McCain Wins One for the Terrorists!

Written by JB Williams



The International Guardian reads “The White House bowed to international and congressional pressure on Thursday and abandoned its opposition to Senate legislation prohibiting the use of cruel, inhuman or degrading interrogation methods of detainees in US custody around the world.


"We've sent a message to the world that the United States is not like the terrorists," Senator McCain said, sitting next to the president in the Oval Office on Thursday. "This will help us enormously in winning the hearts and minds of the people throughout the world in winning the war on terror." Really - How?


Clearly focused more on the political PR war than the real war against international terrorism itself, McCain and Co. have pressured the Bush administration into sending a clear message to terrorists everywhere, on behalf of the temporarily free world.


That message? Fear not Mr. & Mrs. Terrorist… No matter how deadly your intentions, how demented your methods, how deranged your deplorable acts of inhumane terror, there is a limit to how far we will go to defeat you. We will not engage in offensive behavior to foil your plans. We will not treat you as you have and will continue treating us. We are better than that and we are willing to concede the war on terror, in order to win the PR battle at home.


Now, let me point out two very important pieces of information that have clearly eluded Mr. McCain and the anti-war left, including the anti-American so-called mainstream media.


1)      Most of the free world is already on our side in the war on terror. Only those who prefer tyranny in their own lands, like Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, or hardened socialist - pacifist nations caught taking oil bribes from the Hussein regime, stand opposed as it is. I don’t know about you, but friends like these, I don’t need.


2)      Agreeing to not aggressively interrogate terror operatives won’t buy us any favor with those who have opposed the liberation and democratization of Iraq and Afghanistan. This is not a sign of unity with those who have opposed these actions, but rather a sign of weakness in the nation responsible for liberating over 50 million of the world’s most brutally oppressed people and nothing more.


Let’s discuss this in more personal terms, shall we? Let’s say it’s your immediate family in danger, kidnapped and held hostage by unknown terrorists in an undisclosed location. You have one of the captors tied up in your kitchen chair when John McCain walks in with his piece of legislation to inform your captive that if he chooses not to tell you where your children are, he could go to jail, but no harm will otherwise come to him. He will not be offended in any way by any inhumane effort to extract information concerning the whereabouts of your loved ones…


a) What are the chances your guest will answer any questions now? b) Has John McCain just helped you find your loved ones, or did he just issue their death certificate?


I don’t know about you, but if you had my family hostage, everything in your world would be in grave danger until I find them, and I don’t give two hoots how John McCain or anyone else feels about it… You can’t begin to imagine what I am willing to do to save my family and you gave up any right to humane treatment the second you took my family from the safety of my home.


Now, on a much larger scale… You have proven yourself willing to fly loaded commercial airliners into the center of our financial district, our national security headquarters and our nation’s capitol, killing 3000 innocent civilians in a matter of minutes causing untold damage to our nation. You have beheaded countless hostages as they begged for their lives, blown up innocent civilians, mostly women and children, in multiple nations around the globe of all social, ethnic and religious cultures including your own.


You have strapped bombs to the chests of your own women and children and sent them into pizza parlors and shopping malls to die for your jihad. In short, you have demonstrated over and over, that there is nothing you are not willing to do to pursue your perverted agenda for the world. The last thing I want to tell you is that there is any limit at all to what I will do to destroy you and your agenda.


If asking you nicely doesn’t work, I will ask you not so nicely. If that doesn’t work, you will soon begin to wish you could meet your maker much sooner than I will allow. If need be, once convinced that you are not coming around to a more peaceful vision for our coexistence, I will turn your entire country into a parking lot, stick an American flag in your sand and pump free oil to America until your land collapses from the void left in your part of the earth.


In other words, since you have demonstrated that you are willing to do the most unthinkable of acts in pursuit of your agenda, which happens to include my demise, you had better understand that you have just written and signed your own death warrant… The only hope you have of saving yourself is talking to me, fast…


I am a peaceful man by nature, never looking for a fight, preferring to avoid one whenever possible. However, once confronted with the option of either being terrorized, eventually murdered, and accepting your prehistoric Neanderthal existence in my world, or bringing you to your knees, I will opt for the latter without a moment’s hesitation and God willing, you won’t get the chance to strike first.


McCain’s legislation amounts to a plea, offering to treat terrorists like good neighbors in the hopes that those terrorists will reply in like kind. However, McCain must not have been watching as U.S. citizens were beheaded while they were peacefully begging for their lives. We have Christian peace-activists being held captive by these people as we speak. There is no indication what-so-ever that these terrorists desire peace or respect peaceful means at all.


Protecting my family has no limits. If I were President of the United States, protecting and defending the American people from another 9/11 or worse, would have no limits either, particularly when faced with an unconventional enemy willing to do whatever it takes to kill Americans and end our way of life.


I have sadly suspected for some time that John McCain left his manhood in a Vietnam prison camp. But the Bush administration knows better and they have fought long and hard to defend this nation successfully, at the expense of popularity. Why cow to this now?


If you think begging for peace works, just watch our enemy beheading people as they are begging for peace on any of a few videos available on the web. If you are comfortable with protecting your family this way, go ahead. But don’t expect humane treatment from me if you mess with my family. Not even if you mess with my neighbors, because I will assume I’m next.


The American and international press is presenting this McCain victory as some huge win for peaceful nations around the world and a reigning in of the Gulag mentality alleged in the Bush administration. Nothing could be further from the truth.


Imagine being Bin Laden today reading "We've sent a message to the world that the United States is not like the terrorists," Senator McCain said, sitting next to the president in the Oval Office on Thursday. If still alive, Bin Laden is likely to die of laughter…


Maybe Bin Laden will enjoy this invitation headlining Al Jazerra today, “Senate votes against Patriot Act”, the Islamic extremist interpretation; - “America opens for terrorist business again!”


These acts, along with Democrats’ calls to “cut and run” from the war on terror, won’t even win the PR war with peaceniks around the globe who won’t be happy until they have given away every freedom and liberty in their ill conceived pursuit of peace. Even if it did, winning that war would likely come at the expense of the much more important war, the one we can not afford to lose.


What are these people thinking? You plan to prevent the next 9/11 by telling terrorists they are safe to not talk? How exactly?


I understand why people who don’t like anything about America support such an idea, but what about the rest of us? All for what - politics?


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