The Drumbeat of Defeat

Is America Marching?

Written by JB Williams

©2006 USA


According to Newsweek, Americans Back Baker-Hamilton! But according to my experience with the average American, you’d be hard pressed to find a thousand Americans outside of Washington DC who have read the Baker-Hamilton report, much less fully understand and agree with its implications.


In a new NEWSWEEK poll, Americans say they back the Baker-Hamilton report and want President Bush to alter his course in Iraq.” – “Americans back the ISG’s recommendations by a two-to-one margin.” says the Newsweek column.


The report claims “In interviews with 1,000 adults done Dec. 6 and Dec. 7, 39 percent of Americans said they generally agree with the group’s 79 recommendations, while 20 percent said they disagree. (Twenty-six percent said, in effect: “Report, what report?”)


I can do better than that all by myself! I released a column titled America’s Fatal Weakness on 12/11/06. It was picked up on our nations most active political blog Free Republic where over 2300 read it in the first few hours and over 160 commented upon it. Not one of those readers or respondents supported the Baker-Hamilton plan… Which Americans are we talking about here? Newsweek’s faceless-nameless 1000 or my 2300, whose comments you can read for yourself?


What the Newsweek poll really proves is that only 26% of Newsweek respondents were honest enough to say they didn’t know anything about it…


The American press has been beating the drum of defeat since before the first soldier set a boot on Iraqi soil. The outcome of the ‘06’ mid-term election proves only how successful the media war against the war on terror has been. People, who depend upon the lamestream press for their daily dose of reality, aren’t living in reality at all today as a result. Once the press populates public opinion with slick sound-bites and flashy headlines, usually initiated by the DNC, the UN or their friends over at CPUSA, you can count on the media’s opinion polls echoing that propaganda.


Newsweek asks, “What is the new (nationwide bi-partisan) consensus? Nearly two out of three Americans (65 percent) concur with the Iraq Study Group that the U.S. should threaten to reduce economic and military aid to the Baghdad government unless it meets benchmarks for security and development.”


According to Newsweak, “Fifty-seven percent believe Washington should reach out to its adversaries Iran and Syria in an effort to stabilize Iraq.” If this is true, it might explain a lot! If fifty-seven percent really are stupid enough to think that we should reach out to our enemies to beg for assistance in defeating our enemies, that would explain for starters, how Democrats just got elected.


The Newsweak report says “61 percent believe Washington should launch a new and sustained effort to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.” Now there’s an idea almost as useful as the Baker-Hamilton study! Who ever came up with this one should win the Nobel Peace Prize! I was waiting for the details of how the 61% thought this should be accomplished, but it seems that nobody at Newsweak bothered to ask the obvious follow-up question… So much for the experts!


Then Newsweak says “That’s bad news for President George W. Bush since it’s unclear whether the new consensus has been adopted by the White House.” I’ve got news for Newsweak… If fifty-seven percent of Americans really do think we should beg our enemies to help defeat our enemies, that’s bad news for all of us! No wonder Democrats won the election!


Then the Newsweak respondents show their real national security prowess. “Sixty-two percent of Americans want the Bush administration to set a timetable for withdrawal.” Even my third grader knows better than to tell a career bank-robber exactly what time the bank vault will be open and un-guarded! I think our nations real problem is coming into focus here… Newsweak is either really good at finding idiots to poll, (regular readers I assume), or the collective lamestream press with the help of the NEA, has fully indoctrinated an entire generation of fools!


That about covers the value of the Newsweak poll, doesn’t it?


On to the real expert on how to win a war and bring peace to a region of the world that has NEVER known peace, departing UN Secretary General Kofi Annan…


Before an adoring crowd of spineless international power-brokers at the Harry S. Truman (D) library, Annan pronounced “Human rights and the rule of law are vital to global security and prosperity” – “When the U.S. "appears to abandon its own ideals and objectives, its friends abroad are naturally troubled and confused," he said.


"When power, especially military force, is used, the world at large will consider it legitimate only when convinced that it Is being used for the right purpose - for broadly shared aims," said Annan, implying a not so well disguised personal disdain for the Bush administration and its war on international terrorism.


Annan urged the US to embrace its natural and historical role as “the responsible global leader” and warned that no nation can make itself secure by seeking supremacy over others. Again, he implies that the US has been, shall we say, heavy handed in its approach to the war on terror. He recognizes that the US is the historical global leader, something Democrats don’t even get. But then he assumes the right to tell America how it should lead the world. Oop’s!


He said "that lead can only be maintained if America remains true to its principles - including in the struggle against terrorism". In other words, lead the way the followers want you to…? Democrats are sure to oblige by the way. Like Annan, they hold a strange interpretation of the word “leadership”.


He stressed that this was no clash between Western and Eastern civilizations. "All civilization is at stake, and we can save it only if all peoples join together in the task." Ignoring the well-known fact that some in the world are not interested in joining together to save civilization. Some are very much committed to destroying civilization, western civilization to be specific, mostly in the east.


Of course, he chose an interesting place to make such statements, the Truman Presidential Museum and Library, which honors the US President who turned the Japanese islands of Hiroshima and Nagasaki into parking lots with the only broad use of WMD in human history. He also casually overlooked the fact that Truman’s decision to vaporize an estimated 214,000 Japanese men, women and children in seconds, most likely saved the lives of millions around the world with Japans immediate surrender ending WWII. He also apparently didn’t know that Truman was a Democrat, not a war-mongering Republican. So much for this expert!


From the United Nations to Syria, from Venezuela to Iran, from North Korea to Iraq and Afghanistan, “the world” (terrorist regimes notably) is “at odds” with US policy in the war on terror and according to Newsweak, the vast majority of Americans are too.


We seem to agree that civilization hangs in the balance of the outcome of the world-wide war against international terrorism. We seem united in the idea that war is no fun. But we seem to disagree with how to end this war and even what an acceptable ending might look like.


Nobody in the world worked harder or spent more to hoist Democrats back into political power than international socialist billionaire George Soros, who wrote a book about bursting the bubble of American supremacy. Annan and the UN, as well as all enemies of the west agree and it appears as though the press and many US “scholars” have convinced some Americans to go along for the ride.


The drumbeat of defeat goes on and on from the American lamestream presses, making the energizer bunny look like a quitter. Are the American people now marching to that beat, like Newsweak says?


The jury is still out, but the evidence (the ‘06’ election) doesn’t look good. People misled by daily anti-America propaganda headlines and sound-bites are losing their will to win.


As I pointed out in my last column, history has proven repeatedly and without exception, that he with the will to win, will winAmerica’s will to win is being systematically eroded by a constant drumbeat of defeat and the average American is none the wiser!


Meanwhile, as the witless and spineless search for a means to negotiate the non-negotiable, American soldiers stand in the breach… Thanks to Newsweak and many other propaganda rags now masquerading as news agencies, American soldiers are stuck between the need to complete their mission and the politicians who called them to service, but won’t let them win.


Sadly, neither Newsweak nor politician will ever pay the price for their acts, our soldiers will. Nothing angers me more!