooner or later, don't we have to claim personal responsibility for the country "we" were supposed to govern? It struck me recently that the only way we can blame politicians for everything is if we allow them to become responsible for controlling everything. Isn't this the cart ahead of the horse right from the start?


We are supposed to be a "representative" government and those "representatives" must be held accountable for "representing" us, the people who elected them. But seriously, don't you think our current crop in Washington is really no better or worse than the society who elected them, and therefore, really pretty "representative" of that society?


My point isnít that we should accept what we have in Washington. My point is - we must accept responsibility for what we have in Washington. Today, even people who believe that government isnít (or shouldn't be) in charge of anything, holding them responsible for everything, as though we had no part in the making of this mess.


If we are to have any part in fixing this mess, we must first claim at least some personal responsibility for how we got here. Thatís why all political pundits attempt to talk directly to the people.


The silent moral majority of Americans can not remain silent and expect their interests to be represented in Washington. Over the last 60 years, what voice in America has been louder than the voice demanding government solutions to individual challenges? The people have been begging their government to get involved in an endless stream of individual challenges and at the same time, asking the government to reduce its spending habit and the ever stronger grip on what are supposed to be private resources needed to fund such an effort.


Asking the government for help is like asking a drug dealer for drugs. We are only going to get more addicted and they are never going to say no. The government must grow every time they say yes, no matter the request. Politicians canít say no, if they want to be elected. Thatís why campaign war rooms work around the clock to figure out which government freebieís bring in the most votes. Thatís why the campaign stumps are filled with wonderful promises of gifts from the treasury.


Corporate bashing liberals need to figure out that corporations employ people and that they never pay taxes no matter how many taxes Democrats impose upon them. Every penny of corporate tax is passed on to consumers in the form of higher retail prices. Corporations collect and remit taxes, they donít pay taxes, consumers do and until liberal socialists figure that out, they will keep demanding higher retail prices through higher corporate taxes. Yes, that includes your gas at the pumps.


When the voice for smaller fiscally responsible less intrusive government becomes louder than all the requests (votes) for money from the treasury, the politicians who we think are not listening will hear that voice. But until then, they will continue to say yes to every request because thatís where the political power is, in the money from the treasury that buys the winning votes.


Want to change Washington and this nation? Start by accepting personal responsibility for where we are now and accept personal responsibility for fixing it. Those of you, who seek money from the treasury, stop it. Those of you who have remained silent for far too long, speak up, speak loud and speak often, or forever hold your peace Ė all the way to the poor house.