Tax Dollars at Work…Yours!

Written by JB Williams


They say that if you stack the US Tax Code one page upon another, the pile of paper will reach into the heavens. I’m sure that’s true, for two very simple reasons.

First, like most laws written in Washington, those seeking special consideration in the code have lobbied for language that addresses their individual concerns, and nearly everyone is seeking special consideration these days. Second, if "we the people" knew exactly what Washington was doing with all of our hard earned money, there would be a lynch mob on the steps of congress before sundown…so keeping the details buried in a mountain of legal jargon might be a matter of life and death, at least for a few politicians.

As an example, most American taxpayers are aware of that little piece of case law known as Roe vs. Wade, which has resulted in the senseless murder of more than 40 million innocent American children and most US taxpayers oppose this inhumane affront on the Constitutional Right to Life.

But most are not aware that every taxpayer in America is subsidizing the practice. That’s right; atop the list of legitimate Medical Expense Deductions in the IRS Code is Abortion, which means every US taxpayer is picking up the tab.

In addition to written tax code, we have the equivalent of case law, (activist administrators, just like activist judges), whereby a single individuals interpretation is often used to expand the scope of the written law, providing special consideration for special interests not specifically addressed in the written code itself.

Such is the case with a recent taxpayer funded Sex Change Operation. Generally speaking, elective, specifically cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentations, face lifts or liposuction, are not deductible as a medical expense from ones personal taxes, appropriately so.

However a tax examiner’s refusal to allow the medical expenses related to Rhiannon O'Donnabhain's sex-change operation was recently overturned and allowed by IRS Commissioner Mark Everson. "This important decision recognizes that sex reassignment can be as medically necessary for some people as an appendectomy or heart bypass surgery,” said GLAD attorney Karen Loewy, Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders.

Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, Paul McHugh, disagrees…

What some argue is a physical birth defect; others argue is simply a mental malfunction. Either way, “we the self-governed”, have a Right to decide if our tax dollars will be used to pay for things such as abortion or sex change operations.

On December 14, 2004, the Traditional Values Coalition issued a letter to IRS Commissioner Mark Everson, urging him to reverse his decision which allowed the use of tax dollars to fund sex change operations.

They have also prepared an E-Mail Campaign asking American taxpayers to join in their effort to stop the IRS from funding gender-reassignment procedures with taxpayer money. The same should be done regarding public reimbursement of abortion expenses.

This is just the beginning. Over the years, our tax dollars have been increasingly redirected from there legitimate intended purposes, to literally thousands of misguided special interest programs that the taxpayers themselves would never knowingly support.

This is accomplished by quietly altering tax code to provide a deduction, a reduction in tax obligation for those having an abortion or sex change operation in this case, at the ultimate expense of taxpayers who predominantly oppose these procedures.

If congress introduced a law asking for direct public support by means of specifically funding such programs, the bill would never make it to a floor vote, and any member of congress who supported the bill would likely have a very short political career.

So instead, these funding modifications are done by means of tax deductions, hidden in mountains of tax code that even tax preparers don’t fully understand. The American taxpayers only see a growing federal budget, and a shrinking paycheck, having no real idea where all that money is going.

For every deduction in the tax code, there is a politician who is responding to the demand of a constituent somewhere. There are thousands of them today and not even those who make their living as tax preparers know them all.

When the Bush administration talks about simplifying the tax code, many taxpayers jump for joy. But many others dependent on public financial support, even those seeking public financial assistance with their abortion or sex change, cringe at the thought of anyone opening the tax code for scrutiny.

The 2004 election was decided largely on the basis of restoring traditional American moral values. But we can’t just stop at the voting booth once every four years, returning to our couch and TV remote as though our work here is done.

As we have seen over and over, even alleged conservatives in Washington often find themselves on the wrong side of these issues, pressured by Hollywood, a media with an “everything goes” left-wing agenda, and the very squeaky wheel of secular special interest activists.

It will take years to unravel and reverse all the damage done to our society as we slept peacefully assuming our elected officials were standing watch. True conservatives must now finish what we started in the 2000 and 2004 elections. We must remain engaged and involved for the duration, taking personal responsibility for returning America to its heritage of traditional moral values.

It isn’t enough to simply block repeated attacks on our entire value system, leaving a vacuum of non-values in our wake. We have to be pro-active, replacing immoral and inhumane values with virtues that protect Life and promote a healthy society.

Getting behind this effort to stop public funding of Sex Change Operations is as good a place to start as any. We can’t afford to shrink from our personal responsibility to act every time an opportunity arises; we have to be in this for the long haul.

We also can’t afford to worry about what names we will be called as a result of our efforts! We are “conservatives”, and in most cases “Christians”. There’s not much worse one can be called these days anyway…other than maybe “rich” too, a lethal combination that makes you everyone’s target!

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