A Dangerous New Depth of Sewer Politics

Written by JB Williams



Democrats had been promising their anti-Bush anti-war anti-America constituents hard proof of the DNC invented White House “culture of corruption” for months. They said it would come in the form of up to 15 indictments of key White House officials last Friday. They said the Plame-Wilson investigation had uncovered key evidence that raised questions about White House manipulation of intelligence wrongly used to justify war in Iraq.


But none of this turned out to be true Friday when a single indictment was filed against a single White House official - That indictment accusing no one of outing anybody, raising no questions or issues concerning justifications for or against the war at all, leaving Democrats and their Bush-hating minions once again looking silly, petty and irrelevant.


In fact, prosecutor Fitzgerald stated point blank, “This indictment is not about the war. This indictment's not about the propriety of the war. And people who believe fervently in the war effort, people who oppose it, people who have mixed feelings about it should not look to this indictment for any resolution of how they feel or any vindication of how they feel.”


Fitzgerald wrapped up the topic with “The indictment will not seek to prove that the war was justified or unjustified. This is stripped of that debate, and this is focused on a narrow transaction. And I think anyone's who's concerned about the war and has feelings for or against shouldn't look to this criminal process for any answers or resolution of that.”


Yet none of this stopped DNC Chairman Howard Dean from falsely claiming less than 48 hours later, "we can't ignore the glaring questions this case has raised about the rationale the Bush Administration used to send us to war in Iraq.”


One indictment instead of the fifteen promised - no one charged with outing anyone - and the prosecutor openly removing any possibility of political pro or anti-war rhetoric coming out of his investigation, left the already beleaguered Democrats reeling…


At the same time, the ultra-conservative wing of the Republican Party forced the withdrawal of Supreme Court nominee Miers, replacing her with well-known and respected conservative Judge Alito, effectively calling the Democrats bluff to filibuster a supremely qualified nominee strictly on ideological grounds.


In Texas, the judge expected to help lynch Republican Tom Delay was removed from the case due to his DNC affiliations and related contributions. Combined, these events seem to have backed Democrats against the wall and they have come out swinging with reckless abandon in a fit of blind rage.


In response to mounting bad news, Democrat Senate minority leader Harry Reid blind-sided Republican Senate majority leaders by moving to invoke Rule 21, forcing the Senate into a so-called “secure” closed door session for the reported purpose of flushing alleged pre-war intelligence blunders out into public view. The motion was seconded by Democrat Senator Dick Durbin, famous for his anti-American statements referring to American soldiers as “Nazis” operating “Gulags”.


Mysteriously, less than 24 hours later, staff writer Dana Priest of The Washington Post releases a cover-story picked up by press agencies around the world, outing secret CIA counter-terrorism operations allegedly set up in multiple countries to track, capture and interrogate terrorists.


The Post story claims “The existence and locations of the facilities - referred to as "black sites" in classified White House, CIA, U.S. Justice Department and congressional documents - are known to only a handful of officials in the United States and, usually, only to the president and a few top intelligence officers in each host country.” Not any more…


Where did Dana Priest acquire this very sensitive Top Secret information? If Plame’s ID was a major national security leak, then this story is a tsunami sized gusher…


A two year old investigation into the alleged outing of a single CIA employee failed to prove or even charged anyone with any such activities. But mysteriously, 72 hours later, an international outing of truly top secret CIA counter-terrorism operations was launched. The life and death question is… by whom?


It’s official… Democrats have declared all out war against their political opponents, launching an unprecedented scorched earth campaign to regain political power at any expense.


The Democratic Party has lost election after election, allegation after allegation. Their “culture of corruption” campaign mantra was imploding before their eyes with a single lonely indictment. Their 2006 and 2008 campaign strategy of “personal destruction” was fast running out of steam. 


DNC Chairman Howard Dean announced in a letter dated November 1, 2005Late this afternoon my friend Senator Harry Reid forced the Senate into an extraordinary closed session to discuss the manipulation of intelligence on Iraq and subsequent cover-up that led to the indictments last week.


If this is what led to the single indictment of Scooter Libby last week, the Prosecutor who filed that indictment doesn’t know it. In fact, he has flatly rejected any such notion, as noted above. But Howard Dean and the DNC has never been distracted by the facts before, so why start now?


Dean later stated in that letter “For the next twelve months Harry Reid will be taking the lead on the Senate floor.” Reid, as majority leader Bill Frist put it, “hi-jacked the Senate”. The minority leader, a man placed in the minority position by American voters, used procedural rules to circumvent the will of the majority of Americans who voted in the last four election cycles to remove Democrats from leadership.


In so doing, Democrats demonstrate their distrust in the American voter and their disdain for the choices they have made, not to mention their unabashed lust for power. But worse, their scorched earth campaign to regain power by publicly prosecuting administration officials who were not prosecuted by an ongoing two year special investigation, may threaten national security beyond repair, all for the sake of regaining party power.


The left-wingnuts of the Democrat Party have been working around the clock to undermine support for the Bush Administration by undermining our troops mission for more than two years. Since that hasn’t worked out for them, their campaign of destruction now aims to destroy that mission entirely by outing true secret CIA counter-terrorism efforts around the globe, bringing down the CIA and our military operations in their unrelenting efforts to bring down the Bush White House.


Today’s Democrats have been called un-American and unpatriotic by many Americans for several years now, myself included. But this is a whole new level of un-American here. If there was ever any doubt about it among real Americans before, there can’t be now!


It is no secret that Democrats have been systematically removed from power by American voters over the last four election cycles. It’s no secret that the DNC has been on the ropes, gasping its last breath, running lower in public opinion polls than their opposition, even after daily relentless attacks successfully undermines public support for that opposition.


Now it’s no secret what they are willing to do in the name of regaining political power. The implications are enormous, off the charts. In order to regain power by default, completely destroying their political opponents in the international court of public opinion is a must.


So they seek to discredit not only the current administration, but also our military, the decisions of the Joint Chiefs and our intelligence community, right in front of the entire world, including our enemies, who could not be happier about these DNC efforts.


Americans who can’t see what is at stake, or what the real “culture of corruption” in the DNC is up to, deserve what they get…


This internal political power struggle has been brewing for some years and it has clearly reached critical mass. God help this nation… The enemy is in the house, not just hiding in some spider-hole in the deserts of the Middle East.


Those who support the DNC campaign of complete public humiliation and destruction of our nation on the international stage won’t think much of this column. Those who see what is happening better step to the plate and prepare to defend their nation from this enemy within…


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