Senate Wants Exit Strategy for Iraq!

Written by JB Williams



The Chicago Tribune reports WASHINGTON — “Expressing growing unease over the war in Iraq, the Senate voted overwhelmingly Tuesday to compel the Bush administration to explain its strategy for completing the U.S. mission in Iraq and bringing American troops home.”


Since Bush is out of town on business, and the question seems easy enough for even me to answer, I’ll save Senators the hand-wringing that comes with awaiting a formal White House response that really isn’t necessary.


PLAN: Our exit strategy is to complete our mission in Iraq and then, bring our brave young men and women home with the kind of hero’s welcome they deserve. Our time frame is “as soon as the mission is completed”.


That aught to about cover it! Thanks for asking!


Note to Al Qaeda: You could help speed this up if you would just die a little faster. Any help in this regard will be appreciated. We’ll even kick in an extra virgin or two.


(Your tax dollars hard at work) Can you hear me now?

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