Republican Voters Stay Home

Anti-Incumbency Wins?

Written by JB Williams

©2006 USA


If I could get a dollar for every time we are going to hear the word “mandate” in the next 72 hours, I could get out of Dodge and retire to a Caribbean island in style, where I wouldn’t have to endure this…




Speaker Elect Pelosi and Senate Leader Elect Reid are two of the most anti-American socialist members of congress - now in control of congress. They can thank Republican voters for their new found power, but they won’t. They will jam it up their bumm instead…


Five of nine registered voters are registered Republican, making it a numerical impossibility for socialist Democrats to win power in this country without the help of Republican voters. They had been threatening to stay home for months leading up to the 2006 mid-term election. It was not an idle threat! According to early numbers, the nation-wide voter turnout was only 40% of registered voters. This morning, we know which 40%. Iraqi’s did better braving a gauntlet of gunfire to hoof it to the polls… Republican must be ashamed!


As my good friend and favorite conservative Paul Weyrich points out, “Some at the grassroots level have argued that we should send the Republicans a message of disapproval by voting for Democrats. Interesting. That would be like a mother who has an unruly child spanking herself to improve the child.” (It turns out - all they had to do was stay home and do nothing.)


Finally, Republican voters have adopted the emotion driven logic of the left and shot themselves in the foot (or maybe the head), just as Democrats did in the 90’s. They removed themselves from power in a fit of rage against a Republican congress that was not conservative enough and replaced them with socialist Democrats that are not conservative at all, or even American. Brilliant! This move qualifies them as “enlightened”… just like their leftist counterparts. Though I would call it “mentally touched”…


There was no getting around the overwhelming anti-incumbency sentiment coming into this mid-term election. Change of direction is what the people have called for and change they will get.


They didn’t just elect the first female Speaker of the House - they elected the first Socialist anti-America Speaker of the House and when they see who sits at the helm of every key committee’s in Washington a few days from now, they will see that they elected an entire Socialist regime in Washington DC, though it will take a few months to calculate the cost of such a move.


They voted against the war on terror, specifically, our efforts in the central front in the war on terror in Iraq. But they didn’t vote for any new policy in Iraq, because Democrats never offered one, other than their call to cut-n-run from Iraq. If Democrats keep their word to their core constituency, they will make official their claim that Iraq is just another Vietnam by once again bringing our troops home in defeat and leaving Iraq (like Vietnam) in a vacuum of real death and destruction.


In the days leading up to the election, terror networks around the world called upon American voters to vote for Democrats and the American people have now answered that call. Terror leaders’ choice for American leadership just won control of congress and the terrorists’ tactics have been fully vindicated. But Democrats didn’t stop there. A short five years after Muslim terrorists brutally attacked America, killing thousands of innocent civilians and wrecking U.S. economic stability, they elected the nations first Muslim to congress!


To no shock or awe, newly elected Muslim House Representative Keith Ellison of Minnesota, called for an immediate troop pull-out and retreat from the war on terror in Iraq. Is this what Republicans had in mind when they planned to teach Republican politicians a lesson?


It is exactly what Democrats have had in mind ever since the day they voted to authorize military action in Iraq. What about the Republicans who just handed national power over to Democrats? Is this what they had in mind?


Whether Republican voters intended to elect socialist Democrats who are eager to retreat from the war on terror or not - that’s what they have done. They gave two primary reasons for doing it… political corruption in Washington and Iraq.


These were the two socialist lies that stuck, both with idiot liberal voters who don’t know any better, and with many Republican voters who once did know better, but who let their emotions, not their knowledge, drive their decision.


The problem is – both reasons were outright lies!


Democrats voted to support military action in Iraq and immediately thereafter began undermining that effort with great success. They then ran in 2006 on “not staying the course in Iraq”, without ever having to define exactly what new course they had planned. The few willing to identify a plan at all, called for retreat and defeat (code named redeploy) in Iraq. The balance of Democrats simply refused to answer the question, repeating the campaign mantra of “changing course” over and over, without ever identifying “how” they would change course.


As for the corruption in Washington DC, Republican leaders allowed themselves to be seduced into the same Washington power-games that Democrats perfected decades ago, becoming just as corrupt as Democrats and thereby giving Republican voters nothing to feel good about preserving.


It isn’t a lie to say that Washington Republicans have become corrupt. The lie is to suggest that Democrats had not beaten them at this game for years or to imply that Washington Democrats are not the experts of political corruption. The notion that Democrats will in any way improve this situation, reduce political corruption in Washington, is laughable. But few thought about that at election time.


Republican voters angered by lack-luster border security under Republican leadership will not like the Democrats they have just elected at all, once they figure out that there is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant” in the mind of today’s Democrats. What we think of as “illegal aliens”, Democrats think of as future federal aid recipients and therefore, solid Democrat constituents.


As much as I’d like to blame Democrats for this disastrous shift of political power to the extreme left, I can’t. It would not have been possible without the help of Republican voters who are now officially, just as stupid as the average Democrat voter.


The process of dumbing America down to a level unable to govern itself is complete. The nanny state is here to stay until it is one day forced to file bankruptcy. The leftist propaganda promoted by the press and college campuses has finally succeeded in replacing American principles with socialist drivel and the average American, now to include many Republicans, is none the wiser.


Hurray for the great Democratic victory! The Communist Party USA, the Socialist Party USA and terror regimes all over the world, celebrate their great victory today. But don’t expect them to show any favor to those who put them all in power. They hate Republicans, conservatives and all traditional American values more than ever.


The American “silent majority” was silent one last time. Now they must remain silent forever. They have given up their right to complain…


I hope that Republican leaders too weak to lead while they had the chance, at least took notes from their Democrat friends in the new majority Party across the aisle looking to run them over beginning today. Since they couldn’t lead, they have to be perpetual spoilers to the New Leftist agenda.


Bush better sharpen up his Veto! It’s the only line of defense left to preserve American ideals, before taking up arms… That day is now inevitable.