America's Final Stand...A Message to Undecided Voters!

Written by JB Williams

On November 2nd, 2004, America will choose its next President and no matter which of the two candidates we choose, we will have taken a stand, quite possibly, our final stand. Not just on the surface issues always volleyed about in campaigns, but on something of much greater importance. America’s moral authority to self-govern and lead the world…

For more than 200 years, America, one of the youngest nations on earth, has lead the world in every respect, economically, militarily, spiritually, and intellectually. We have enjoyed the fruits of our forefather’s brilliant design, and their sacrifices. We have raised from non-existence, to the most powerful and prosperous, yet the most generous nation in the world.

In 2004, we are going to decide whether or not to continue that heritage. I’m going to tell you what we are voting about, and who stands for what in this election.

America still claims to be a moral nation, over 70% still claiming their Christian heritage by name. But increasingly, it appears to be in name only. For more than 40 years, the “moral majority” has allowed our nation to deteriorate into an immoral abyss. Today, even though more than 93% claim a moral compass, nearly 50% will vote against that compass, and for the first time in American history, we may be confirming that we are now a “moral minority”.

A man can not be judged on what he says, particularly a politician during campaign season. A man can only be judged by his actions. The issues only serve as a prism through which we can see a mans moral authority. His words mean nothing, if his actions don’t match his words. We all know this, yet we remain confused on who these men are.

Senator John Kerry has been challenged for his Vietnam service by his band of brothers, he has been challenged on his 20 year record in the Senate by those who know it best, and he has been challenged by former POW’s who paid a very personal price for his anti-American grandstanding more than 30 years ago. He has answered none of these charges, not even releasing his military records, (standard procedure for men seeking the highest office in the land), and the American people aren’t asking him to…Why?

There is strong evidence that suggests Senator Kerry worked with the North Vietnamese in opposition to his government, his fellow soldiers still in combat and in prison camps, and his country, giving false testimony before congress in 1971, using propaganda designed and deployed by our enemies. Still, he is in this race…How?

The American media has been caught red-handed repeatedly electioneering in the headlines on Senator Kerry’s behalf, even inventing false stories, working with Kerry campaign officials using forged government documents aimed at destroying a sitting President. Yet nobody has been fired, no charges have been filed, and Senator Kerry remains in this race… Where is the public outrage?

Like his Party, Senator Kerry claims to be for the working class poor in our country, yet his campaign is funded (4 to 1 over Bush) by billionaire socialists and millionaire Hollywood elites. He talks about the “outsourcing” of jobs, but his wife’s company employs more people outside the U.S. than inside. He say’s he wants to rob from the rich for benefit of the poor, but his wife paid a lower percentage of taxes on her $40 million in earnings last year than a two income household making $28,000…But nobody notices?

On Abortion, Senator Kerry claims to believe that life begins at conception, and then he takes a stand for a woman’s Right to end that life at will, without just cause, and without any limitations, including minutes before birth in the form of partial birth abortion…And nobody say’s a word?

Senator Kerry claims to believe that marriage is a sacred union between one man and one woman, and then he takes a stand for Gay Rights, knowing full well that NAMBLA (North American Man/Boy Love Association) waits in the wings for their chance at “equality”…Open pedophilia, and still, no public outcry?

Senator Kerry has made many pretty speeches, he is a grand debater, and a polished career politician. But, he has taken a stand for immoral and unethical behaviors, even treason, at every opportunity throughout his public career, and still, he is in this race…

He is supported by those without any moral compass, and he is supported by those who claim a moral compass, but who like Kerry himself, believe they should not use that moral compass in deciding our nation’s policies, which will determine America’s future.

Make no mistake, there is no difference between those who have no moral compass, and those who can separate themselves from a moral compass at will. A true moral compass always reads true north, it is undeniable, and it is part of who you are, the prism through which you see all things.

America will take a stand this election, that’s what this election is really all about. America is under attack, not just by foreign terrorists, but by the immoral minority who has reached a strength nearing half of the American population, or at least half the voting population.

The Kerry campaign is gathering strength from where? The prison population who they insist has a Right to vote. People who can’t write their own names, but who they will assist with filling out a ballot they can’t even read. They will have dead votes, multiple votes, and votes from unregistered voters in the form of “provisional ballots”. America’s future should never be decided by such means, but it may be in 2004.

The polls all show this race as a dead heat, and that’s before we start counting all the fraudulent votes being manufactured, boxed up, and carried into polling places across this country by the DNC. Meanwhile, the Kerry camp will use every ploy available to block the overseas military vote, which they know will go almost 80% Bush…and still, the moral majority remains silent…

If there is still such a thing as a moral majority in America, they better not be silent in this election, or they will find themselves under the foot of the immoral minority November 3rd.

Senator Kerry has been called a “flip-flopper”, but he isn’t. He has been on the immoral side of all these issues and then some, for his entire life. The nickname of “flip-flopper” is a politically correct way of saying, he’s a fraud. His words appear to take all sides of all issues, but his actions are always on the same side, the immoral unethical side, even in his campaign.

I don’t agree with every decision Bush has made, nor have I agreed with every decision any President has made in my life. But I have never set in the chair at decision time, aware of all the facts, surrounded by our best and brightest, when those decisions were made, and neither have you.

A moral man takes a moral stand, it’s that simple. A man, who consistently makes excuses for why he can not inject his alleged moral beliefs into his life, is not a moral man.

Come Wednesday morning, a President will be chosen, and we will have taken a stand, one way or the other.

Since our birth, America has always chosen to be a moral ethical nation. A vote for Senator Kerry is a clear vote to change that practice, and in that event, we will become America in name only, just as we will be a moral nation, in name only, and a nation no longer fit to raise our children in.

The choice has never been more clear, nor the potential consequences so devastating. This race has no business being close, and every moral person knows this.

Those of you who have a conscience better listen to that little voice in your head, rather than the campaign rhetoric in this election. The numbers are 50/50, and we are clearly a divided nation.

That divide is down the line that separates morality and immorality. Choose a side, and take a stand, be silent no more.