Released....November 10, 2004

Jesus was a Commie…
Written by JB Williams

Atop the list of things driving America’s leftists insane over the 2004 election, is the fact that all of their secular socialist ideas of an irresponsible, increasingly government dependent society, were shot down in flames by Christian conservatives who reclaimed their moral high ground, and the country they built upon that rock…

Atheists and Agnostics from those blue dots sprinkled in a few corners of the country are scrambling to advance their theory that “morals” and “religion” have no connection.

Christians who claim Jesus was a Commie are scrambling to advance their argument that the conservative Right is cherry-picking their morals, attacking Abortion and Homosexuality in a bigoted fashion, while selfishly over-looking the poor and the disenfranchised.

Both are convinced they have a severe “image” problem, but find no flaws in their basic ideology. "We need to work really hard at reclaiming some language," said the Rev. Robert Edgar, general secretary of the liberal-leaning National Council of Churches.

The religious right has successfully gotten out there shaping personal piety issues - civil unions, abortion - as almost the total content of 'moral values,'" Edgar said. "And yet you can't read the Old Testament without knowing God was concerned about the environment, war and peace, poverty. God doesn't want 45 million Americans without health care."

Now I’m no preacher, but I have read the good book a time or two, and I don’t recall free national health care being mentioned in the Bible anywhere. Personally, I’m for a free Rolls Royce in every driveway, but I couldn’t find that in the Bible anywhere either.

As for the Atheists and Agnostics, it seems to me the miraculous outcome of the 2004 election alone, indicates there might be something to that Christ fellow. He hasn’t physically been on earth for some 2000 years, yet he managed to “get out the vote” in record numbers. Now that’s impressive!

America, being the most generous nation on earth, not only feeds those Americans who can not feed themselves, but those who won’t, and also those around the globe who are having trouble. Who do you think is picking up the tab for all of this American generosity? Largely those rich right-wing Christian conservatives whom everyone loves to hate, that’s who…

Not only is our tax code geared to send them the bill for all our generosity, in addition, they represent the majority of folks supporting charities over and above that which is taken from them by the government. You almost never hear any of these givers complain…meanwhile, the left, who contribute little or nothing, never stop complaining.

Just as the left attempts to re-write American history, they also attempt to re-write a few definitions. Morality:The quality of being in accord with standards of right or good conduct. A system of ideas of right and wrong conduct: religious morality; Christian morality. Virtuous conduct.”

Can anyone tell me what is “virtuous” or “moral” about Abortion? Don’t give me the garbage about a woman’s Right to do what she wants to her own body, it isn’t her body we’re talking about. It’s the body of an innocent unborn child, and it’s Right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, at the center of this debate.

Can any Christian tell me what the good word says about Homosexuality? Don’t bother, I already know what the good book says’s about Homosexuality, so does anyone who has ever read the good book.

What really happened in the 2004 election is Christians reconnected these issues with their core Christian beliefs, leaving behind the idea that they can continue separating their core moral beliefs, from the decisions they make in their lives. Moral people took a moral stand…

This is exactly what the left is afraid of, moral people making moral decisions that infringe upon their Right to remain immoral without consequence. Atheists and Agnostics much prefer their set of morals, which don’t include such basics as a Right to Life or personal liberty. Some Christians prefer their “turn the other cheek, peace not war, communal living Jesus”.

In either case, on close inspection we find that it is of course the left, who cherry-pick which moral standards they will subscribe to and support. Their moral standards lead them to defend the life of a baby seal, but not that of an unborn child, their Right to drop the F-bomb anywhere anytime they like, while they insist the dirty word “God” be removed from public view.

They read the part about forgiveness in the Bible, but not the part about turning from sin. They enjoy the stories of Jesus speaking with prostitutes, accepted the message of salvation, but not the responsibility that comes with it.

I don’t doubt that in all cases, they have convinced themselves that they are as moral as anyone, even more than some. I don’t even doubt that we can find secularist individuals who do behave better than some individuals on the religious right; we are after all, sinners, all of us.

But this idea that the conservative right is cherry-picking moral standards is simply untrue, as is the notion that moral people can embrace immoral behaviors. I’m sure there are exceptions, but by and large, the general rule applies that religious people (by definition) subscribe to standards, a system of absolute right and wrong, and the best among them practice what they preach.

One can make a compelling argument, that those who have no bedrock standards or system of absolute right and wrong, those who cherry-pick which issues they will apply those standards to and which ones they will separate themselves from, have no standards at all really.

We can cherry-pick scripture too; it seems to have become a favorite American pass-time.

But when we look at the scripture as an entire work, their can be little doubt that Jesus was no Commie, quite the contrary. He was no sissy either, having died a brutal tortured death, standing up for his moral convictions, and his very death demonstrated his unwillingness to compromise.

The left needs to reclaim more than some language. Contrary to the wisdom found in those little blue dot areas today, not only was Jesus not a Commie, he wasn’t a hypocrite either; not prone to biting the hand that feeds the world, which means, by today’s standard, he couldn’t possibly be a sniveling liberal either…