What Illegal Immigrants?

All I see is a new voting bloc up for grabs…

Written by JB Williams



As you watch ILLEGAL immigrants, our uninvited house guests, march in the streets demanding their rights to FREE health care, FREE schooling and FREE admission to the greatest lifestyle on earth, take special note of why our borders are wide open today, who is behind it, and for what purpose.


Before you jump on the “evil corporation” seeking “cheap labor” train, do a little real homework of your own for a change. People in desperate need of votes are far more interested in these ILLEGALS than all of corporate America combined, I assure you. The most powerful socialist politician in America provides a much needed dose of reality on the matter.


Speaking to a crowd of ILLEGAL immigrants, Taxachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy proclaimed, "I look across this historic gathering and I see the future of America. As President Kennedy proclaimed a half century ago, we are a nation of immigrants. And today, we stand together as brothers and sisters to shape America's destiny-old Americans, new Americans, future Americans—all joined together for the common good.


For the first time ever, I almost agree with something Teddy Kennedy said. When I look at these ILLEGAL protesters in our streets, I see the future of America too…


However, even JFK wasn’t talking about ILLEGAL immigrants, and a half-century ago, nobody was hoping to replace “old-Americans”, who came here “legally” hoping to contribute to and assimilate into the real American culture, with Teddy’s “new-Americans” who come uninvited with open disdain for our laws, our culture and our language, seeking to cash-in by destroying Americas sovereignty and security. In fact, Teddy hopes to run roughshod over most “old Americans” who still believe in silly little notions like the rule of law, and national sovereignty and security.


Teddy Kennedy’s “new-Americans” come in common self-interests, at odds with any and all true American interests. A close look at who is leading the charge against America from within, should provide a sobering glimpse into your crystal ball and shake every American, even real liberals to the core.


Kennedy said “You are what this debate is about. It is about good people who come to America to work, to raise their families, to contribute to their communities, and to reach for the American dream.


What Teddy means is, you are our new minority voting bloc, the folks tearing our country apart. It is about people (some good, some not) who come to America to work (cheap) and do our dirty jobs, contribute to our over-bloated federal spending, pay labor union dues, and help other socialist anti-American folks like me, complete the mission of establishing a ruling proletariat class in America.


The proof begins in Kennedy’s own words and continues in the flyer circulated by the Democratic Party at perp-rallies across the country.



Kennedy said “This debate goes to the heart of who we are as Americans.” It certainly does, but he wasn’t speaking to Americans, he was speaking to ILLEGAL aliens. Are Americans a people of law and order, who love and respect our nation, its principles and its heritage, or will Americans continue down the path of self-destruction, by accommodating yet another group of lawless invaders intent upon forcing Americans to assimilate into some bogus One World Order run by President Hillary and the new Secretary General of the United Nations Bill Clinton?


Kennedy added “It will determine who can earn the privilege of citizenship. It will determine our strength in separating those who would harm us from those who contribute to our values.” An interesting statement from a guy with no values at all, who has never earned anything in his entire life, I’d say. But yes it will Teddy, and we can start by separating those who entered our home with respect for our home and our laws, from those who invaded our home uninvited, ILLEGALLY and now demand our submission!


Then Teddy lets the cat out of the bag, “It will determine our future progress as a nation and our future economic growth.” He say’s “progress”, as in “progressive”, as in “socialist” as in “One World Body”, followed by “economic growth”, which translates to, we need your taxes to keep growing our federal dependency organization built upon the backs of the proletariat.


Who else is behind this “progressive” approach to immigration? The usual cast of socialist clowns of course. Read this “Immigrant Rights Action Packet”  issued to protesters by the Communist Party USA. You might also enjoy “The new war on immigrants” posted on the International Socialist Review web-site.


Take a good look at these “good people” who according to Teddy Kennedy are our nation’s future. It is a “progressive” movement alright, supported by “progressives” down the street, in Washington DC and even outside our own borders. It isn’t the nasty corporations behind this movement. It is the nasty socialists who hope to trick most Americans into believing it is their arch enemy (capitalism) at fault. Many Americans are willing to go along for the ride too.


Kennedy is not operating alone of course - he has lots of help, even from across the so-called political divide. “John McCain and I have a plan. It is a strong plan. It is a fair plan. It is a plan for America's future. I’m here today to say that we will support you, too. We will never give up. We will never give in. Hasta la victoria! Si se puede!” Sounds a lot like the plan to reign in fraudulent campaign funding that resulted in the greatest fraudulent campaign funding bonanza in world history before the ink was even dry.


This is not a new tactic by Americas leftists now in full control of the Democratic Party. They hi-jacked the black voting bloc by convincing them they would never be equal in America without the same Democrats who voted against civil rights in charge.


They hi-jacked the gay movement, the bra burning contingency, the pro-abortion constituency and have even gone as far as to reach out for the Muslim vote by referring to criminal/terror profiling as racial profiling. This is the MO of today’s Democratic Party.


That explains why the Communist Party USA says “Defend Democracy, Change Congress in the 2006 Elections!”


If Americans are truly stupid enough to keep falling for the same old class warfare DNC divide and conquer game over and over again, then they deserve what they get.


Conservatives are circulating e-flyers calling for a protest vote against Republicans this November. The same people who elected Bill Clinton by voting for Ross Perot in 1992 and 1996, are lining up to replace admittedly crappy Republicrats with even more crappy Teddy Kennedys. I suspect this is a futile venting exercise, but I also thought conservatives learned their lesson in 1992.


Of course the lamestream press is on board, but what about most of those “old Americans” Teddy was talking about? According to a current Zogby poll, not exactly.


The socialists have managed to convince even many conservatives that this is all about Bush and his rich corporate cronies. Just once, would somebody read past the headlines and take a close look at what is really happening here?