Dean’s Plan for the Future DNC

Written by JB Williams


In a letter to DNC supporters this week, newly elected chief Deaniac, the honorable Gov. Howard Dean himself lays out his plan for bringing the Democratic National Committee back to greatness. I thought it might be helpful to provide a translation of that “plan” for those who have difficulty decoding modern DNC lingo… So here goes…

The first stated objective in Dean’s plan is “Show Up! Never concede a single state, county, district, or voter. Build a truly national party that wages a [permanent] campaign in all 50 states.”

This objective translates to “pull out your family tree book and start filling out voter registration cards. Those of you without a family tree book, use the phone book, any phone book. We need every man, woman, child, incarcerated, institutionalized, reading, non-reading, breathing and non-breathing Democrat across this country registered before the 2006 mid-term election. We won’t concede a single district without counting them all. It must be a perpetual motion campaign, all issues, all the time”.

Dean’s second objective is “Strengthen State Parties and the Grassroots. Better integrate state and national party operations and support Democrats organizing in local communities.”

This one simply transalates to “teach all the little people how we steal elections and coordinate the effort from the ground up this time, instead of from Soros down. Vote only for Democrats, not individuals, tow the party line no matter what.”

Dean’s third initiative is a big one and here’s where the train leaves the track, “Focus on Our Core Values. Articulate core Democratic values strongly and clearly, and show people how our agenda for [reform] reflects those values.” (As if we have not already seen their values.)

Since it has already been established that the primary core value of the DNC is to insure that our nation has no core values, the translation of this one gets a little dicey… “Focus on convincing the American people that our sole party value of “no values”, is a core value. (See what I mean?) Talk about the moral foundations for abortion, tri-sexuality (any sex one wishes to try), socialism, removing God from school, court, congress, the pledge and our currency, under a fictitious separation clause that doesn’t actually exist. Go to church once a week whether you need it or not, carry a bible everywhere you go, and refer to the “universal creator” at least once in every conversation, (God not welcome here) ….that takes care of the morals thing.”

Dean’s next objective is to “Take Advantage of Cutting-Edge Technologies. Leverage the Internet and cutting-edge technologies to better organize, empower, and communicate with people.”

Translated, “We got our butts kicked by bloggers and we must get some bloggers of our own. Not like MoveOn.org, they did not include or involve thousands of free thinking self driven individuals acting on their own, like the Republicans did. We have bought radio free DNC and hired several key Deaniac’s like Franken and Springer to host liberal talk shows, so tune in before we go broke again. Limbaugh and Hannity are killing us, as is FOX. We can no longer rely on our old liberal friends in the press, the people have figured out that they are on our team and bloggers are now knocking them off one by one. We might have to open our own TV network due to that “fair and balanced” thing, but we can continue using Al Jazerra meanwhile.”

Last but not least is “Train Tomorrow's Leaders. Strengthen our leadership institutes so we can recruit new talent, cultivate new leaders, and elect Democrats at every level of office.”

This translates to “It takes a village to brainwash a generation of DNC faithful. We need more pillars of our party like Ward Churchill, Jesse Jackson, Teddy Kennedy, Michael Moore and The Dixie Chicks to engage in the process.”

In his letter, Dean says “The Republicans' biggest victory has been to convince many Democrats that we can only win by abandoning our values and doing what they say. (We actually recommend you abandon your lack of values, and do what the American people say.) It's one of their favorite tactics -- just watch how right-wing pundits talk endlessly about the internal politics of our party. (In amazement!) They try to divide Democrats by ideology just as they divide all Americans by race or gender or faith.”

Actually, the Republicans’ biggest [victories] are a direct result of the DNC grasping to their core value of no values. It is the DNC who segregates the populous into voting blocks based on race, gender, religion and economic status, relying on those without faith to provide hope.

He said “Bill Clinton once described the Democratic Party's problems in the era of George W. Bush, saying that in uncertain times people would rather have a leader who is strong and wrong than weak and right.” (This only makes sense to someone not sure what the meaning of “is” is.)

The American people really demand strong leaders, who are hopefully right. The DNC keeps offering leaders who are neither strong nor right. One need only look at the pillars of their party, Kennedy, Kerry, Boxer, Pelosi or Dean himself, all of whom have a long history of being weak and consistently wrong…

Dean said “We become both weak and wrong when we abandon our core values for short-term political gain.” I agree with this statement, but it only applies to those who have core values to begin with and most of these folks have already left the DNC.

It’s official. The DNC clearly believes that the American people somehow missed their message of zero tolerance for moral values, concluding that they must scream louder…and more often, to get their message out there.

I do this myself sometimes when speaking to a stranger who does not speak English. I catch my voice getting louder and louder, speaking slower and slower, as if they didn’t hear what I said, like they will understand what I said if I just say it a little louder. Of course, volume is not the problem and no matter how many times I repeat myself, they still don’t understand English…

Same goes here, no matter how many times Democrats talk about their values, its like they are speaking a foreign language because we are able to see their values in their policy initiatives, standing up for a woman at the expense of a child, or for France or the UN against the U.S.

What they do speaks so loudly that what they say, we can’t even hear, no matter how loud they scream it, or how many times they repeat it.

Really, until they begin listening to and supporting real American time honored values, principles and traditions, what is there to talk about? Until their policy initiatives demonstrate an acceptable group of real core values, their rhetoric about values will go unrewarded, as it should.

They think it is the American people who are not listening, not hearing, and out of touch…

Even Hillary gets it, distancing herself from the modern DNC as fast as she can, bible in tow, suddenly even open minded on abortion… She gets it, desperately reinventing her image as we speak… The problem is, even in her case, it’s only her image she is worried about. Her core values are no different than theirs, but at least she understands the problem with those values.

But Deaniac’s don’t understand… They believe “no values” is a worthwhile value… and now they have complete control of the DNC… It’s sad, but not surprising that a handful of left-wing activists are able to run roughshod over a party historically made up of liberal pacifists.

Is it a new beginning for the DNC, or the beginning of the end, as predicted?

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