Democrats Perplexed…Still Don’t Get it!

Written by JB Williams




I’m not surprised that a Party, who thinks George Soros represents American values, still can’t figure out what happened on November 2nd. No wonder Bill Clinton is still the star of the Democratic Party, he’s the only one who is even close to getting it…


Three days after the outcome of the 2004 election became clear, former President Clinton had a message for Democrats on the brink of suicide: “Buck up. It's not that bad. You need to improve your image.”


"This election presents a great opportunity for President Bush and a great opportunity for Democrats, and the two are not necessarily in conflict. It would be a mistake for our party to sit around and ... whine about this and that or the other thing." Clinton said in his first public remarks since Democratic Sen. John Kerry's defeat on Tuesday.


I said Clinton is the “closest” to getting it… but even he is missing the mark by a smidge…


It’s classic Clinton; he only recognizes the “image” problems facing the DNC, completely ignoring the fact that their current image matches their current platform and base philosophy perfectly.


Clinton is almost right, the DNC does have a severe image problem with all those red counties across the country. But the problem doesn’t stop with just their image, it runs much deeper than that.


Remember when the extreme left in America (yeah, it existed back then too, just in much smaller numbers) was afraid to elect JFK because they thought he would turn the whole country Catholic? These are the same folks that fear Bush’s moral convictions, only now they are greater in number, more extreme in their secular beliefs, and they control the Democratic Party.


Few Presidents have spoken more of their religion than JFK, and he would be no more welcome in the DNC today than George W. Bush. This is not just an image problem, this is a major philosophical shift in the heartbeat of the Democratic Party, and Americans figured that out.


Clinton went on to say, "If we let people believe that our party doesn't believe in faith and family, doesn't believe in work and freedom, that's our fault."


Again, he limits his diagnosis to the Party “image”. But the fact is the Party philosophy matches today’s image perfectly. They don’t believe in faith, or family, or hard work, or even freedom.


Instead, they have built their Party on a platform of secularism, same-sex unions, free stuff and in general, socialist principles. The American people didn’t misinterpret this in the 2000, 2002 or 2004 elections, they just flatly rejected it.


Spotted Al Gore was too left of center for America in 2000, but the DNC didn’t get the message, so they lost more congressional seats in 2002. Now John Kerry and John Edwards were too left of center for America in 2004, and they still don’t get it.


Already they are ramping up to run someone even further left in 2008, America’s surrogate Marxist, Hillary Clinton. Whether America is ready for a female President or not, clearly demonstrated in the last three elections is the fact that America is not yet ready for a Marxist President. Hopefully, it never will be!


Even worse, like other socialists around the globe, Democrats look at that big red map and conclude that the race was close. That all those red “hillbilly” counties that cover the map from sea to shining sea, are just too backwoods ignorant to know that they should welcome a secular socialist society with open arms.


Now clearly, somebody is “out of touch” with America, “out of sync” with true American values and principles, and it defies any form of logic to think it is all those folks who live in all those red counties.


They figure all us backwoods folks don’t know what the word “progressive” means. But it turns out us hillbilly’s can do a little cipherin’ of our own. All we have to do is look at the policy platform of the modern DNC, and we can see that “progressive” means “secular socialism”, a Godless society run by Godless men who appoint themselves God.


For such a hifalutin bunch of pantywaists, Democrats sure is slow to catch up with us bible thumpin’ baccer spittin’ hillbillies, ain’t they? Forest Gump was quicker on the uptake than these pompous windbags. Maybe they need someone to draw them a picture…?


A classy bunch they are too… (Click this one with discretion; they ain’t so classy after all)


Yep, it’s going to be entertaining watching these pretentious secular socialist puff-bags attempt to re-invent themselves between now and the next election.


We’ll have to keep in mind that it is only a re-invention of their “image”, because none of them folks who live in those little blue counties see anything wrong with their anti-American flag-burnin’ blame America first stinkin’ thinkin’. So they are not likely to change anything that matters any time soon.




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