The People Still Have Power

They just forgot where it is,

and how to use it!

Written by JB Williams



Most Americans are quite naturally conservative by virtue of being American, and they are in search of a political party to represent their will, since none of the existing political parties seem to have even the slightest concern for their will. They correctly see today’s Democratic Party as no option and generally anti-American on every issue, because they are. But they watch as the Republican Party does almost as much damage to their country as the Democrats have in the past and would again if in power and wonder what to try next.


They consider a protest vote for some third party alternative as a means of trying to draw the two primary parties back into the real mainstream on a host of very real issues. But they also know that third party candidates have no chance of winning national offices and that third party protest campaigns usually result in the unintended election of the opposition minority.


Those old enough to remember, know that Ross Perot single handedly elected Bill Clinton not once, but twice, both times against the will of the voting majority. Clinton was elected by default, with less than half of the popular vote in 1992 and 1996. For any intelligent conservative, that is enough to end all third party fantasies, and it should be.


However, the frustrating search for the fix continues and we seem to be running out of options, now that RINOS rule the roost in the Republican Party, behaving too much like the liberals we recently removed from office.


We conservatives recognize the power of the socialist press, the unions, of liberal politicians who destroy national sovereignty and security, and even dismantle the Constitution of a free morality based self-governed society. We even see the obvious progressive/socialist propaganda machine operating in Hollywood. But too many conservatives have overlooked their own power.


We the people of America really do run this country in every respect. However, too many happen to run it much like they run their own lives, lazy, ill informed, easily distracted, often confused, disenchanted and therefore, disinterested and disengaged from the process. Running our own country is hard work, full of tough choices. Why can’t we just hire someone else to do it and go back to running the kids to ball practice, ballet, skate parties, school functions and family vacations?


Well, we can, and we have… But how’s that workin’ out for us so far?


As a general rule, even most ding-dong liberals recognize that all American power, especially in politics, rests in the almighty dollar. But liberals only see the power in the almighty dollar of corporate interests, while conservatives only see that same power in the massive sums coming from Hollyweird, BIG labor bosses and international socialist power-brokers like Soros. Neither liberals nor conservatives recognize the power hidden in their own money…


Both sides of the aisle feel ignored and neglected by elected officials from both sides of the aisle today. Again, that’s because they really are ignored and neglected by politicians on both sides of the aisle. We clearly have a government of, by and for itself. The question is why, and what does it take to get their attention?


Some, even I have called for a general house cleaning - fire them all and start over. We have that power you know, even the obligation to do so at the point which no other option exists. However, that wouldn’t necessarily be the smartest move on our part and believe it or not, it isn’t even necessary.


What is necessary is a friendly reminder of the power we hold, how it works, why it hasn’t worked in a very long time and how to change that.


Where is our power?


Our power is right where it has always been, in our money. Our vote is powerful, but a very limited power today. It’s no secret that we don’t get the best and brightest to choose from. That’s because the two parties will decide who we get to choose from, on the basis of who is willing to play ball with them. The power of the vote only matters to the degree that they offer any good prospects, which they seldom do. Let’s not kid ourselves here, we vote for the lesser of the evils no matter which party we support and we have for decades now.


Simplistically, our real power is in our money and then our vote. Just ask any corporation or union boss. The very suggestion that anyone’s vote is as powerful as their money will get a laugh out of these folks every time.


How does it work?


First, you must understand that the real power is not in the hands of any single politician in Washington. The power is collective, and currently controlled by the two primary political parties. Second, realize that the two parties only hold that power because they control much of the money used to control politicians. No politician interested in political power can gain that power without the endorsement (money) of one of the two parties. That’s because winning is expensive, and the two parties hold the purse strings. As a result, even the most well-intentioned candidates will learn to play ball with one of the parties quickly, or suffer defeat.


Last, remember that your power goes wherever your money flows. Maintain control of your money and you will retain control of your power. Send your money to any political party and your individual power is gone with it.


Why hasn’t it worked in a very long time?


