Iran... Another Iraq in the Making?
Written by JB Williams

The international community is speeding down the same track that led to US military intervention in Iraq. Four key components caused the US led invasion in Iraq and those same components are in play now regarding Iran. If the international community plays out their hand just as they did in the case of Iraq, they will find themselves achieving the exact same result, or even worse.

1 – The mad man at the helm component

In the case of Iraq, we had a lot of history on the Hussein family and the brutal regime they commanded. We had decades of experience, watching them torture, behead and murder hundreds of thousands of their own people, in some cases, even their own disloyal family members. We watched the Hussein regime rape, murder and plunder beyond their own borders. We watched them promote, fuel and fund international terrorism. We put up with their repeated efforts to deceive and thwart the alleged international will for a peacefully compliant Iraq. Saddam Hussein was at least a somewhat predictable mad man.

But the newly elected president of Iran is a whole new level of mad men. Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, threatened to "cut off the hands of any aggressor" if the country was attacked. Yet it is President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad himself who has been the aggressor, repeatedly calling for the complete destruction of Israel, building long range missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, thumbing his nose at the UN, the IAEA and the entire international communities demand to halt production of enriched uranium, while trying to fool the world into believing they have only peaceful interests at heart.

2 – The ongoing threat of long range international terrorism component

September 11, 2001 changed forever how terror minded regimes would be treated. The fact that terror networks operate in more than 60 countries, in small mostly undetectable cells, completely committed to carrying out acts of murder and mayhem aimed specifically at democratic peaceful civilian population’s means the days of hoping to “contain” state sponsored mad men are over.

It doesn’t require much imagination to envision the possibilities, if these functioning terror cells were to work in concert with state regimes that support terrorism as a means of achieving their political objectives. Containment is no longer an option because it simply is not a reliable defense strategy and the stakes are too high.

3 – The if we ignore them, they will go away component (A and B)

A – The thinking impaired international peacenik useless idiot contingency here and abroad. They believe that (we) provoke murderers, rapists, thugs and terrorists. They believe that these psychos will stop committing crimes and killing if we just give them what ever they want right from the start, and disarm law abiding innocent citizens and dismantle our military so that criminals and terrorists won’t feel so threatened by us peaceful civilized folks. This is the free-stuff loving socialist constituency that does not believe anything should have to be “earned” and therefore, nothing is worth fighting for or defending. These folks have never known a valid reason for military action. But they insist on “minding their own business” while the storm gathers and when the proverbial fit hits the shan, surrender is their immediate response because it’s their only response.

B- These are the folks that make use of the useless idiots above. The corrupt third world dictators and monarchs, the Chavez, Hussein, Kim Jong Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad types, and the legitimate governments of nations always involved in illegitimate endeavors, like France, Germany and Russia, who seek to capitalize via winning the international propaganda war that drives world wide public opinion. These folks hope to profit (like they did with Hussein) by keeping equally corrupt leaders like Ahmadinejad in business for a price. These are the folks who love endless broken UN resolutions, un-enforced sanctions and basically lots of bluster for the camera, but no real action to avert any impending crisis.

4 – The reliable ole USA component

Other countries can count on the US to eventually take unilateral action (if need be), to thwart evil once it has shown itself beyond reasonably acceptable levels. They can afford to play their little politics for profit games because they know in the end, when their games have allowed their twisted partners to become too much of a threat to the free world, America will once again do the dirty work and the heavy lifting to solve the problem.

At present, America is more reliable in this regard than ever in modern history. There’s just something about watching 3000 innocent men, women and children murdered senselessly, while on their way to work or school, completely unaware of the danger that lurks in the places they had been many times before. It makes those leaders standing watch, a little trigger happy.

Add these four components together and there is no way in hell that Iran has a brighter future than the Hussein regime.

Here’s the deja vu all over again part…

The United States on Thursday called upon Russia to cease all arms shipments to Iran and also abandon the construction of the Bushehr nuclear power plant for Tehran. Of course, just as in the case of Hussein and Iraq, the Russian government immediately rejected the US demands, preferring arms sales profits over international security. As usual, France and Germany (the EU) remain largely silent other than the occasional obligatory call for useless UN sanctions that they have no intention of enforcing, and in the end, Iran once again predictably, tells the international community to take a flying leap…

So yes, it looks to me like we are well on the road to making another Iraq out of Iran. Sooner or later, Iran will develop and test a nuclear weapon, maybe on Israel if Israel doesn’t act against Iran unilaterally first. When they do, after the international community has once again failed to take any real action to avert an inevitable crisis, the US will act. Only this time, I’d like to think we will act more decisively from the start. There’s no need to waste American lives on such insanity. If they are so damn determined to have a nuke, I say we just send them a couple of ours…special delivery.