So Much for Compassionate Conservatism!

Bush has Appeased His Enemies Too Long

Written by JB Williams



The title compassionate conservative might have helped Bush get elected, but trying to live up to that title has him spending like a drunken Kennedy and appeasing enemies like a hang-nail Purple Heart Kerry having a morning latte with the Viet Cong in Paris.


When it comes to fighting our nation’s foreign enemies, Bush has proven to be a formidable foe capable of far more than just tough talk. But in the face of relentless attacks from his enemies here within, he has proven to be about as tough as Jimmy Carter, (no graphic expletive needed).


Bush’s enemies within have been gunning for him since the moment Florida voters sent Al Gore packing in 2000. They have called him a “liar”, an “idiot”, a “fascist”, a “war-monger”, a “crook” and so many other things, I can’t begin to remember them all. Hell - - even hardened liberals accuse him of over-spending, ignoring border security and going too easy on Al Qaeda.


Compassionate conservatism might be a great election cycle marketing term, but it turns out that it is a horrible means of leading a nation that seems to be not so compassionate in its conservatism.


The writing is on the wall, in case any Republicans care to take a gaze into their crystal ball for a glimpse at their political future. American voters went to the polls in the last four election cycles in record numbers for the sole purpose of removing socialist liberals from power. They handed the keys to Washington over to people they thought were conservative, like them.


These voters put Republicans in power not for the purpose of negotiating away that power, compromising away the conservative agenda or appeasing the left-wingnuts across the aisle who we just removed from power. They put them in power to reverse the trends of the last 40 years towards a socialist – secular – un-American – immoral left-wingnut society.


As we removed socialist liberals from power, some Republicans decided they needed to become more compassionate and tolerant of those things we sent them there to fix. Consequently, nothing is getting fixed, even with people who claimed to be conservatives in complete command of the ship.


Liberals told Republicans that they had no mandate, a great choice of words from a group systematically removed from power by American voters over four consecutive election cycles. Apparently, Washington Republicans believed them…


Bush wanted to be a “uniter”, but he is having great trouble uniting his own Party, much less a country. The fact is - he has squandered Party unity in search of an unachievable social unity. Contrary to the claims of his enemies, domestically, he has attempted to lead by following. He has forgotten the most important elements of real leadership.


Rule # 1 - "The will of the people is the only legitimate foundation of any government." (Thomas Jefferson) The will of the people is decided in election cycles, the last four of which willed Republicans into complete power.


Rule # 2 - "In politics the middle way is none at all." (John Adams) There is another word for “moderate”…. It’s “uncommitted”.


Rule # 3 - "Never confuse motion with action." (Benjamin Franklin) Washington is all about motion, these days even more about commotion. It seldom results in action and when it does, it’s seldom in the interest of the people.


Rule # 4 - "One man with courage makes a majority." (Andrew Jackson) This idea was the essence of Ronald Reagan’s leadership and it is the core characteristic of every great leader. Once given the authority via the will of the people, one must have the courage to do what the people sent him to do, without concern for his critics.


Rule # 5 - "It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use of reason as to administer medication to the dead" (Thomas Jefferson) Liberal socialists have been morally bankrupt and at least brain-dead for years. That’s why American voters removed them from power. Negotiating, compromising, tolerating or appeasing them makes no sense at all.


True conservatives still exist in Washington. That’s who rejected Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers in favor of the better known conservative Judge Alito. Clearly, there are still a few willing to fight for what is right, still willing to do the job they were sent to do. As Jefferson put it, “Nobody can acquire honor by doing what is wrong."


You don’t have to be a scientist or a doctor or an evangelical preacher to know that a mother taking the innocent life of her offspring is wrong. You just need a very basic respect for human life. Rights of privacy have never included the right to end the life of another innocent human being and it never should. Yet we let it continue…


You don’t have to be Winston Churchill or George Patton to know that you can’t secure a nation without securing its borders. Yet our borders remain wide open and no action has been taken to close them or to find and deport those already here illegally.


You don’t have to be Alan Greenspan to know the economic future of a nation that has become a slave to its lenders, spending an ever increasing sum of its future productivity on an endless list of socialist welfare programs designed to empower the federal government, not its dependents. Yet we keep on spending like there’s no tomorrow and soon, there won’t be.


We do these things and worse in the name of compromise, tolerance and compassion. But there is nothing compassionate about killing the unborn, nothing secure in tolerating an increasing illegal immigration problem and nothing right about compromising our children’s future freedom for a few pennies from the national treasury. It’s wrong, all of it!


The people worked hard to remove socialist liberals from power and it was a step in the right direction. But the people’s work is clearly not done.


We must not only continue to remove remaining socialist Democrats from power at every opportunity, we must also begin to replace moderate “uncommitted” Republicans with true conservatives. We need people who will take real action to secure this nation including at our own borders, people who will no longer tolerate the taking of innocent life in the name of convenience or compromise our children’s future freedom for a few pennies from the treasury today.


The conservative movement to reinstate real American values is alive and well at American kitchen tables across this great land. If the title neocon bothers you, just remember that this term is coined and used only by neo-socialists. People who never liked anything about America and never will. Accept the title as a compliment…


While in power, Republicans need to lead this country on the basis of true conservative values, or they need to be replaced at election time by real conservatives who will. Our job began with stopping liberal Democrats from driving this nation further into a secular immoral abyss and fiscal bankruptcy. It needs to be finished by stopping uncommitted Republicans from doing the same by negotiating away the power we gave them.


Freedom was never easy. If you thought you could just go to the polls a couple times and then return to life as though all would be well, you have not studied American history much. It is an ongoing struggle, a never ending fight for freedom and it is a war that needs to be re-won every day. It can only be fought by the people who elect politicians. Then, politicians can never be trust to get it right on their own, no matter how they title themselves.


We are in fact on the right road, but we have to keep hold on the wheel. We can’t set our country on cruise control… But then, we never could. True conservatism is compassionate, it’s just not wasteful.


We are the land of the free… but only because we are the home of the brave and the tireless.



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