Release....November 19, 2004

Can America Unite?
Written by JB Williams

A better question might be, does anyone in America really want to unite? If they do, I don’t see any evidence of it. Sure, everybody is talking about it post election, but in all cases, what they mean is, the other side needs to think more like me…

Many have attempted to psycho-babble their way through why we are so divided. But the answer is more obvious than anyone cares to admit. We are divided by design…

Modern political campaigns are designed to draw distinctions between candidates, even where no distinction exists. Otherwise, if everyone were truly united behind the current leadership, there would be no need for an election, and worse, no opportunity to shift political power.

2004 provides a perfect example. The country was united more than any time in recent history in the war against international terrorism. The divide occurred when the war shifted its central front to Iraq. Even though everyone (including the challengers) had supported that action, a distinction had to be drawn to create a political campaign.

So the challengers shifted positions from a pre-campaign stance of support, to redefining the action in Iraq as a departure from the war on terror. As united as we were post 9/11, the only way to divide us on this issue, was to divide us over Iraq. Even though all candidates are on record in support pre-campaign season, a minor revision created the divide needed to establish the necessary distinction between the candidates.

Same goes for domestic issues. Everyone knows that the events of 9/11 caused an economic whiplash in earnings and employment, but a distinction had to be created in order to make a campaign. So the challengers attempted to saddle the current administration with a sluggish economic recovery, selling the idea that it was a policy problem, not a natural sign of uncertain times.

People who are by nature, anti-war, anti-America and in general, liberal, were ready and willing to accept any divisive story necessary to create an alternate candidate, anybody but Bush.

There you have it, divide created, even on the social issues such as Gay marriage. Neither candidate supported Gay marriage, but the minor distinction in image only was enough to create a division for the Gay Rights community. Abortion Rights folks voted against Bush, even though Kerry himself said he doesn’t believe in Abortion either.

Both candidates were funded by wealthy individuals, corporations and unions. Both went out of their way to focus on their own positives and the others negatives, and at the end of the day both were able to draw the needed distinctions that political races are made of.

In the end, we appear divided 51 to 48, but is that an accurate picture? This calculated divide is based on slanted information designed to create such a divide. If we were all working with the same set of facts, how divided would we be?

Now that we all know the UN, France, Germany and Russia were paid by Hussein to undermine diplomatic efforts, in fact, paid to block UN support for enforcing 17 broken UN resolutions, will those who want to believe America acted alone against the free world in Iraq change their minds? I doubt it…

This goes back to my original question; does anyone really want to unite?

The past three elections show a trend towards more conservative American values, and a steady decline in power of America’s left thinking Democratic Party. Yet, days after their third and most convincing defeat, the Democratic Party begins to groom its surrogate Marxist, Hillary Clinton for a 2008 run.

Is this a unifying choice of a candidate? Hillary could be the most polarizing figure on the face of the planet, so this can only be read as a sign of defiance, not a move towards unity, or towards the mainstream.

The biggest problem I see in the modern DNC is their continued pattern of choosing far left candidates, then reinventing their image as centrists, creating the illusion that it is a mainstream Party.

Bill Clinton was a centrist compared to Al Gore, John Kerry, or even Hillary Clinton. But since Bill, the Party has continued to move further and further left, loosing more and more power, and nobody seems in the mood to change directions in that Party yet.

Over the last 40 years, the Party has allowed itself to become marginalized as the Party of special interest voting blocks only. In short, single issue voters who are either voting themselves money from the treasury, or voting to protect their Right to an Abortion, or Gay unions, now make up the core of the Democratic Party.

This core group is the hard left of the DNC that subscribes to what can only be described as a pro-globalization socialist ideology, and they are setting the DNC agenda today. Other support is drawn to the Party by the division created over war, or a few markets experiencing job uncertainty, explaining the little blue dots on that big red map.

Is there any chance that these core DNC groups want to unite with the rest of America? They think they are right, that the rest of us are just less enlightened, that all of us should adopt a more socialist international view for the future of America. They want us to unite with them…but they have no interest in uniting with us.

At best, these folks represent only half of that 48%, so what about the other half that might be able to unite with the rest of America? I think these folks want to unite, but their ability to do so will depend on their ability to sift through massive disinformation, get to the same set of facts the rest of us are working with, and draw the same conclusions.

What about my conservative friends? Are they willing to give up their pro-America, pro-enterprise moral valued position in exchange for a more united but socialist America? Not a chance…

Can America Unite? Sure, if we all work with the same set of facts, with the same vision for America in mind. Otherwise, how would we unite?