Lead, Follow or Become a Democrat!

Written by JB Williams


In this world, those who can lead generally do, by default. Those who can’t lead usually follow, also by default. Those incapable of either become Democrats today…

The operative words for all modern DNC initiatives are “dissent”, “disorder” and “obstruct”. That’s why their new party leader is the king of dissent Howard Dean. The more outrageous and obnoxious ones screams of dissent, the better their chances for a leadership roll in today’s DNC.

The party has chosen to define itself by the 10% in America who don’t like anything about America, those who see America as the evil empire, capitalism as the root of all evil, strength as a weakness and prevention only as preemption.

As a result, the party has been marginalized, becoming a powerless fringe group of left-wing nuts whose sole purpose in life is to dissent for dissent’s sake alone, create disorder and division, obstructing whenever possible.

On this basis alone, they see themselves as our nation’s greatest patriots, proving only that they are unfamiliar with the definition of patriot. They proudly call themselves “progressives”, though their agenda is in fact somewhere between putrid and retrogressive, based on the old failed ideals of men like Marx and Lenin.

This by no means includes all those who at one time in history, claimed the Democratic party of old as their home. Men like Senator Joe Lieberman and retired Senator Zell Miller, find themselves without a political home of their own, as would the real JFK if he were still alive today.

The current DNC leadership would never ask what they could do for their country. They would never suggest to their constituents that they should do anything, even for themselves, much less their country, consumed entirely by fantasies of only what their country can do for them.

Today’s party platform is built upon the belief that the federal government must do everything for a populous increasingly unable to do for themselves. Their hope for regaining power as a party rests entirely in their ability to convince the American people that only they, the enlightened, the elite, know what is best for us and that only they can save us from ourselves…

However, their track record of actually knowing what is best for us leaves much to be desired.

The ideals of Marx and Lenin were proven invalid many years ago, but that has not stopped the DNC from its accelerating march to the left. Social program after social program has driven the poor further into poverty and dependency, while driving the federal government further and further into bankruptcy.

Fearing the label of “neocon”, or “fascist”, or “heartless”, many otherwise conservative Republicans and old Democrats have reluctantly gone along for the ride, against their better judgment.

New Democrats talk about two Americas, the [haves] and the [have nots]. As has become customary for them, they are half right. There are in fact two Americas today, mostly as a result of their efforts to create two Americas.

One America is increasingly dependent upon their government for their livelihood, and the other increasingly tyrannized by their government, footing the bill.

Despite their urbane talk of freedom and liberty, the fact is, both Americas are losing their freedoms and liberties everyday. As the [have nots] become more addicted to and dependent upon their government, they become less able to depend upon themselves to manage even routine daily functions of life, trading their freedom for an illusive temporary security.

The [haves] have a little less control over their own future with each passing day, as they are stripped of the fruits of their own labor, for benefit of those now addicted to half-baked government solutions to even the most personal of problems.

No matter the challenge, the federal governments answer is always the same, throw money at it. As the [have nots] develop their addiction for more free stuff, the government develops an increasingly voracious appetite for private resources needed to pay for that free stuff.

The last several national elections have provided an unmistakable message to our representatives in Washington, specifically, to those in the DNC who we the people have chosen to remove from power, in hopes they would eventually come to their senses.

But their response to that repeated message is equally unmistakable, as they gleefully place one of our nations most fanatically anti-America leftist at the helm of their party. They have no intention of changing course, but rather to accelerate their march to the left edge of the cliff.

This move is almost certain to insure that national leadership will remain out of their reach for some years, maybe even facilitating a complete collapse of a once great American political party.

They are not likely to even become good followers, good foot soldiers for real American values. They are instead most likely to neither lead nor follow, but rather simply stand in the way.

They will have lots to say about lots of stuff, but they will actually do nothing. Their entire battle plan will be based on simply keeping the other side of the aisle from doing anything either.

Whether regarding judicial appointments, addressing the health care crisis, shoring up Social Security, or managing the modern challenges of national security, their single goal is only to obstruct.

They perceive that in order to have any hope of regaining real power, they must demonstrate daily their willingness to flex what little muscle they do have. They are officially the party of malcontents… Nothing more, nothing less.

So those hoping for a better tomorrow, willing to actually do something for their country to create a better tomorrow, are left with no choice but to run them over in order to accomplish it. Not the way we want it…just the way it is…!

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