Welcome to the Deaniac’s National Committee

Written by JB Williams


The message is loud and clear. Democrats have learned nothing from their free-fall from power. Hard-line liberals [anti-American closet socialists] line up to crown their new king and it looks like Howard Dean is their man, the likely new head of the Deaniac’s National Committee…

Once again, we have proof that the “enlightened ones” may not be so “enlightened” after all…

They understand their need to appear more centered, but they don’t understand their need to become more centered. As they whine about their image problems, they continue their march to the left. Is Dean more centered than say, Kennedy, Boxer or Kerry? I don’t think so. He was left of all of them in the 2004 primaries …

As they call upon the Bush administration to unite, they go about the business of division as usual. As they beg and demand respect for their leftist positions, they continue a lack of respect for Bush’s, seeming to completely overlook the fact that Bush is the chosen leader, his positions and policies supported by the majority of American voters.

As has become typical, Democrats are half right; they most certainly do have a severe image problem with mainstream America. But it is much more than just a problem of image…Their image matches their core ideals of a secular socialist America.

They are perceived as anti-religion because they are anti-religion. All religions teach doctrines of moral codes of conduct and the DNC, along with their counter parts at the ACLU, have a long history of attacking religious rights in America, opposing all forms of traditional moral standards. How could they be perceived as anything but anti-religion? Occasional photo ops with a bible in tow can’t cover up their known agenda…

They are perceived to be weak on national security and defense because they have a long history of opposing strong national security and defense initiatives, and no one is weaker in this arena than Howard Dean. Dean has been very clear, if it were up to him, there would have been no election in Iraq last weekend. Instead, thousands would still be dying in mass graves in Iraq.

They are perceived as being anti-America. That could be because any time you hear a Democrat leader speak, it is to bash America, undermine our position in the world, and sing the praises of the EU and UN, the two most corrupt organizations on earth.

They are perceived as weak on national sovereignty and that’s because they take every opportunity to call for world “unification” under the UN, at the leadership of the EU. They repeatedly rail against the Bush administration for acting in our own national interests, like some independent sovereign nation God forbid, as if that’s a bad thing…

They completely sold out the 2004 election process to one Hungarian billionaire and MoveOn.org, neither of which supports strong American sovereignty or security. How could even the average Joe misinterpret that message?

They are perceived as immoral, just like abortions, alternative lifestyles based on sexual deviance, and the secularization of our Judeo Christian society, all championed by them as their most worthy causes.

They are perceived as socialists, maybe because their core policy initiatives all support the socialization of medicine, security and individual financial wellbeing, at odds with everything American.

What is there to say about people who hold our nations most prominent coward Teddy Kennedy up as a model American and pillar of their party? What do you say about a party that only chooses its most liberal members for leadership positions, John Kerry, Barbara Boxer, Nancy Pelosi? We already sent Tom Daschle packing, how many more have to follow?

They are perceived as petty partisan obstructionists. Based on their record of repeatedly blocking the constitutionally mandated legislative and appointment processes, is there any wonder why?

No sir, they have not learned a thing from the message American voters have sent them in the last few elections.

Their rhetoric is shifting slightly towards the Clintonian center, but their actions and deeds remain as far out on the left fringe as ever. After the moral majority showed up at the polls last November, Hillary Clinton has gone out of her way to give her image a “born again” look and feel. But inside her chest pounds the heart of the same Marxist she has been since college…

She may well be able to improve her public image, with a little help from her friends in the liberal press, but she will never be able to hide from her socialist agenda of more than 20 years.

Crowning Howard Dean king will only move the party even further left, empowering hard core Deaniac types like Michael Moore and George Soros, who can’t honestly think of a single thing they like about America.

Modern party misfits like Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman find themselves without a home, aligned with the party they have spent a lifetime opposing, and as Ronald Reagan put it long ago, they didn’t leave their party, their party left them.

Guess what. The party left mainstream America at the same time, for all the same reasons. They are a party without a soul, without a moral compass, led by only the most extreme left members of our society today, owned by MoveOn.org, George Soros and Michael Moore…

They have an image problem alright, and much more… They have a party on the brink of extinction and their problems are entirely self-inflicted.

Their Top Gun in 2004, John Kerry made a special trip to Iraq for the sole purpose of telling our soldiers on the ground how they have been mucking up their mission, making a few stops throughout the Middle East to commiserate about his election failure and undermine legitimate US foreign policy initiatives. He’s done this before, working with the North Vietnamese while fellow soldiers were dying in combat and POWs were being tortured with his anti-American rhetoric.

This is the best Democrats can offer the American people? If it is, then the party should become extinct, like everything else that loses its useful place on earth…

It is sad, truly sad, because America needs a second viable political party for the checks and balances built into our system to work as designed. Dissent for dissents sake alone is a waste of resources. All political parties should have America’s best long term interests in mind, or they have no value at all.

The DNC is no longer a national party; it has relegated itself to a shrinking fringe organization run by socialist extremists who offer nothing of value to America’s future.

How in the world can they respond to the last few elections by moving even further left? Either the left is not as smart as I thought, or they continue to make the mistake of underestimating the intelligence of the American people. Either way, they are in trouble…

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