One Nation Under Man

Written by JB Williams


There is a reason, a very good reason why the founders established America as a free nation guided by basic rights endowed by our Creator rather than man made and issued by our government. But many have either forgotten or never been taught that reason. It’s natural for men to desire dominion over man, but it is also a deadly proposition…These men sooner or later attain the appropriate title of tyrant…

Those who seek to remove God’s dominion over America fail the most basic test of understanding America. Any thinking person with a third grade education could tell you that we only have two choices on earth, either God’s dominion or man’s dominion. Whether or not one believes in any God at all, you don’t have to be a genius to recognize the pitfalls of allowing men dominion over man. Have we learned nothing from history?

The founders had seen the pitfalls first hand and dodged that bullet in their founding of this country. However some 200 years later, man’s desire for an open society where anything goes requires that man make his own rules, set his own moral standards regarding acceptable codes of conduct. God’s law won’t work in an open society because God’s laws place restrictions on human behaviors, responsibilities and consequences for choices made on a personal level. The words sin and accountability are judgmental, narrow minded, discriminatory and offensive.

So a nation that once trusted only in God, casts God and his laws overboard in exchange for man’s laws. How many times have you heard that we are a nation of laws? This is true, but we are fast becoming only a nation of laws… no longer a nation with a strong moral compass and an inherent sense of or respect for basic right and wrong.

We have replaced simple ideas of right and wrong with only that which is legal or illegal. In doing so, we have opted for man’s dominion over men and the writing is on the wall.

There are at least two inescapable consequences inherent with this dramatic change in American philosophy. First, men who make or interpret laws are now given the power to administer the rights once endowed by our Creator, inalienable by man. In the tradition of mankind, they will do so in their own self interests as we have already witnessed on many occasions.

Second, the fact is, no law can be written to effectively govern the behaviors of men who have no internal moral compass. Man made laws are proven daily to be a wholly inadequate means of keeping evil doers at bay. Our courts are filled with people who have no respect for any laws, manmade or otherwise and our prisons are overflowing with evil doers. Our courts are left with no choice but to put rapists, thieves and murders back on the streets again and again.

Yes, we have always been a nation of laws, but now we are fast becoming a nation only of laws.

Add to the equation that we have also accepted the idea that courts are now an integral part of the legislative process and you have one unelected man or court, on the basis of one case, circumventing the legitimate legislative process by creating law from the bench in the form of case law.

Combined these things leave us with one man or one court determining the individual rights of all Americans. In case you have not been paying attention, these men have already reversed our most basic right to life to accommodate their wishes for a new right to die, or more accurately stated, to kill. If we won’t respect and protect the sanctity of life itself, no other rights matter…

The fact is many evil doers both individually and collectively in groups, hide behind man made laws to protect their right to do wrong. Most know what they are doing is wrong, but the fact that it is legal or at least not illegal, makes it alright. Or does it?

For every new law passed there is a well organized and educated lawyer who can and will find a means to twist that law to his clients favor and a judge with his or her own agenda. It is no longer their job to determine guilt or innocence, but only to defend the accused by all means available, including turning the intent of the law inside out if need be.

Judges have come to believe that they are legislators rather than arbiters of real justice. It’s called an oligarchy, the rule of a few over many. The worse part is nobody elected the few and nobody remembers how to fire them either, or that they should… It was Thomas Jefferson’s biggest fear and it has come to pass.

But the blame can not be laid at the feet of the judiciary or even elected officials. The blame rests squarely on the shoulders of those in America who desire man’s dominion over man, and those who know better but allow it… We the people…

As a result, today we have a right to kill at will, both inside and outside the womb, as a matter of convenience. It isn’t right and most of us know it, but it is legal, kind of... That removes the fundamental right to life once endowed by our Creator, once believed to be inalienable by man.

If one does not have a right to life, then a right to liberty or the pursuit of happiness seems silly. An open society is achieved, almost… anything goes, no limits, no discrimination, no consequences. Just the way we like it… life on our own terms.

The basic sales pitch for an open society is equal rights for all. But are all people, all ideas, all ideologies and all behaviors welcome in our society equal? In a truly open society, they are… anything less is called discrimination today.

Those who believe in the traditional family unit and the sanctity of marriage must accept the notion that marriage is nothing more than a legal contract between two parties and we all know that contracts, like rules are made to be broken. In order to have an open society where anything goes, these contracts must be broken…and they must be meaningless.

Personal liberty has been replaced with a specific list of government issued rights. The right to pursue ones owns happiness now has no limitation of moral or ethical standards governing the means by which one can achieve personal happiness, even at another’s expense.

The right to an equal economic opportunity has been replaced with an equal right to stuff and taking it from one who earns it against their will for purposes of equal distribution to those who don’t earn it is not only acceptable, but desirable, at least to those doing the taking.

Once we were One Nation Under God… Today we are only a nation of laws under man. Men we didn’t elect and men we forgot how to fire. The nation, whose freedom and liberty was endowed by our Creator, has now used those freedoms and liberties to commit social suicide.

Though some 90% of our nation believes in God, we have allowed those who do not to retire God’s dominion over this land. In so doing, we the people have staked our entire future upon men… their laws, their interpretations, their personal agenda’s and their political aspirations.

People who were once to be governed by themselves and their own moral compass are now governed by other men who often have no moral compass, men who are only governed by their own agenda’s.

Organizations like the ACLU operate under a façade of protecting personal civil liberties. But if you research the founder of the ACLU and its history, you will see that it is no accident the ACLU seems only concerned with the civil liberties of otherwise socially and morally bankrupt behaviors and people.

We are nearing the stage of One Nation Under Man. History has taught us better, but the human condition requires that we re-learn old lessons over and over. So here we go again, blindly rushing towards social suicide and although God could help us, he won’t. It’s that little thing called “free will”.

Man will strip us all of it soon enough, but God won’t touch it. In the end, it will make believers out of non-believers, but at great expense. In the end God’s will wins, but at great hardship to those who insist in inflicting harm upon themselves and their neighbors.

Once again, history will repeat itself. We will learn the lessons again, only to forget them again over the passage of time.

Always the optimist, I look for the silver lining in everything. The cycle of life on earth never fails to provide that silver lining. However, always at great expense…

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