What’s with Massachusetts?

Written by JB Williams


The people of Massachusetts enjoy a beautiful landscape rich in history, some of our nation’s most prominent universities and the fourth highest per capita income in the country. Yet they can’t come up with better representatives than John Kerry and Teddy Kennedy. How is this possible?

One, the nation’s most prominent coward, the other called traitor by his band of brothers, our countries two most socialist Senators, the two biggest national embarrassments of modern times, and both from Massachusetts. I’m afraid this does not look good for the people who keep electing them…

I suspect Senator Kennedy has garnered support in return for the sacrifices made by his family, but at what expense? I’m sure he has been repaid by now. Can’t the old horse be sent to pasture yet? Seriously, he has become our nation’s court jester, ranked right up there with Jerry Springer and Michael Moore…

As for Kerry, well, you would be hard pressed to find a Senator with a more lack-luster Senate record anywhere in our history, his name is synonymous with traitor and if he weren’t our nations most successful gigolo, he’d be nothing at all. Can’t begin to figure this one…

We are talking about a state that produced some of America’s most respected people in history, John Q. Adams, Samuel Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock, Robert Treat Paine, William Prescott and Paul Revere. Are you telling me Kerry and Kennedy belong in this company?

Great inventors like Alexander Graham Bell, Elias Howe, Samuel Morse and Eli Whitney. Great writers like Horatio Alger, E.E. Cummings, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Edgar Allan Poe, and even noteworthy journalists like Mike Wallace and Barbara Walters, none of whom would be caught dead at a cocktail party with either of these schmucks…

Something is wrong with this picture…Kennedy and Kerry are the best Massachusetts can offer?

Clearly the bluebloods of Boston can’t relate to all us folks in fly-over country these days. They have forsaken their place in history, but have they completely forgotten it?

One would think that the home of the Boston Tea Party would remember the foundational principles of American life and recognize that these two bozos oppose everything the Patriots fought to achieve and preserve not so long ago.

What has happened to New England? Have the great universities of the north east educated the common sense and decency right out of the local populous?

Surely an area so rich in culture, higher learning, history and resources can come up with something better than a drunken old coward and a traitorous gigolo? Certainly, New England has more to offer the country than just a good football team?

Seriously, has anyone checked the drinking water in Massachusetts lately? If these two are the pillars of their community, I’m afraid it isn’t much of a community…If Massachusetts won’t secede from the union, can’t we at least expel them until they come to their senses?

"Newspaper look" derived from work ©Seattle Sentinel