Simple, we gave away our power when we gave away our money. Not so long ago, we didn’t make any political contributions to any political parties. We only made political contributions to individual candidates, usually at the state or local level. We financed candidates that we knew or took the time to get to know personally. People we believed in individually, based on who they were, what they believed in and stood for on a personal level.


Somewhere along the way, for one reason or another, we stopped doing that and started just sending our money wholesale to the two political parties. In the last 2002 mid-term cycle, we sent the two parties more than $1,154,959,343. (Not the candidates, the parties.) The minute we did that, we didn’t just send them our money - we sent them all of our power as well, $1.1 Billion dollars worth of power. From that moment forward, the parties would pick our leaders and determine what they would or would not believe in. This has been going on for decades now.


Politicians seeking office then have to play ball with the parties in order to gain access to the money needed for campaigns. Instead of playing ball with us, their constituents, who once held the power to their political future in our own hands, they now had to win favor with their party of choice, and they are beholden, loyal not to the voters, but to their financiers at the two parties.


What’s the fix?


The fix is just as simple as the problem itself. Remember, the power goes where the money flows, in 2002, $1.1 billion worth of power.


Imagine waking up one morning to the news that both political parties are forced to down-size their offices all over the country due to a lack of operating funds. If all campaign funds dried up at the party level, where would politicians go to gain financial support? Back to the people who have the money…right?


Who would hold the power then? Who would politicians have to play ball with now? What power would either political party hold over any politician or any American? How would corporations or union bosses buy either party (and they buy both) and what difference would it make if they tried? Elected officials would be chosen by and beholden to the people, not the parties.


You see, this is how our system was designed and how it was supposed to work and not so long ago, this is exactly how it did work. Then we got complacent and lazy, and fell for the rhetoric of two political parties only interested in serving themselves. And now we can’t figure out how to get off of that runaway train…


Well, we get off that train the same way we got on…that’s all. We stop buying the ticket for the ride. Believe me, no ticket, no ride…


I know what some of you are thinking…


It can’t happen…. Oh, but it will, sooner or later. The only question is will it happen by the people’s choice, or only after all other choices have been exhausted?


Why am I telling liberals how to fix their party too?


Face it - liberals are the only ones who see themselves as “free thinkers”. They are not free thinkers at all today - they are instead collective thinkers and bargainers. There is no chance that they will ever part from the DNC until they have totally exhausted all other alternatives. Half of them don’t even know that their party is more broken than ours.


Besides, I believe in the two party system our founders designed, which requires that we have two “good” parties, not three, four or five half-baked parties ruling by minority. I’d love for Democrats to fix their party too. Wouldn’t you?


You want to run your country again? I’m not convinced that you do. But if so, then you will have to take back your power, which means, take back your money. Never send another penny to any political party. That’s where you have to begin…but it is just the beginning.


Invest your money more wisely, not in power driven political parties, but only in individual candidates who you really believe in and share a common interest with. Release yourself from the shackles of financial party loyalty. Your money is the only loyalty parties seek anyway. Have any doubts about that?


Don’t worry… Birds of a feather should flock together and they always will. But never again, trade your individual power for party power.


If you believe nothing else I have ever written, believe this. As long as you send your money to any political party, you will send your power there with it. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, it makes no difference at all.


If this is the best you can do at running your country, I’ll expect to hear no more complaining about those you have allowed to run it by default in your absence.


It is very important that you stay tuned for Part 2 of this short series, which will focus on a more detailed list of fixes and a specific plan for taking personal action through peaceful Constitutional means…


Your money still MUST be spent (invested) in your country. Because you are taking the job of spending your money away from the parties, this will now require your personal pro-active involvement.


You MUST search out real conservative American politicians who believe in and are willing to fight for the same three fundamental ideas our founders believed in and every American soldier ever fought and died to protect, religious freedom, economic freedom and political freedom.


You just can no longer assume that the political parties will do it for you…


Want your country back? We’ll see…