Merry Christmas....12.13.04 release

Merry Christmas!

Written by JB Williams



Twas weeks before Christmas, and across this great country, ACLU lawyers were busy, stuffing their pockets with money. Filing law suits everywhere, intended to frighten, those who believe, but no one is bitin’.


In the name of tolerance, they attack our foundation, spreading the word, of their own revelation. That Christmas is not, about Christ anymore, our country, not about freedom or liberty, for sure.


No longer appropriate, is One Nation Under God, in a country so blessed, now isn’t that odd. As most of America, plans celebration, the ACLU, plots its own form of salvation. Their hope is to free us, from all we hold dear, removing Christ from our Christmas, but let no man fear…


America awakened, from decades of slumber, our core beliefs, will no longer be plundered. You see we were tolerant, for far too long, remaining silent, as right became wrong.


Those days have now passed, we are back on the job, defending our nation, from this un-American mob. A poet I’m not, but an American I am, so if you find this offensive, I don’t give a damn.


The point is this, and remember it well, America is a Christian nation, all others can go to...well…you know the rest………..


So much for a career as a poet I’m afraid…but tis’ the Season to speak in rhymes, at least a little.


The “enough is enough” crowd finally got off of the couch in 2004. People have been talking about getting out the vote, uniting people in a common cause, and in 2004, both of these things happened, they happened in a big way, and that alone is worth celebrating.


I don’t know a single Christian that wastes a moment’s time thinking about forcing their “free will” religion on a single soul. In fact, for years now, the Christian majority in this country has been sitting silently on the sidelines, as their entire way of American life was continuously attacked by those who believe in nothing at all.


The ACLU, the Michael Newdow’s, and the Michael Moore’s in this country better get a clue. Just because we were tolerant for so long, because we are not the type to march in the streets, burn American flags, urinate on the White House lawn, or throw our well-earned combat medals over any fence, doesn’t mean we don’t object to their efforts to destroy everything good and wholesome in America.


We do object, and we find these people and their motives to be completely offensive, and we have been as tolerant as we are ever going to be.


The 2004 election was a clear indication, that the “attack America folks” had crossed the line one too many times, and when their push became a shove, America simply blacked their eye and bloodied their nose…


What the blue county folks better understand about all those red counties from sea to shining sea is that we do believe in God, in America too, and in America’s Christian heritage, and the fact that this heritage is going to continue.


They had better understand that we know better than to bring a knife to a gun fight, and that unlike them, we are willing to die for our beliefs, willing to die to defend the greatest nation on earth, or more accurately, to make certain that our enemies die first.


They thought destroying America was going to be a walk in the park. That the passive silent nature of most Christians was to live and let live, and to some degree, they were right. But that was before they decided they had gathered enough strength to challenge everything America has ever been. That’s when they learned that they were not in this war alone, that they had opposition. A formidable foe at that!


Some won’t find this article to be much in the Christmas spirit, but I think this article is in the true spirit of Christmas, standing up for that which is the basis for Christmas, and that which is the basis for all of America’s greatness.


Some think we have a constitutional Right to not be offended. I’m here to tell you, that Right doesn’t exist. I know, because I have been offended for years, and it is someone else’s turn now.


What we have is a Right to speak freely, specifically, a Right to exercise and express our religious beliefs without limitation, the First Amendment say’s so. Some think it say’s just the opposite, but these folks also think that the Fourth Amendment concerning “illegal search and seizure” protects a woman’s Right to kill her young, proving only that we can’t trust their judgment at all.


I for one will not be celebrating Winter Festival this year, or any other. I will be celebrating Christmas, the celebration of Christ’s birth. Old St. Nick will be visiting again too, but he won’t be the center of attention in our home.


Those who celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even Winter Festival, are free to do so in America without repudiation. But the vast majority of American’s who happen to be Christians, by no coincidence, are free to celebrate Christmas as well.


If those who celebrate these other Holiday’s intend to continue to have that Right, they had better make certain that the majority, who are Christian, continue to have their Rights.


Those who believe in nothing at all are also free in America. Not in spite of, but because of America’s First Amendment, that language regarding “free” expression which applies to all, including Christians.


Some will continue to challenge this freedom, and they will continue to receive at the very least, a black eye any time their push becomes a shove.


That is what separates America from the rest of the world, and it is time they understand that their freedoms are just a fragile as anyone else’s, that by attacking ours, they undermine their own.


So Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, whatever applies. It is these things that make us different, that in the end make us all the same, Americans…and there is nothing on earth I’d rather be.


Remember during this Holiday Season, all those who are currently paying the price for this Right!


Merry Christmas!