My Goodness, Aren’t We Civilized…

Written by JB Williams


What a wonderfully civilized society we have become… or have we? Maybe we have simply become weak, confused, ignorant and self-loathing… at the expense of right and wrong!

A while ago, a brutal savage from Georgia named Nichols raped and sodomized a young lady who once had trust in him. An overly civilized jury was unable to decide his guilt or innocence, after a smooth talking high-minded defense attorney, undoubtedly provided by the public defenders office at tax payer expense, managed to convince half of the jurors that he might have been innocent, the trial ending in a hung jury.

So Nichols won himself a second trial. On Wednesday of last week, Nichols was caught attempting to enter the court with two homemade knives hidden in his socks and nobody thought a thing about it…

On Friday, two days later, he entered that 8th floor courtroom again, pulled a gun from the holster of a deputy, put a bullet in the head of the presiding judge, the court reporter and the deputy before exiting the courthouse, pistol whipping a reporter, hijacking his car and escaping.

Approximately 28 hours later, after a massive man-hunt, he turned himself in to authorities without a fight at an apartment complex in the Atlanta area. He was handcuffed, placed into the back of a high dollar SUV and escorted back to jail like some rock star, where he will await, you guessed it, yet another trial, now for triple murder…. Why?

I was waiting for him to moon-walk on top of the Yukon…Is there anyone in this country who does not already know the guilt or innocence of this man Nichols at this point? Aren’t we civilized…? Or maybe we have just lost sight of the objective. We have become so civilized towards even the most obvious criminals that we repeatedly give them opportunities to prove just how uncivilized they can be before deciding to do something about it…

Why on earth does this man deserve or require yet another trial? Is there any chance at all, I mean any chance that he will not be found guilty? Well, sadly today there is, which from my vantage point, is all the more reason why he should not be given that chance at this late stage of his criminal career.

If one of the officers used a racial slur during the arrest, or forgot a small insignificant piece of arrest procedures, or placed his handcuffs on too tight, he could be found innocent of all on a technicality today and back on the streets living next to you soon.

Is this what we had in mind when we developed our legal justice system? Or like many other matters in American life, is this just one of many examples of a perverted system that no longer works as intended?

A little more than three years ago, 19 Middle Eastern terrorists hijacked four commercial airliners and turned them into guided missiles destroying much of our financial district in New York, hitting the center of our national security operations at the Pentagon and killing some three thousand innocent Americans about their daily routine of making a living for their families.

It was not the first attack, nor the first indication that we had enemies who were intent upon killing innocent Americans and destroying America’s infrastructure and financial stability. All previous attacks were by Middle Eastern terrorists as well, yet our response has been to treat every individual like a potential terrorist, including infant and elderly travelers not of Middle Eastern descent. Criminal profiling is now called racial profiling, and we civilized people won’t allow it…

Meanwhile, half of us in America are more concerned with the creature comforts of Middle Eastern terrorists detained in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba than terrorist sleeper cells still plotting in mosques across this country, hoping for a signal of some kind from their friends getting three squares down in sunny Cuba, compliments of the American tax payer.

Alleged leaders of our nation like Senators Kerry, Kennedy and Boxer attack real national leaders who are working around the clock to avoid the next 9/11, treating them like the bad guys as they fight for the rights of those who love to hate us… The ACLU has even led a law suit against our secretary of defense for his mistreatment of terrorists detainees…Can you imagine?

A small number of bored American soldiers played sex, lies and video tape with a handful of Iraqi prisoners and the world calls America a terrorist nation in response. But Hussein murders a million of his own people, shoves them into mass graves while he tortures a million more in his rape rooms, and people can’t come up with one good reason why we removed him from power?

On the domestic front, we have a sweet young incapacitated woman by the name of Terri Schindler “Schiavo”, who has done nothing to harm anyone and whose only crime is her inability to feed herself, and yet half the country can’t wait to kill her by unplugging her feeding tube…including a few judges.

Am I the only one who thinks we have lost our collective minds here?

As a nation, we claim to believe in a Right to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness above all else, as we go about the business of killing more than 4000 babies a day in abortion clinics from sea to shining sea… More than 40 million since Roe vs. Wade and nobody bats an eye…

Are you getting what I’m saying here? We defend the known murderer and rapist, but not the victim, certainly not his next victim once we turn him loose again. We fight for the rights of terrorists who have killed many of our fellow citizens and will again given the opportunity, but I have not heard a single word about how the families of the 9/11 victims are doing since their loss. Can any of us even name one?

When the news reports mishandling of prisoners at Abu Ghraib, it’s an international crisis, and when the news reports another beheading or car bombing, it’s reported as the “insurgents” striking back at the tyrant America…

Nichols is going to get another few years worth of tax payer funded trials defended by tax payer funded public defenders and even if he is eventually convicted and sentenced to death, we the people will feed, clothe and house him, pay for all of his appeals and watch him flip the finger at us for years before we get there. Why???

Because we have lost our collective minds, that’s why. We have lost our way, our moral standards, our ability to separate right from wrong; clinging only to what might be legal, as if legal makes right, never realizing that we are destroying our country in the process.

Oh we’re civilized alright, when it comes to protecting the rights of the brutal scum of this earth. But when it comes to protecting an innocent unborn child, or a Terri Schindler “Schiavo”, or our young men and women in combat, or real traditional American principles, we are weak, confused, ignorant and self-loathing.

Compassionate…towards who? Tolerant… towards what? Civilized? More like stupid and socially suicidal!

And we wonder why our kids want to kill themselves or each other…. Shame on us, every last one of us, for allowing the insane to rule the asylum…

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