The Profitable Politics of Division

Written by JB Williams


Though many hopelessly clamor for unity in America, most also blindly take part in the politics of division and don’t even know it… The truth is, we not only accept divisive principles and policies today, we celebrate them…

Division permeates everything in American culture today and oddly enough it is done in the name of unity. A good example is the fact that nothing in American culture is as openly celebrated today as this word “diversity”.

Above all things, freedom, liberty, prosperity, security…we celebrate “diversity”… In other words, it is now of utmost importance to celebrate those things which divide us, casting aside all those things which once united us.

You get no prize for being from somewhere else in America. With the exception of those of American Indian heritage, we are all from somewhere else, one generation or another. The love and promise of those things which make us all the same, freedom, liberty, prosperity, justice and security, is what brought us all to this great country.

Yet it is these things which are now used to divide us, all in the name of “diversity”.

Somewhere along the line, we lost sight of what makes America great, what makes being an American of more value than the hyphenated part proudly displayed at the back of too many names today.

As a result, the “great melting pot” is no longer melting. Diverse people of diverse cultural backgrounds focus on advancing only those issues and policies of interest to people of their ideological heritage, at the expense of ideals once of greater interest to all of us.

When people celebrate Martin Luther King today, they often do so at odds with King’s own principles and teaching. King spoke of a day when black men would not be judged by the color of their skin, but only by the content of their individual character. Todays black leaders, at least the most visible ones, prefer to focus only on the color of their skin by making policies strictly on that basis.

This practice has only served to further drive a wedge between the black community and all others who feel targeted by those policies. But celebrating “diversity” has an even more dangerous impact on our society.

This idea assumes that all diverse cultures are worthy of celebration, deserving of special attention, including the most heinous of cultural beliefs aimed at destroying America.

The second most common catch-phrase celebrated today is “multi-culturalism”. Again, instead of melting all cultures into one America by focusing on those things that should unite us all, this idea looks to separate the many cultures found in society and label them all as something special, deserving of special conditions, rights and benefits, once again, at the expense of the ideas that once united us.

Reality is we celebrate only those things which divide us today. In doing so, we denigrate those things that make us all the same, simply American. The practice is vile, of evil intent with devastating consequences… But it’s profitable.

Can you imagine a White Entertainment Channel on TV or a Caucasian Only College Fund? How about a White Only Miss America contest or a prime-time network television show whose primary focus is to teach young viewers the values of marrying within your own race or the sins of a homosexual lifestyle…?

Now before all you diversity fanatics get your panties in a wad, I’m not suggesting we should have any of these things. I’m only pointing out that celebrating diversity is not only divisive, it’s also a lie.

If we were truly interested in celebrating ALL diverse cultural ideas, nobody’s back would bristle at the mention of such ideas… But I bet I’m called a homophobic racist bigot before sundown for daring to write such things…

This is the point isn’t it…? We celebrate diversity not because it unites people, but because it divides them, not out of respect for all cultural ideals, but rather for a chosen few. The question is why?

Like most things of ill intent on earth, you can find the answer at the end of the money trail. Who profits by promoting and celebrating only those things that divide us as a nation?

For starters, those who promote these ideas profit from them. Jesse Jackson became a millionaire promoting division, as have many others. Labor Unions have become BIG business by creating and perpetuating division between employers and employees. Politicians in Washington need “two Americas” of opposing interests to justify the existence of two opposition parties…

All of these people profit from the politics of division, but they are not alone…

The American people have profited too. We figured out some time ago how to vote ourselves money from the treasury by electing representatives solely on the basis of what they will promise to enrich our personal lives. We don’t care whose bank account they have to plunder in order to pay for those programs of interest to us…as long as it isn’t ours.

If you ask any ten people on the streets if they would like a more united America, all ten will say yes. But if you ask them which programs they are willing to give up in an effort to foster unity, all ten will take a pass…as they laugh…

We don’t need anyone to promote the celebration of diversity in America. We are the most diverse nation on earth and have been for more than 200 years. Besides, promoting ones self interests comes quite naturally to most people.

What we need is leaders who will remind us of those things that unite us, those things that always have united us, only those things which can unite us… A basic love and respect for true freedom, personal liberty, equal justice and an opportunity for prosperity and security.

We have replaced America’s great promise with a much more attractive great lie…

No nation can promise you happiness and personal prosperity, including America. Yet many in America today believe that this is America’s great promise. It is instead, the greatest political lie known to mankind… and it is the foundation of all division in America.

America only promises the freedom and personal liberty necessary to pursue your own individual happiness, the opportunity to create your own prosperity in a free market economy, the security to raise your family in relative peace, the right to have a voice and a system of justice to remove from society those who seek prosperity and power through evil means.

This is America’s ONLY promise and America has kept that promise for more than 200 years.

This is what we should be celebrating, what we should be promoting. This is where our leaders should be leading us… To do anything else, threatens this great promise for all who call themselves American…

Celebrating diversity is only a tool of division… used only to line the pockets of those who prosper by it. But the price will be Americas inability to keep its great promise in the future…Is it worth it?

Unity can only exist on common ground… Find those who celebrate diversity over our larger common purpose, and you will have identified those responsible for our division… Keep electing them to represent your special diverse interests, and you will keep us divided…

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