Insurgents My Fat Fanny!

Written by JB Williams


If you’ve been thinking that we have finally defeated the diabolical illness of political correctness that has been plaguing our society for far too long, you better think again!

What do you call people who blow up police stations, ambulance services, restaurants, hospitals, schools, water and electric services, behead social workers who feed their hungry and provide medical attention to their sick, murder men who are there to rebuild their schools and teachers who give their children hope for the first time, Muslims who blow up Muslims, even on the holiest day in the Muslim faith, at the mosques no less? …Insurgents? Hardly!

I call them brutal terrorists! Thugs willing to drug some young idiot wannabe Jihadist, tape a bomb to his chest, tell him he’s a martyr, on his way to meet Allah and 77 virgins, point him to a group of innocent people outside a mosque, clawing their way towards the first freedom and peace they have ever known…. Filth, Scum, Neanderthals, Dirt Bags, Murderers, Wimps, Criminals, Cowards, I can come up with a whole list of appropriate names for what these so-called people are, but insurgents won’t make that list…

The men, who threw tea in to the Boston harbor, now they were insurgents… The farmers, who sent the Red Coats packing, they were insurgents

The term “insurgents” implies that there is something noble in their deeds, something justifiable about their tactics, a valiant act of patriotic duty involved. In this case, nothing could be further from the truth…these freedom fighters are not fighting for freedom, quite the contrary.

The term insurgent does not apply to these terrorists, so why do we use it? Because we don’t like calling anything what it is these days…that’s why. (Using the term “we” as loosely as the term “insurgent” of course.)

What do you call the taking of innocent life, not in self defense, without provocation of any kind, not in war? Some call it “a choice” or “abortion”. But I looked it up in the dictionary and I like calling things by their rightful name, so I call it murder.

What do you call deposing the worlds most brutal dictator, responsible for the murder of millions of his own people and the vicious torture of millions more, who attacked, raped and plundered his neighbors on more than one occasion? Some call it a “preemptive invasion”, but I call it “liberation” of those held under his boot by brutal force…

What do you call a vial of biological or chemical materials capable of killing thousands or millions of innocent people if left in the hands of those who intend just that? I call it a WMD…you call it what ever you want…

What do you call it when American soldiers risk their lives and the American people fork over their hard earned money to liberate, rebuild, re-train, re-arm, feed, clothe, treat, educate and democratize an entire nation that has lived in fear for 40 years? Many call it an “occupation”. I call it a damn expensive humanitarian effort that actually has a chance of reshaping the future of the Middle East, which by the way is the only hope for making this world a safer place to live…

I could go on and on but you get the point, or if you don’t, you never will…

Insurgents my fat fanny! Most of these insurgents are not even from Iraq, yet most of the people they are killing are… When is the last time you saw insurgents attack their own people, their innocent fellow countrymen, women and children? Insurgents don’t do these things, terrorists do…

Is the guy who blows up the abortion clinic an insurgent? How about those who mailed anthrax around the U.S.? What about Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, insurgents? The kids who shot up Columbine, insurgents too I suppose? All just helpless victims of the good old U. S. A., rebelling against authority right?

Wrong! All terrorists…plain and simple. People (to use the term loosely) with no respect for human life, no tolerance for civilization, who desire a tyrannical control over others, terrorizing those unwilling to be controlled, hoping to break their will to be free.

Real fear-mongers who hope we will shrink from our responsibility to put them in their well deserved early grave…

As for those of you who think they are insurgents, well, it’s America, so you can think anything you want.

Just don’t expect the rest of us who know better, to follow you to slaughter… Call them whatever helps you sleep at night, but you better hope they never rebel in your neighborhood…

The problem with political correctness is, has always been and will always be the results. Calling something ill conceived or evil by a friendlier more acceptable name has a tendency to make the act itself seem more friendly and acceptable. Do we have compassion for terrorists? No… But insurgents? Sure… it almost sounds patriotic to be an insurgent, doesn’t it?

Would we support a “pro-infant-murder” movement? No, so we call it “pro-choice” and by doing so, it makes a heinous act sound reasonable, worthy of defense.

Coalition forces went out of their way, taking additional casualties to avoid firing upon terrorists intentionally hiding in mosques. But these insurgents, alleged Muslim jihadists, they didn’t think twice about attacking innocent civilians in those mosques did they?

That’s because they are not insurgents rising up against some brutal tyrannical regime. They are just common terrorists attacking innocent Iraqi men, women and children. They have no respect for human life, their fellow countrymen or their religion.

So we need to stop kidding ourselves. We need to stop referring to common terrorists as insurgents. We need to stop calling their heinous acts by a nicer name, justifying their tactics and motives as if they demonstrate anything honorable.

The use of the term insurgents in this case in not only inappropriate, it’s an outright lie and it’s dangerous…

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